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Electrical Engineer

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
February 04, 2018

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I am envisaging to an exciting and challenging career in an organization that could utilize my abilities to the maximum, provides better learning environment and to become successful with emerging Electrical disciplines.

•Education Qualification:

•Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Mohammed Sathak A.J College of Engineering, Chennai, June 2006 – Aug 2009 with aggregate of 65% of marks

•Diploma Electronic and Communication Engineering at Bharath Polytechnic College, Chennai, June 2002 – April 2005 with aggregate of 63% of marks.

Academic Project:

Diploma Project


“Prevention of Train Accidents Using Embedded C”.

UG Project



•Experience: 8 years 6month

•Since May -2016 to Still Working as Electrical Engineer in Effimax Engineering (P) Ltd Facilities Maintenance Team, Chennai (Site : DRDO 5th Floor IITM-Research park,Tharamani)

•Since Sep-2013 to March-2016 worked as Electrical Technician in Plant Electrical Instrumentation Pte Ltd, Singapore (Site: ExxonMobil, Singapore Chemical Plant Jurong Island)

•Since Aug – 2011 to Aug-2013 Promoted and worked as Electrical Site Engineer in United techno Projects (P) Ltd, Bangalore (Site: IITM-Research Park, Tharamani).

•Since Nov – 2010 to Aug – 2011 worked as Electrical Site Supervisor in United techno Projects (P) Ltd, Bangalore, (Site: S.P. Infocity, Kandhanchavadi) Chennai.

•Since Sep – 2009 to Aug – 2010 worked as Electrical Technician in Gom’s Electricals (Site: HCL Kandhanchavadi) Chennai.

•Since Aug – 2005 to July – 2006 worked as Electrical Operator in HI-TECH Enterprises (Site: Metro Water Sewage Pumping Station), Chennai.


•Site: DRDO, 5th Floor IITM-RESEARCH PARK, Tharamni, Chennai (Electrical fit out work, Electrical Panel, DB’S Eraction, Testing, Commissioning).

•Site: S.P. Infocity, 12th Floor, Client HSBC Kandhanchavadi, Chennai. (Fire Fighting (Spingular) Project).

•Site: S.P. Info City, Kandhanchavadi, Chennai (Food Court Electrical Wiring, Panel DB’S Eraction, Testing, Commissioning).

•Site: D.L.F, 5th Floor, Client Logistics Porur, Chennai. (Fire Fighting (Spingular) Project).

Roles & Responsibilities:

•As an Electrical Engineer:

•Coordinating with Shift Supervisor and Technicians.

•Planning the Preventive Maintenance Schedule.

•Performing the Maintenance Schedule as per Maintenance Procedure and Safety Procedure.

•Identifying the Problem of Equipment’s and troubleshoots the problem with quality.

•Replace the Faulty Equipment, installation of new Equipment, Testing and Commissioning the New Equipment.

•Conducting basic Testing for new materials, Equipment likes Cables, Motors and other instruments.

•Run the plant/Site by doing regular preventive maintenance.

•Preparing the maintenance procedure with safety concern.

•Preparing Shift Schedule for Technician and Supervisors.

•Maintaining the shift Record, work record and readings.

As an Electrical Technician in Exxon Mobil(Power Distribution Team):

Power Distribution System.

Cable laying for control panel, power panel, through underground Trench, ladder & perforated type cable tray for 132KV SF6 Breaker Ring Bus.

Control panel wiring, power panel main cable and feeder cable laying, glanding and termination with suitable double compression gland and lug.

Power cable testing will be done before termination through IR Test, Continuity test.

Power cable laying through trench from transformers to Substation MV panel for

66KV, 11KV, 6.6KV, 3.3KV and 415V substations.

Power cable glanding with double compression gland with suitable lug.

Installation of UPS unit and UPS battery racks and Batteries.

Power cable laying for Ups from Ups to LV panel, Ups to Battery Bank and Batteries series connection.

Installation of DC Charger unit and Charger Battery Rack and Batteries.

Power cable laying for DC Charger from DC Charger to LV panel, DC Charger to Battery Bank and Batteries series connection.

Maintaining Fire Alarm Panel which is connected with DCS.

Performing Preventive Maintenance for Transformers, Diesel Generators, UPS, DC Chargers on monthly and Yearly.

•As an Electrical site Engineer:

•Analyzing the Drawing.

•Planning the work as per site condition.

•Arranging the materials.

• Coordinating with Site Supervisor and Technicians.

•Getting Clearance from PMC and Clients.

•Complete the work as per the schedule.

•Reporting to Project Manager on Regular Basis.

•Taking Measurements for Billing.

•Billing for the work done and getting signature from PMC and clients.

•Getting completion certificate for the completed work.

•As an Electrical Supervisor:

•Coordinating with technician to complete the work.

•Arranging the materials.

•Getting clearance form PMC and Client.

•Measurements are taken for billing.

•Planning for work Schedule.

•As an Electrical Technician:

•Analyzing the complaints and rectifying the complaint.

•Maintaining M.V. Panel, Generator panel, Ups Panel, Power Panel and Lighting Panel.

• Maintaining UDB, PDB and LDB on Daily Basis.

• Maintaining Generators 600kva (5 No’s) on Weekly Basis.

• Maintaining Capacitor Bank on Monthly Basis.

•Change over from EB to Generators and Generator to EB.

•Maintaining maximum Demand.

•Maintaining Power Factor.

•Calculating the load Consumption in EB and Generator.

•As an Electrical Operator:

•Running the 3Phs sub imperishable induction Motor.

•Changing the Motor as per load.

•Note down the Running Hours.

•Technical Skills:

•Work in Distribution Board, Panels commissioning and testing.

•Fair in Electrical Cad Drawings.

•Work in Ms-Office and XL.

•Carrere Certification:

•Hardware and Networking in SSI.

•Certified as a Trained Electrical Technician for switching By J.M.Pang Singapore.

•Completed CPR Training in Singapore.


•Lying of Trays for Cables.

•Lying of Cables like Electrical power, instrument signal cable, etc.

•Cable Glanding, Dressing, Termination with Suitable Lugs.

•Analyzing the problems and Troubleshooting in minimum time period.

•All Kind of Electrical Works.

•Additional Credentials & Strong Areas:


•Creative thinking.

•Receptive to guidelines from senior professionals.

•Teaming up with the colleagues.

•Able to finish the work within given time.

•Able to do work with high quality and time.

Personal Details:

Father Name


R. Ramani Haran

Date of Birth


11th August 1987.







Marital Status



Language Known


English & Tamil

Permanent Address


No-54, G-1, Krishna Flats,

Vimala Nagar, 1st Main Road,


Chennai – 600 010

Name in Passport


Ranjith Sudhakar

Passport No/Expiry Date

Skype Id



P7353553 / 19-02-2027



I hereby declare that the above furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge.

Place: Chennai

Yours Faithfully,

Date: 04/FEB/2018


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