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Kent, Washington, United States
February 02, 2018

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Teclehaimanot Menghistu Hiabu

Date:- **/**/****


Purpose:- Personal Resume

1. Personal Data

First Name:- Teclehaimanot Last Name:- Hiabu Middle Name:- Menghistu

Sex:- Male Date of Birth:- 09/24/1958

2. Educational Background:-

•MA in Education Bristol University, UK

•On the job training

Computer skills [Microsoft office applications (word, excel, power point, access, SPSS and GIS)]

3. Work Experience (in office related job):- 13 years

•Research and Human Resource Development (2005 to 2017) 13 years

Manage and coordinate a team of researchers (15 experts)

•Conducting research (identify an issue, collect, organize, analyze and report findings with recommendations to the concerned)

•Organize the statistical data of all schools (data entry, analyze and report developments in accordance to the statistics gathered from each school)

Train school directors on

•School management (academic and administrative issues)

•Office Administration (human, material, finance and record management and filing)

Inter and intrapersonal communication and school governance

Storing systems, bookkeeping and accounting, filing systems)

•Handling customers (teachers, parents, pupils and the community at large)

•Relief Distribution Coordinator (2010 to 2016) 6 years

Request, distribute and report the distribution and use of support provision

Manage a team of 20 workers in different places

•Sales manager in Red Sea Supermarket

delivery of commodities, inventory, customer service, cashier and accounting, alternatively

I certify that to the best of my knowledge the statements above are correct and I understand that any false information may cause rejection or termination of my employment irrespective of when of discovered. Supporting letters may also be provided if need be.

4. References

1.Redie Zerai (Retired) 206 *******

2.Abrha Zerai Teacher 206 *** ****

3.MOE, Eritrea (Official Reference Letter)

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