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Plant / Branch / General Management. Reional Manager

Saratoga Springs, New York, United States
April 16, 2018

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** ****** ****, ******** *******, New York 12866 802-***-**** 1 P a g e

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Multifaceted, results-driven, and accomplished professional with extensive experience in sales and marketing, business operations, production management, warehouse administration, supply chain and logistics, and inventory control. Effective at initiating inventive and successful strategies to exceed target sales goals, maximize growth opportunities, and expand market share. Armed with first-rate management skills in leading a team to enhance process, optimize productivity, and boost efficiency.



Manage the entire business operation of more than 200 employees across nine locations with more than 500,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space

Oversee production, quality assurance, inventory control, fleet management, safety, and warehouse design, while performing profit and loss (P&L) duties

Thrive on continuous process improvements to ensure on-time delivery and accurate inventory; and regularly converse with corporate management

Take charge of developing and organizing the entire hub warehouse shipping and receiving areas; while also facilitating daily start-up meeting to foster team collaboration, communication, and high morale

Design new packaging process with new product and facilitate training on how to correctly pack the products

Open a new quality control position to monitor all picked, packed, and shipped orders to ensure accuracy

Rebuild offices with new desks, chairs, and organizational tools and initiate new housekeeping process and daily cleaning schedules

Pioneer the implementation of new packing process for hardware packages to ensure safe- and damage-free deliveries along with new picking carts to enhance efficiencies

Work closely with the vice president to eliminate dead stock, assist with warehouse space occupancy, and perform weekly cycle count schedule to streamline inventory control Notable Highlights:

Made significant contribution in saving the company more than $400K through expert negotiation skills with office suppliers and carriers, as well as trash recycling with all other service providers

Devised and formalized shipping and receiving process and staffing management procedures which minimized 90% of daily overtime and excess staffing by 25%

Mitigated damaged shipment to the customers through compliance with proper packing procedures and supervision of quality control inspector on the process

Created new UPS and FedEx shipping manifest system to avoid shipping errors with OzLINK system, as well as new order packing stations to pack and manifest packages to remove one position and save $45K each year

Played a significant role for Albany Hub’s most accurate annual inventory in the history THOMPSON AND JOHNSON EQUIPMENT CO., ALBANY, NY

General Manager 2009–2012

Monitored all operations of the branch office (Service, Rental, and Parts Department) and ensured consistent quality and superior customer service and satisfaction to attain company sales goals

Took charge of P&L duties, one-page business planning, annual budget planning, and expenditure monitoring

Validated rental inventories and availability prior invoicing and evaluated completed work orders to ensure billing accuracy

Assessed several reports including equipment history, customer expenditure, statistics, budget, monthly analysis, marketing data, and sales forecast

Rendered support to the Service and Parts Department in preparing requests for repair quotes, acquiring parts pricing information, managing rough draft quotes, and resolving warranty and service issues

Executed performance and wage appraisals, as well as disciplinary actions as necessary

Adhered to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to ensure personnel, client, and equipment safety Notable Highlight:

Established an extensive five-year, one-page business plan, which reduced work in process (WIP) from $255K to less than $100K, along with increased PM completion rate from 70% to 100% in three months MMIICCHHAAEELL TT.. AASSCCOOLLII

91 Luther Road, Saratoga Springs, New York 12866 802-***-**** 2 P a g e


General Manager 2007–2009

Directed multi-location operations, while administering delivery and dispatch schedules and overseeing three warehouse shifts, all contractors, and full-time staff

Introduced incentive programs to motivate staff in attaining production targets and assessed workforce to cope with changing business needs

Led business development initiatives and enhanced relationship with existing customer base through onsite visits and other outreach activities

Complied with fire regulations, OSHA standards, and other applicable policies to optimize and maintain safety, cleanliness, and security

Assumed responsibility in managing P&L, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, human resource functions, and fleet and equipment acquisition and maintenance Notable Highlights:

Spearheaded new business acquisition efforts and customer outreach initiatives, thereby optimizing service quality and staff morale and yielding 25% increase in sales

Minimized workforce requirements and implemented cost control initiatives and budget management, which saved the company $270K without compromising service quality and capabilities PALLET COMPANIES INC., GUILDERLAND CENTER, NY

General Manager 2005–2007

Guided the reestablishment of company operation and effectively hired and trained team of 60 staff for production and office functions

Supervised all facets of operations and HR, which included inventory, vehicle and equipment, accounts receivable, accounts payable, business planning, materials cost projections, and personnel evaluation

Instituted and oversaw cost control programs, annual budget development, payroll, and cost-benefit analysis

Steered new business development initiatives and formalized improvements in existing customer retention policies, including onsite visits

Led efforts in implementing several process improvements, as well as time management and workflow strategies

Ensured adherence to safety programs and OSHA standards by monitoring regulatory compliance Notable Highlights:

Contributed $6M in sales within six-month period, by forming agreements with clients such as Ultra Dairy, Byrne Dairy, Seneca Foods, Price Chopper, UNICOR, Target, Saratoga Spring Water, and Hannaford

Successfully constructed business from ground up by managing 190% improvement in EBITDA in six months and initiating legally compliant hiring and safety standards



General Manager

EEDDUUCCAATTIIOONN AANNDD CCRREEDDEENNTTIIAALLSS Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management University of Vermont, Burlington, VT Building Performance Institute Certification

Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) 40 Hour-HAZWOPER Certification

PPRROOFFEESSSSIIOONNAALL DDEEVVEELLOOPPMMEENNTT Criminal Justice Training Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Confined Space Rescue SCE Entrant / Attendant Hazardous Communication (HAZCOM) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid


Chamber of Commerce, Location


Microsoft Office Suite Cis-Pub Shipping and Receiving Software AS/400 QuipWare Next Trend Radio Beacon OzLINK Systems

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