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Software Engineer Service

Los Altos, California, United States
April 25, 2018

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Satoru Ishii


*** *********** ****** ******** ****, CA


Rich experience in software development and designing, also beginner's mind to be able to enjoy development hardworking.

- Developed an application of Medical and Social Network Services with Android SDK, Swift3, RealmSwift, SnapKit, Alamofire, SwiftyJson, SwiftTask and SDWebImage.

- Developed some Android medical applications.

- Using Android SDK, Java, Realm, Firebase, BigQuery, AGE, GitHub and API Security.

- Developed 8 iPhone musical instrument applications on App Store.

- They have a tap touch velocity sensor. By the sensor, users enjoy to play the music such a real musical instrument.

- They are hybrid applications with a mobile architecture. Client side is native iOS code with Cocoa touch, Core Audio, Core Data and other UI frameworks. Server side is build by Ruby on Rails / MySQL, Facebook API and Amazon S3.

- Developed many eCommerce system and web services.

- Japanese eCommerce system called “Marche Avenue" for NTT and etc.

- Japanese full-text search engine for over 800,000 biotechnology products.

- Package software “FINAL”, a top-selling Japanese text editor. S k i l l s

Android SDK, Swift3, Objective-C, Multi thread GCD, RealmSwift, Alamofire, SwiftyJson, SwiftTask, SnapKit, SDWebImage, iOS SDK, Cocoa touch, Core Data, Core Audio, Xcode, Mobile Architecture, Sqlite, MySQL, Rest, Java, Ruby on Rails, C++, C#, PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Linux,Unix, Apache, Tomcat, Oracle, HTML5, AWS, Cloud Programming, APISecurity. W o r k E x p e r i e n c e

● Developed medical applications for Insomnia treatment as a lead engineer.

● One is iOS native application with SDK, Realm and cocoa pods. It has many multi thread Senior Software Engineer

Susmed Inc.

Nov. 2016 - Dec. 2017

Satoru Ishii


707 Continental Circle Mountain View, CA

functions with GCD and Dictionaries data.

● Another one is Android native application with SDKs platform, regarding tools and Java.

● I used also another tools like as Realm.

● That application have the backend system and DB with Firebase DB, Firebase web application, Cloud Functions and GAE, Github and API Security.

● Developed an application of Social Network Services with Swift, RealmSwift for DB, SnapKit for AutoLayout, Alamofirem, SwiftTask, SwiftyJson and SDWebImage.

● The social network application development has the complex UI and back end server connected multi thread functions with GCD.

● The role is designing and full stack development(coding, debugging, testing).

● It’s developed in an offshore environment.

● Developed 8 iOS native applications with Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Core Data and Core Audio. They have a tap touch sensor for user's touch velocity as musical instruments. In addition They have 8 pages with TableView and etc., also have include Action Menu.

● Also the applications have three server side systems and interface as a mobile architecture in cloud environment. 1st is DB system with Ruby on Rails and MySQL for BGM songs data. 2nd is Amazon Simple Storage Service to save user recorded songs data. 3rd is Facebook API for shared user songs with FB friends

● Developed iPhone applications of musical instruments Gamelan iLands series. GiL Saronba, GiL Kendang, GiL Peking, GiL Bonang

● Developed Music Application

La Lullaby, La Lullaby2, La Lullaby no add, La Lullaby2 no add The last project completed 08/10/2016

Used Technologies: Swift, Objective-C, RealmSwift, SnapKit, Alamofire, SwiftyJson, SDWebImage, iOS SDKs, Cocoa framework, Core Audio, Core Data(Sqlite), SQLite, Xcode, css, HTML5, Json, Ruby on Rails, MySql, Facebook API, Linux, AWS, Cloud Programming Senior Software Engineer

Ebisuya Inc. - Mountain View, CA

Feb. 2010 - Nov. 2016

Satoru Ishii


707 Continental Circle Mountain View, CA

● Development web applications:

eCommerce site

Technology Transfer Web Sote: Reagent web store with Japanese full-text search engine for DBA

Used Technologies: Ruby on Rails, php, C#, Oracle, MySQL, css, Apache. Linux

● eCommerce System Development, DBA, MIS,

Used Technologies: C#, Oracle

● Web application and service development.

● Customers: Ginix, Inc. Bay Mode, Inc. Online Book Store “bk1” Used Technologies: Oracle, SQLServer, .net

● Web service for E-BANK (, an on-line bank serving Japan that enables account access through cell phones

● Web service for Daiichi Seimei, a life insurance company, providing on-line account information to customers plus promotional opportunities

● The adapter and wrapper system for NTT, which transparently combines independent web systems to connect a common Web application to a copyright database application

● The automatic email distribution system for Hikari Tsushin’scellular phone website, which has over 150,000 users

● Trademark administration system for LSI as a contractor of NEC

● Authored articles published in technical magazines including: Nikkei Software, Nikkei Byte, PC Week, and Super ASCII

Used Technologies: Java, php, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Apache, Tomcat R e f e r e n c e s Steve Weston, Osamu Sugimoto, Yasuhiro Hashimoto Senior Software Engineer

B-Bridge International Inc. - Mountain View, CA

Jan. 2007 - Feb.


Web Development, DBA, MIS

Bay Mode, Inc. - San carlos, CA

Nov. 2005 - Dec.


Senior Software Engineer

B-Bump, Inc. - Mountain View, CA

2003 - 2005

Sebuir Software Engineer

Bump Co, Ltd. - Tokyo, Japan

1997 - 2003

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