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Engineer Design

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
February 06, 2018

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Fernando José Valdiviezo Rojas



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Profile: Design and Drilling Engineer with 21.8 years of progressive work experience in well site engineering for different types of development and exploratory well drilling technologies including vertical, directional, horizontal and multilateral; Onshore and Offshore. Gained significant experience in well planning, from initial design to operation; I have also been responsible for operation and control of drilling parameters, analysis of events and risk identification to support management decision intended to optimize both time and project costs. Have the skills to manage integral drilling well projects. Summary of Skills:

Working in multidisciplinary drilling project to PEMEX to found opportunity to reduce time and cost to different field in Region South in Mexico: Samaria-Luna, Bellota-Jujo and Region Marine field Bolontiku.

Experience as drilling engineer in the development of horizontal and multilateral wells in the Orinoco Belt Area (Venezuela) The Orinoco Belt contains extra heavy Oil and Bitumen similar to the Canadian Oil Sands.

Technical expertise utilizing software tools for design of operational wells in different platforms: Schlumberger (Drilling Office, TDAS, Stars, Osprey Risk), Landmark (Compass, Casing-Seat, Stress Check, Well- plan, Well-Cat), and Tecdrill (DSP one).

Coach/teaching for drilling engineers Junior that belong to PEMEX and work in AS02-03 (ABKATUM POL CHUC.

Practical experience in both drilling and design engineering.

Experienced working in vertical, horizontal, multilateral wells and with experience building, and calibration geomechanics’ model to get the optimal operational windows for drilling a well.

Specific work experience as Geomechanic on site in a deep water well

(1928 m water depth), responsible for analyzing different drilling events to update the geo-pressure model supporting the drilling through a safe operational window.

Experience working in an OSC, follow the drilling operation for offshore well.

Working with multidisciplinary team to apply the FEL methodology to offshore and onshore.

Experienced in project budget and cost control during drilling operations.

Ability to work as part of multidisciplinary teams to during the design of exploratory projects.

Computer literate with experience in using MS software suite as well as other proprietary software.

Bilingual with fluency in English and Spanish.

Career History:

CBM – Villahermosa – Tabasco, México; April 2016 – Actual Consulting Drilling Engineer.

Consulting Drilling Engineer working within:

o Multidisciplinary Team’s VCD to belong at AIP BAS0203 (Abkatum Pol Chuc, offshore field); working as Drilling Engineer with the responsibility to do the well design following both requirement of methodology (FEL) and Pemex. July 2017 to update

o Coach/teaching for drilling engineers Junior that belong to PEMEX and work in AS02-03 (ABKATUM POL CHUC) to improve their skills and knowledge of directional drilling and casing design; developing different activities using the engineer application Compass (directional planning) and StressCheck (Casing&Tubing design). July 2017 to update

o Multidisciplinary team with some fields of North-East of México

(Miguel Hidalgo, Vicente Guerrero, Gutierrez Zamora, Francisco Cano, Treviño, Cruz, Escobedo y Palito Blanco) with the finality to found well Type and get the cost and time for integrate this information with the models Geophysics, Geological y production to make the economic plan to get the profitability of this fields worked. May 2017 to July 2017.

o The multidisciplinary team for PEMEX Planning; to found opportunity to reduce the time and cost with the objective to evaluate the profitability of the well to drill to the Region South Samaria-Luna, Bellota Jujo and Region Marine field Bolontiku,

(Cretaceous and Jurassic between 5000 m – 6000 m total depth). January 2017 to April 2017.

o The multidisciplinary team for PEMEX Land Block South; to found opportunity to reduce the time and cost with the objective to evaluate the profitability of the well to drill in the Terra field

(Cretaceous (Cretaceous between 5000 m – 5500 m total depth). April 2016 to December 2016.

Schlumberger (IDS) – Villahermosa – Tabasco, Mexico; January – March 2016

Consulting Drilling Engineer.

SWE (IDS) working in the planning team coordinates the FEL methodology for the new well to drill in the MXS projects and working making early evaluation of AFE and time together with the geological hazard to found the well candidate to drill and avoid well of high risk. Schlumberger (IPM) – Villahermosa – Tabasco, Mexico; January 2015 – January 2016

Senior Well Engineer.

SWE (IPM) working in the planning team coordinates the FEL methodology for the new well to drill in the MXS projects.

SWE (IPM) working in the planning team making early evaluation of AFE and time together with the geological hazard to found the well candidate to drill and avoid well of high risk.

Schlumberger (IPM) – Villahermosa – Tabasco, Mexico; January 2014 – January 2015 Senior Well Engineer.

SWE (IPM) – To integrate the drilling event and make correlation with the geologic event to understand the problematic while drill the well and evaluate the risk to help to mitigate the probability and the impact with the intention to optimize the drilling operation together in the Look Ahead team.

Schlumberger (IPM) – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; March, 2012 – January 2014 Drilling Engineer.

Well Engineer (IPM) – follow the drilling operation to offshore well from the CIAO (Centro Integrado de Apoio Operacional) in OGX with the intention to detect early of the drilling problem to mitigate it and minimizer the NPT.

Schlumberger (DCS) – Cda. Del Carmen, Campeche-México. April, 2006

– March, 2012.

Team coordinator - Working in the design and operation of a number of development and exploratory wells.

Team Coordinator - Real Time Drilling Operation to the “Active Integral Cantarell-PEMEX Region Marina South (April 2011 – Augusto-2011). Main duties:

- Coordinate and supervise work to complete all the deliverables during Pre-Drill, Execution and Evaluation phase of a Drilling Optimization Services to provide the best solution (in terms of safety, time and cost) to the client (PEMEX Cantarell).

- Provide technical sales support to find and materialize opportunities for drilling optimizations as pull through strategy for high LWD Technology.

- Provides coaching for young Perform Engineers to guide them through their career path.

Geomechanic on site for the project Deep Water: Well PIKLIS-1 for PEMEX. (September 2010-April 2011). Main duty:

- Responsible for the analysis of different drilling events (gas, drilling brake, LOT, frictions, other) to support the best mud weight for drilling across of safe window operation without getting a kick or loss.

Drilling and Design Engineer for the project LICAF to “PEMEX Region Norte Poza Rica” (January 2010– August 2010).

- Design and Drilling Engineer working in a project to development the field that PEMEX get to Schlumberger. In this project I have worked to do the design of injection well with a array infill with the intentions of improve the production. I has worked too doing a diagnostic about how is the drilling operation in the area assigned to Schlumberger with the intentions of improve the operations and save time and cost.

Design Engineer for the Project Deep Water in the “Coordinación de Operación Geológica, Activo de Explotación Golfo de México Norte (March 2009 – January 2010).

- Design and Drilling Engineer in a F.E.L of offshore wellbore where I was working how Design Engineer in the design of 3 wellbore that it have the water depth between 2395 m to 2961 m and a total depth between 6400 m to 7200 m, I was analyzing some wellbore from the U.S with similar characteristics.

Design engineer in the “Active Integral Bellota-Chinchorro” Comalcalco PEMEX (January – March 2009).

- Well analysis of various fields including: Pache Cobra, Chinchorro, Mora with intention to give a design Type for every field with their time, cost and solution of general problems to apply the methodology FEL-V

Drilling engineer in the “Campeche Oriente” Ciudad Del Carmen PEMEX.

- Well analysis of various fields offshore including: Ayatsil, Kaksha, Pit, Pot with intention to give time, cost and solution of general problems to apply the methodology FEL-V.

Design engineer in the “Active Integral Bellota-Chinchorro” Comalcalco PEMEX.

- Well analysis of various fields including: Cobra, Pache, Mora with intention to give time, cost and solution of general problems to apply the methodology FEL-V.

Design of vertical well for Petrotecnica in Guatemala.

“Centro Regional de Estudios de pozo Exploratorio” (CREE) in the PEMEX Region Sur.

- Design of exploratory well

Activo Integral Cinco Presidente-PEMEX.

- Well Analysis of various fields including: Ogarrio, San Ramon, Cinco Presidente, Sanches Magallanes; with the intention of improving time and cost.

Drilling engineer in the CDGL-PEMEX, designing programs of drilling for project exploratory: Tach-1, Nayade-101, Cempoally-1, Takaltaan- 1, Suuk-1. I did the model of geopressures and geomechanics of well Takaltaan-1.

Hydraulic Analyses, torque and dragging of drillstring and casing design of the wells Agave-2001 and Coti-1 in PEMEX.

Analysis of geomechanics to determine the profiles of pore, fracture and stability of the hole for the studies VCD phase of PEMEX- Comalcalco's visualization well Bricol-1, PEMEX-reforms well Juspi- 101A, PEMEX-Samaria well Nikib-1.

Geomechanics in PEMEX Drilling Region South analyzing the operations of drilling, constructing maps of drilling and models of geomechanics for wells of I Stand out(Camp) Port Ceiba, Kali, Tajón, Careening place.

Monitoring of Well Kali-1 comparing the operations of drilling with the geomechanics model constructed for the prevention of possible operational problems

Landmark-Halliburton - Villahermosa, Tabasco-México. 2004 - 2006 Drilling Engineering - Consultant

Undertaking various assignments including

Instructor of the Qualified one in the various applications

- Directional Drilling training for PEMEX Drilling,

- Design of Casing with the engineering applications of – Casing- Seat and Stress-Check, for PEMEX Drilling

- Directional Drilling, with the Compass application, for PEMEX Drilling in Tecdrill-Villahermosa-México

- Design of Production tubing with the engineering application of Well-Cat, for PEMEX drilling in Tecdrill-Villahermosa-México

Consultant for drilling engineering applications of Compass, Casing- Seat, Stress-check, well-Cat, Well-plan. Pres-graf for directional design of well bores as well as in the assets

- Burgos-Reynosa PEMEX

- Abkatun - Two Mouths, in the Coord of Dist of Exploitation Development

- Iride-Samaria project - Halliburton

Support for the Sales department in business development in the PEMEX-Mexico South Region.

Support in the development of the conceptual engineering for the Activo Samaria Project Blight.

Onsite engineering applications of drilling: Compass, Casing-Seat, Stress-Check, Well-Plan, Well-Cat; monitoring remotely the operations of drilling in PEMEX in the Integral Assets Samaria. Reforma Chiapas, Mexico

Global Upgraded Solutions Consulting Group Jun 2003 – Sep 2003 Drilling Engineer - Consultant

Quiriquire (Repsol-YPF)-Monagas, Venezuela and responsible for planning and design of horizontal wells

Area Quiriquire Somero (Repsol-YPF) Responsible for planning and basic design of 4 horizontal wells.

PDVSA 1995 - 2003

Drilling Engineer

Responsible for Operational follow-up on site of drilling operations including -

Planning, design and execution of 4 multilaterals wells with 100% mechanical implementation.

Planning, design and execution of 12 horizontal wells, 10 re-entry horizontal wells in 2 years in Morichal (Faja Del Orinoco-Venezuela). Here we could save 40% in time and costs.

Formulation and Control of Well Budgets using the SAP system.

Completion of vertical wells (Morichal, Oritupano and Acema areas) and exploration wells in the Acema Norte area.

Economic Analysis of the projects, using the sofware Maep Education and Training:

Universidad de Oriente, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela 1989-1995

- Degree - Mechanical Engineer

Workshops, Courses and Seminars

University of Calgary Sep 2011 – Dec 2011

- Intensive Course in English

NEXT, Villahermosa, MX

- International Well Control Forum January 2015

NEXT, Houston, TX

- Drilling Project and Risk Management September 2014 NEXT, Ciudad de MEXICO, MX

- Horizontal and Extended Reach March 2014

NEXT, Ciudad de MEXICO, MX

- Advance Casing Design April 2013

NEXT, Rio de Janeiro, BR.

- Stuck Pipe Prevention September 2012

NEXT, Houston, TX

- DeepWater Drilling Operations and Well Control September 2009 PetroSkill, Houston, Texas

- Directional, Horizontal, and Multilateral Drilling October 2008 Randy Smith Colombia

- International Well Control Forum October 2007

University of Calgary Jul 2007 – Aug 2007

- Intensive Course in English

Halliburton Villahermosa Tabasco September 2005

- Instructors' development.


- Geology Applied to Drilling Process, 1996

- Managing Multiple Priorities 1996

- Problems Associated with Drill fluids 1996

- Prevention of Kick and (basic) Well control 1996

- Solid Control. 1997

- Depth Well Completion. 1997

- Drillstring. 1997

- SAN Workshop of Training P.R.A.I. 1999

- Well Drilling Planning (Well Planning). 1999

- International certification of Well control. 2000 CIED, ANACO

- Update and Prevention of Faults in Drillpipe. 1997

- Basic Training for Drilling engineer, 1995


- Foundations of Financial Evaluations of Investment. 2000

- Detection of Abnormal Pressures. 2000

- Economic Evaluations. 2000

- Security in the Conduction of Vehicles. 2002

- Detection of abnormal Pressures (revised). 2002


- Criterion of Tools of Centralization of Wells 2000 CIED, PUERTO LA CRUZ

- Management control and Creation of Value 2001


Advanced management of Projects. 2001

Personal Details:

Date of Birth: 11-03-1971

Interests: Family, reading, sport.

Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

Societies: SPEng Since 2009.


SPE-173091-MS Look Ahead Team MXS: Transforming Knowledge in Successful Operations

SPE/IADC-173091-MS 2015 SPE/IADC Drilling Conference March 2015

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