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Customer Service Sales

United States
February 05, 2018

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Tiah curd

Personal summery

I am 36 years happily married with a 17-year-old daughter. Since 1984, I have provided telecommunication services and products to business throughout the South East. I have been in business for myself for 20 years; I recently have done part time jobs on the side.

Summary of qualifications and employment

2017 to current Driveline

Part Time

I work as a Lead Merchandiser and Have 5 stores that I


2013 to current Tiah Curd Services

Part Time

I currently own and manage a cleaning service

for construction companies.

2011 to 2013 Plant Kinetics

Lead Merchandiser

I hired, trained and managed Merchandisers to work,

Five Wal-Mart Garden Centers

1997-to current Telecommunication Consultant Services

I Provide Telecom Consultation to businesses throughout

the southeast region. Providing a One-Stop Shop Solution.

I work with a network of independent agents, a Multitude of

CLECS, Reseller, Interconnects and wireless companies

1996 to 1997 -MCI Certified Partner

Account Executive

Won: Week in Las Vegas Contest

Built customer base of $40,000.00 revenue

1995 to 1996 LCI Sales

Account Executive

Won: Week in Bahamas Contest

1993-1995 LDDS Sales

Sales Manager I hired, Trained and managed six account executives.

Developed and implemented new sales initiatives,

Strategies and programs to capture key demographics.

Provided monthly reports of sales and communicate VOC data

Account Executive

Won: Indianapolis 500 Race Weekend contest

Won: Sand Destine Golf Resort Week with Bernie Ebbers

1986-1993 TMC/ Tri*Tel

Customer Service Manager:

I Hired, Trained and Managed 6 Customer Service Reps and four

Service Technicians. I provided ongoing training classes and

Support. I provided monthly reports of all aspects of the

Customer Service Department. My responsibilities included Trade

Shows, Monthly news letter Bill Insert and Training materials.

Published bill insert the Tri*Telegram

Account Executive

Won Contest: Hot Air Contest / Hot Air Balloon trip/Atlanta’s

Hot Air Balloon festival /Atlanta Weekend

Won Contest: TMC BEST/ 12-month contest

Won 12 months /$60,000.00 pay increase, 1 year

1984 to 1986 Transcall America- Sales

Account Executive

Sold long distance 16 digit codes with dialers for $150. Each

Won Award: Cold Call Queen /$60,000.00 = 400 codes


1980 Graduated of Bell Gardens High School

Seminars & Job Training

The Art of Customer Service Class: 30 Days

Management 101

The Business end of Customer Service Seminar

AT&TCustomer Awareness work Shop

Simply Business Seminar

Computer Telephony Seminar

Data Products Services Workshop

T’1 Application Selling Workshop

Bill Gates Computers of Tomorrow Seminar

Psychology of Winning Seminar

Gorilla Marketing Seminar

The fortune Group Creative Selling Skills Seminar

David McNally: Even Eagles Need a Push Seminar

Ira Hayes keeping up pace with Tomorrow Seminar

Waxler Selling with a purpose Seminar

Zig Ziglar Master of Sales Seminar

Zig Ziglar Keys to Closing Seminar

AT&T Network Communications Seminar

Call Ware Techno Seminar

Basic communications Seminar

The breakup: 2 week Training Seminar

Sales Engineering: 5 day Seminar

Talking with Robert Self Seminar



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