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Houston, Texas, United States
February 01, 2018

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Segun Adeniyi

**** ********** **** **. ****** TX, 77373

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Geologist with combined industry experience of over 11 years, executing regional planning, play concepts, resource potentials and acreage capture for prospect generations from onshore through shelf to deepwater operations. I provide technical assurance for well drilling operations for development and exploration wells worldwide, regional geological and pore pressure profile interpretations for complex basin analysis with skillful knowledge of logging tools physics and engineering, resolving geological to drilling complexities to deliver a safe well, lots of experience leading and supporting onshore and offshore well operations also provide geological and petrophysical analysis to support both technical and economic successes on business asset and presented executive summaries to the management.

I am experienced in Well risk forecast and mitigations, assess uncertainties, Correlate well logs, interpret seismic and maturation study, evaluating the implication of geology, engineering and drilling on leads and prospect. Strong background in advising during drilling operations to reduce non-productive time (NPT), continuous improvement, increase safety, optimize well drilling operations and deliver a safe well.

Expert in: Evaluating Geomechanics, petrophysical upside and Implication of Geopressure, Wellbore Instability, HTHP, Compartmentalization, Seal integrity and Salt Interaction on exploration Prospects. Predrill, Realtime Monitoring and Post Drilling Risk on possible Prospects.

Region worked and currently working: Shelf to Deepwater - GoM, Gulf of Guinea, Niger Delta,, North Sea, Deepwater West Africa, UAE and S-America.


I led, monitored and successfully drilled over 75 wells around the globe from onshore to deepwater with several technical and economic success, I was the lead geoscientist on a multimillion dollar development that led to a major discovery on Infrastructure Lead Exploration Project (ILX) in the deepwater.

I was responsible for evaluating hydrocarbon potentials on leads and prospects, providing analysis and interpretations for integrated exploration and production projects including planning and delivery, log interpretation, reservoir description, core analysis and seismic rock properties.

I plan and was accountable for reservoir characterization, compartmentalization and connectivity on appraisal and development fields by quantitatively analyzing formation fluids and gas compositions, also responsible for to calculate hydrocarbon pore volume assessment (STOOIP), pore thickness in thinly bedded reservoir, productivity, characterization and predictions.

I supported the development of Integrated Subsurface Description Model (ISD) for the field that eventually became a field template for overburden structural and petrophysical model for future development and regional cross-sectional reference.

I help developed and plan ways to optimize the subsurface data acquisition plan making it fit for purpose, improve data quality and realize thousands of dollars in savings in logging and well cost. Support to evaluate field and maturations potentials for Joint Venture operations, prepares geologic reports with technical oversight.

I plan and interpret geological wireline operations Conducted unique reservoir evaluation study for Cased-hole sonic waveforms for sonic-resistivity inversion and porosity, facies & flushed zone saturation to support production plan, where openhole logs were missing.

I help with BHA design for proper tools offset, accurate logging space to optimize drilling efficiency and quality data collection. Provide specialized field specific petrophysical solutions, well placement, logging plans for exploration and production activities.

Worked on multi-disciplinary shelf to deepwater GoM study that led to identification and correlation of fine facies, multi-zone oil and gas reservoir in the sub-salt Miocene prospect.

My keen analytical and technical skill in realtime petrophysical data analysis, QC and data control saved the company a deepwater well valued at approximately $270Million.



I provide 24/7 realtime technical support to global onsite and offsite drilling operation team utilizing petrophysical data and drilling mechanics interpretations, couple with borehole reaction, cuttings/caving analysis in order to optimize drilling processes, avoid kicks, loss circulations, stuck pipe incident as well as any other potential wellbore instability. I use communications protocol and risk matrix to advise the well team based on well objective and conditions in order to deliver a safe well. Led the PPFG and support Geological Operations in GoM development field. Plan, coordinate and execute drilling wells. Coordinate with drilling engineers and RMT’s to achieve well objectives. Work with Wellsite Geologists and support Wireline operations and Mudloggings contracts

Pre-drill operations

Responsible for Pre-well analysis, modeling of geopressure, fracture pressure and geomechanics in order to optimize mud program, casing string design and indicate potential hazards relating to abnormal geo-pressure and wellbore integrity issues and geological evaluation of the target.

Responsible for preparation of subsurface integrated GOP (Geological Operational Plan) for new wells.

Design well targets, Support creation well targets, optimize well trajectory and plan directional plan to meet requirement for completion and mitigate NDS risk (fault, WBS, depleted sand, pressure ramp and etc)

Realtime operations

Chaired the PPFG/WBS daily drilling operation meetings with the drillers, provide updates on logging tools and look ahead

Responsible for monitoring real-time operations 24-hours, using LWD and wireline logs to guide drilling in vertical, deviated, horizontal and multilateral development wells. Guide the drilling engineers in following the well plan including locating casing and coring points, updating well bore trajectories to hit a target and stay within defined reservoir zones. Update stratigraphic tops and involved in updating the top-maps.

Analyze all drilling parameters to optimize the wellbore conditions and provide realtime updates on actual to prognoses using LWD data and drilling mechanics to optimize drilling performance (torque and drag, hole cleaning, maximum fracture interval length and plan for sufficient rathole for completion.

I provide all round technical support to reduce NPT

Postwell Operations

Prepared in-house technical EOWR with detailed lesson learnt; update stratigraphic / structural studies from evaluated drilling result, integrate findings and present to well team and managements.

Regulatory Compliance

Cultivate and maintain strong contacts and correspondences with Federal, State and local agencies for all project related activities.

Promote health and safety awareness programs in the office and field projects through the provisions of site specific health and safety plans

Ensure the implementation of all applicable laws and regulations to ensure safety and protection of human health and environment

Ensure company’s operations are within design and environmental limits as well as in safe and controlled conditions

Project Management Responsibilities

Obtained and reviewed required well site reference data, technical packages, correlation / offset logs, maps, prognosis.

Attended Pre-Spud meetings and reviewed technical package, Statement of Requirement (SOR) objectives and drilling program.

Highly recognized for effective coordination, securing requirements and logistical support for development team.


Developed reservoir connectivity, fluid and pressure framework: GoM, West Africa; Shelf to deepwater (2012 -2016)

Developed a fieldwide database drilling experience (BP-New Well Delivery (2014 - 2016)

Support to develop cuttings and cavings register (BP-New Well Delivery May 2015)

Coach and mentor Early Career Colleagues Geoscientist (BP America: 2014 - 2016)

Member of PPFG Peer Reviewer and PPFG Community of Practice (BP America 2014 - 2016)

Member of Segment Engineering Technical Authority (SETA)

Industry Technical Advisor: AAPG-IBA Award. Won Africa Region (Pittsburg, PA 2013)

Industry Technical Advisor: AAPG-IBA Award. 2nd place African Region (Lagos, Nig 2015)

IP (Interactive Petrophysics)




Represent ExxonMobil at the Oil Producers' Trade Session (OPT'S)


HXR Drilling Services Aug 2016 – Present

Dev. Geoscientist / Geomechanics Advisor

BP America Apr 2014 – Jul 2016

New Well Delivery Geoscientist / PPFG-WBS Specialist

Baker Hughes Inc Feb 2011 – Apr 2014

Geoscientist/Wellsite Advisor

ExxonMobil May 2007– Dec 2010

Technical Geoscientist


M.S. Geology Completed

University of Houston, Houston, Texas

B.S. Geology Completed

Post Grad. Computer Science

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