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GIS Analyst

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
March 29, 2019

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Sunitha Chintoju



• 2+ years’ experience in the Telecommunications Industry designing HFC networks

• Experience in designing and drafting HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) Network using AutoCAD and spatialNET

• Experience in GIS Business management especially in drafting for Cable TV (CATV) and Telecom Network

• Knowledge of Amplifiers, Taps, Optical Nodes, CX and RG Type Cable, Lead-Ins and all other associated equipment

• Knowledge of HFC MDU Design and Cabling

• Extensively used AutoCAD, spatialNET, MicroStation, Google Earth tools

• Ability to read and interpret plans and specifications, constructed drawings COMPUTER SKILLS


• Languages: C, Java, PHP

• Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript


• AutoCAD, spatialNET, MicroStation, Cimage, Google Earth

• Platform: Microsoft Windows


GIS Data Engineer May 2016 - Jun 2017

We-Do-IT (Hyderabad, India)

Client: NBN Co Australia

NBN: This project involves capturing and updating NBN network which includes FTTH, FTTN and FTTX forms of connectivity

• Updated existing TELSTRA network using spatialNET as per Redline mark-up provided

• Captured NBN Network using spatialNET and updated with respect to Redline mark-up document

• Used OSP Bulk Editor to extract info about pits/trenches/ducts/cables as well as equipment and update them accordingly

• Used Node Jumpering, VLC and ISP tools for performing different update operations

• Ensured Network changes were captured accurately according to design specifications by running spatialNET scripts

• Editing and updating designs to reflect modifications and additions resulting from field surveys

/ scoping and construction reviews.

• Validated the data accuracy with in the boundary by running diff tools (e.g.: Pit Fitness, Cables Attachment tool etc.)

• Validated Geography Markup Language

• Used spatialNET to post complete network designs GIS Engineer May 2014 – Jun 2015

CADSYS (Hyderabad, India)

Client: Qwest Communications

Outside Plant Facilities Management: This project mainly focused on conversion of Network’s raster design to a vector design using Cimage software, in accordance with Plant Location Record

(PLR) provided by the Qwest

• Using Raster design provided in PLR form, Captured Vector design using Cimage tool

• Assigned & Updated attributes appropriately for all the required facilities in the network

• Ensuring captured network is compatible with design and draft specifications

• Used AutoCAD to post operations carried out on the field Client: COMCAST

COMCAST: This project involves drafting cable distribution network covered by Comcast, USA basing on source documents in AUTOCAD drawing format (DWG). This cable network includes RF and Fiber Network connectivity

• Designed drafts for COMCAST cable Network using spatialNET

• Performed Visual Cleanup using Cleanup tools (e.g. Cable/Equipment attachment)

• Calculated RF Levels across the network

• Verified network connectivity by running Levelling and Power tools

• Sum footages that are associated with field mapping notes, digitizing routing maps, and design maps while differentiating between aerial and underground plant as required.

• Performed Quality Check


VERIZON-PRS: This project involves finding and capturing Latitudes and Longitudes of communication poles for connectivity with in a geographical boundary

• Used Google Earth & Google Maps to find exact location of communication poles

• Captured pole attributes and classified basing on those attributes (e.g.: Height and Type)

• Performed pinning pole locations using Google Earth basing on pole-pole distance

• Prepared a drawing format for all these pinned locations for Quality Check purpose EDUCATION

Potti Sri Ramulu College of Engineering and Technology Aug 2010 – May 2014 Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering

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