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Engineer Design

Fremont, California, United States
January 31, 2018

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Vishakha N. Suryawanshi

Fremont CA, ***** +1-408-***-****


Reliable and resourceful VLSI Design Engineer with a strong record of corporate client satisfaction. Adept multi-tasker who thrives in a high pressure work environment. Able to explain complicated engineering concepts clearly to variety of professional and non-professional audiences.

Professional Experience

Synnex Corporation Fremont, CA-94538 Apr 2017- Jan 2018

Test Technician

Tested experimental models under simulated operating conditions for development standardization and feasibility of design.

Tested Ebay, Amazon, Apple servers on the intended uses and practices of the integrated technology and provided feedback and support to developers on the result.

Familiar with all types of components, multimeter, network analyzer, oscilloscope and power supplies, DSO.

Helped integrate new and improved techniques for running test executions.

Troubleshoots and repair electrical and electronic equipment including CPU, motherboard, sensors, power supplies, magnetometers, current meters.

Replaced hardware and software in faulty devices.

Excellent in operating Windows and Linux.

Good in repairing Hardware of television, computer.

Support functional testing of equipment and systems by utilizing standard engineering and scientific principles.

Validated pre-programmed parts on flash memory systems by running commands.

Conducted pre-test activities build, assembled and modified existing servers for testing purposes. Install engineering test parts and software.

Quality check on server rack cabling standards prior to performing (TPI) Test Procedure Instructions in MPI's.

Utilize script commands (python, bash) to conduct bandwidth network connection, (throughput), power cycle testing.

Initialize (Burn-In) thermal functionality: server component stress testing of CPU, HDD, SSD, fans.

Analyze root cause of test failures, troubleshoot initial causes, document test case scenarios.

Execute hard drive provisioning, review DMIDECODE reports for server rack testing accuracy.

SSRLabs Inc. Pacifica, CA 94044-2016 Feb 2017 - Apr 2017

Electronics Engineer Intern

Designing PCIe DMA controller.

Studying networking protocols such as TCPIP.

Programming of DMA controller by using VerilogHDL.

Campus Component Pvt. Ltd. India. Jan 2012 - Jul 2015

Electronics Engineer

Successfully completed internship and Bachelor project with Campus component – Jan 2012 to February 2013.

Designed PCB and developed Schematics, layouts by using Proteus, ExpressPCB and Cadsoft Eagle software.

Designed architecture of 64 bit ARM processor and PIC Microcontroller.

Designed wireless communication devices such as Zigbee, Bluetooth.

Done with the part of soldering & the ability to perform electrical assembly with a focus on quality.

Good experience in circuit design part of DC-DC, AC-DC converters.

Excellent in designing full custom analog ICs in BiCMOS and CMOS technologies.

Designed and manufactured PCB for projects which are related medical and military purpose.

Developed ARM processors, PIC, 8051 microcontrollers by using Embedded C programming.

Designed PCB of Path Detector Robot, IOT projects based on Smart Home Systems in CAD software.

Strong communications and organizational skills to follow test procedures, analyze results and prepare test reports.

Good experience of using Cadence, Xilinx design tools for design verification.

Good in ASIC, FPGA design/ RTL design flow with fluency in HDL coding.

Experience testing single ended serial bus interfaces such as I2C, SPI, or I2S, RS 232, Ethernet, CAN.

Experience of using real time debugging tool like Logic Analyzer.

Experience in Embedded System using multi-threaded OS such as Linux, Integrity, VxWorks.

Tested and measured electrical, amplitude, frequency signals by using Digital storage Oscilloscope, Voltmeters.

Academic Experience

Designed FPGA, ASIC projects using VIVADO tool.

Good knowledge of CMOS and Bi CMOS technologies.

Verification Experience with RISC (CPU design strategy) and Universal Verification Methodology (UVM).

Good experience in testing high speed differential serial bus interfaces USB 2.0, USB 3.0, PCIe.

Good knowledge of IP networking, Socket programming, LANs, WLANs, SSDP.

Good experience in developing PCBAs, FPGAs, ASIC for next generation SOC silicon validation.

Designed System Verilog UVM Test Bench and infrastructure for verification of 1000 MBPS Ethernet PHY.

Implemented complex instruction set and memory debuggers to validate DSP processors.

Designed system Verilog VMM Test Bench for verification of complex 6M gate Video Analytics ASIC.

Experience in Design & Development LabVIEW based automated test system and Integration at University.

Designed DSP based FPGA systems.


ASIC/ FPGA Design Tools: Cadence (OrCAD PCB design, Virtuoso 6.1), X-manager, VIVADO, Xilinx (ISE), Multisim.

Embedded Design Tools: Keiluvision4, Proteus, Eagle.

PCB Designing/Schematic Tools: BSch, ExpressPCB, Altium Designer.

Hardware Descriptive Languages: VHDL, Verilog(RTL Synthesis), System Verilog.

System Design Software: MATLAB, LabVIEW

Languages: C, SQL, Embedded C, Python, UNIX/LINUX, TCL

Antenna Tools/Protocols: 4nec2, UART, SPI, I2C.

Instruments: Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, DSO, Vector Network Analyzer, Reflectometer, DMM, AMM


Master of Science, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Dec 2016

Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication May 2013

Projects, Research Work & Presentations

Monitor/Control a Baby Incubator System using a Web Browser (Spring 2013)

Developed boot loader in C and validate hardware design for various ARM-based and PIC based network devices.

Designed PCB and layout of client side (ARM) and receiver side (PIC) using Eagle software.

Enabled communication between ARM and PIC microcontroller by using Zibgee.

Surveillance Target Acquisition and Automatic RADAR Control System (Spring 2012)

Developed target acquisition system on PIC (16f877a) Microcontroller.

Designed System by using Proteus, ExpressPCB.

Facilitated motion of gun by interfacing Stepper Motor with PIC Microcontroller.

RFID Access Control System (Fall 2014)

Designed Schematics of PIC 16f7x MCU by using CadSoft Eagle.

Constructed RFID Tag Reader using Discrete Components and IC’s.

Programmed PIC 16f7x MCU in assembly language using Microchip’s MPLAB.

Atmel Read only TK5530 tags were chosen for this system.

Home automation using PIC (Fall 2016)

Designed a system on PIC Microcontroller by using MPLAB and Embedded C Programming.

Enabled communication between Android device and PIC by using Bluetooth Device. (interfaced with PIC)

Designed Relay Driver IC which is beneficial for industrial setups.

Validation of SRAM using UVM (Spring 2015)

Designed SRAM Test benches and System Verilog code with Linux Commands.

Compiled and simulated a system Verilog program for simple coverage.

Tiny ALU (Fall 2016)

Designed and Developed code to convert a conventional testbench for a Tiny ALU to an UVM using System Verilog.

Verified FIFO design with UVM.

I2C Design (Fall 2016)

Verified I2C bus design with UVM.

Synthesized design by using Xilinx Spartan II as well as Altera FLEX.

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