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Analysis Engineer

Kirkland, Washington, United States
February 01, 2018

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Phone: 425-***-****

Stress Engineer/Analyst


- Detail structural analysis employing methods from classic ‘hand’ to detailed FE non-linear analysis

- Detail fatigue analysis spanning from approximate equivalent cycles to full spectrum modeling

- Crack Growth, Residual Strength, Threshold, Fail-Safe Analysis

- Windmilling, Vibration Analysis, Frequency Mode Analysis

- FEA including linear/non-linear, stability, vibration/modal frequency response of composite and metallic structures

- Extensive composite and metallic structure experience

- Strong programming with VBA, Matlab, Python (optimization, templates, connection between different platforms, FEA)

- Stout CAD skills with Catia and working knowledge of UG


Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Washington

Bachelor of Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering, University of Belgrade


FEA: Boeing Specific Tools:

Patran / FEMAP, Nastran - 18 years CSW/SWS - 15 years

(101, 103, 105, 106, 111, 400, 600) (Common Structures Workstation)

Abaqus - 4 years IAS - 20 years

Slim / Vision (Lockheed) - 5 years (Integrated Analysis System)

FEADMS (Boeing) - 15 years Various Composite Tools - 10 years

ADAMS - 2 years (Fkbend, Incap, Coramp)

CAD: ADL (Allowable Damage Limits) - 3 years

Catia (4 and 5) - 20 years (Composite Repair)

UG NX - 5 years RDL (Replaceable Damage Limits) - 3 years

Programming Languages: (Composite Repair)

VBA - 15 years BORAT (Composite Repair) - 3 years

MatLab - 8 years IDTAS (Durability) - 15 years

Python - 5 years DTANAL (DT) - 10 years

Report Tools: Lockheed Specific Tools:

Excel - 20 years IDAT - 3 years

MathCad - 15 years IMAT (DT) - 3 years

Data Management Tools: Bombardier Tools of Choice:

Enovia LCA - 12 years NASGRO (DT) - 5 years

PDM / Metaphase - 5 years GOLIHAT (DT) - 2 years


May 2016 – present Boeing

Department: 787-8/-9/-10 Mid / Aft Body Sustaining

*Providing analysis support for Mid-Aft Body/Final Assembly (e.g. excessive shimming, pull-up, thermal mismatch)

*Working with composite skin/stringers/webs/intercostal, performing delamination/disband/gouge/nicks repairs

*Doing fatigue and DT analysis on Crown and Keel Chords and joints

*FEA modeling/analyzes of circumferential joints that comprise of composite skin/stringer and composite “H” splice fitting

*FEA modeling of circumferential splice to account for misalignment between Section 44 and Section 46 (Patran)

*Performing FEM pull-up study of splice chord against composite bulkhead web due to excessive gaps (Patran)

*New FE FGM to update Superelement with new properties, load cases, and to remodel Ti Fitting into composite (Patran)

April 2012 – March 2016 Boeing

Department: 787-10 Section 11/12 – SOB (Side of Body)

*Completed Analysis (including DT) on RSTF (Rear Spar Terminal Fitting) and Upper/Lower Chord/Splice Joints

*Completed FEA/Fatigue Burst Rotor Blade Windmiling and Frequecny Response Analysis (Patran)

*Sized portions of composite skin, rear spar and splice common to upper and lower RSTF joint interface

Department: 787–9 MTE (Movable Trailing Edge) / MLE (Movable Leading Edge)

*Completed Analysis on Flap Fairings (Hybrid composite, Aramid Nomex core) and created loads Fine Grid FEM (FEMAP)

*Completed Analysis on Leading Edge composite Slats (TEW (Trailing Edge Wedge) Core, Skin Panels)

*Completed Analysis on ADL (Allowable Damage Limit Composites) and FTE RDL (Repairable Damage Limit Composite)

Aug 2011 – April 2012 Bombardier (Shenyang – China)

Department: C-Series 110/130 Rear Barrel

*Completed Analysis on Frames and Frame Splices on Rear Barrel

*Created FEM fine grid detailed fastener model (with non-linear gaps) (FEMAP)

*Created templates (VBA) for Frame Splice Static and Fatigue Checks, GAG Damage Analysis

*Completed DT analysis including WSD (wide spread damage) using NASGRO

Sep 2006 – Aug 2011 Boeing - Fokker

Department: 787-9, Section 45 Pressure Deck

*Sized Inbd/Outbd Runout Beams and their connections to Stub Beams, Longitudinal Beams and Floor Panel

*Sized composite Hat Stiffeners and composite Pressure Deck attached to the Runout Beams

*Completed MOAs (Method of Analysis) and performed Static, Fatigue, DT, and Fail Safe Analysis

*Created detailed local FEA models and performed validation with ILM (Internal Loads Model) (Patran)

Department: 747-8, Flaps

*Completed Analysis on Inboard Flap Details – Main Gimbal Joint and supporting structure

*Performed sizing of Gimbal Fittings, Supporting Ribs, Aft Flap air-load ribs and deflection control ribs

*Performed FEA non-linear large deformation on Flap guide rail (FEMAP)

*Analyzed Joints - composite skin to ribs and composite spars to Gimbal fittings and ribs attachments

*Created detailed FEA fastener models (with non-linear gaps) (FEMAP)

Jun 2005 - Sep 2006 Lockheed Martin

Department: F-35 (JSF)

*Completed Analysis on WCT (Wing Carrie Through) fittings and Arresting Gear details (static, fatigue, DT)

*Worked on FEA model of complete arresting gear mechanism for deformation, loads and vibration (ADAMS)

*Performed FEA study of press-fit joint with the effects of thermal mismatch (FEMAP)

*Created FEM models for deflection sizing (large displacement and plastic curve definition) and stability check (FEMAP)

Sep 2004 - Jun 2005 Boeing

Department: 787-8 Fuselage, Section 44

*Worked on Section 44 composite braided frame structure

Apr 2002 – Aug 2004 Lockheed Martin

Department: Special Mission Aircraft

*Performed structural modification analysis of GV Gulfstream aircraft for the special mission application

*Completed Analysis on floor beams, baggage compartment frame structure, and wing to body composite fairings.

*Developed Excel/VBA templates for various static/fatigue checks

*Created several detail models of composite floor beams and connections to frames (FEMAP)

Aug 1997 – Mar 2002 Boeing

Department: 747 - Fuselage Responsibility Center FRC

777- Wing and Wing to Body Joint

*Worked on 747 Section 46 skin/stringer splices *Supported 777 Wing and Wing to Body production issues

Jul 1993 – Jul 1997 Brampton Engineering, Brampton Canada

Department: High Pressure Blown Film Equipment

*Worked on thermal and pressure analysis on blown film dies and shear flow analysis of matrix plastic

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