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Chemistry / Lab Technician

Texas City, Texas, United States
April 18, 2018

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Name: Anthony Henson

Phone: 409-***-****



Degrees earned:

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Associate of Science in Chemistry

Degrees in progress:

Master of Science in Chemistry

Schools attended:

Galveston College in Galveston, TX GPA: 3.98

West Texas A&M in Canyon, TX GPA: 3.49

Schools attending:

University of Houston Clearlake in Clearlake, Tx

Work History:

Approx. 1 year at Texas A&M Agrilife Facility

Approx. 1 year experience in biological research under university PhD staff


I have experience in a variety of different laboratory settings in fields related to the biological, chemical, agricultural, ecological, and pathological sciences. During my time at Dakota Wesleyan University I was selected by Dr. Brian Patrick, professor of Biology, to participate in an internship involving the study of the taxonomy of arachnids of South Dakota. This experience included development of a number of collection techniques including the execution of the ethical trapping of arachnids over a period of approximately six months while carrying out the study. My internship culminated with approximately 60hrs developing and executing the techniques of identifying distinguishing traits which determine the species of arachnids.

As a senior at West Texas A&M I worked with Dr. Ghosh and became familiar with writing and submitting grants for research projects. I was honored to be a part of our submission to the Kilgor Research Committee and was able to secure a small grant amounting to approximately $3,500 for the study of Beet Soil Bourne Mosaic Virus (BSMV) and Beet Necrotic Yellowing Vein Virus (BNYVV). My experience during the project involved writing a grant and presenting a professional speech describing the scientific process, methods, and objectives to the committee containing faculty staff knowledgeable in the biological and chemical disciplines.

The Kilgor Research Committee resulted in a job offer from Dr. Charlie Rush of Texas Tech’s agriculture extension in Amarillo, Texas. My immediate supervisor at the facility was Lee Pertozzi. Our primary research goals at the USDA research facility in Bushland, Texas involved analysis of resistance breaking strains of the plant pathogens that cause Rhizomania in sugar beets in addition to a variety of analysis requests from colleges in New Mexico, Colorado, North Dakota, and Texas. My responsibilities at the lab were extensive and included a variety of opportunities to implement practices from my university laboratories in a real life environment. Through the training with the staff, I became proficient in the process of real time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) in a 96 well plate as well as the data analysis associated with analyzing the presence of the gene expression.

Additionally, my responsibilities included both DNA and RNA extraction from plant tissues that my colleagues and I collected from the field. cDNA synthesis from the collected samples and gel electrophoresis of samples was also a responsibility of my position. I also have a high level of proficiency with the use of associated techniques including high resolution melt (HMR) analysis and quantitative polymerase chain reaction using SYBR. More rudimentary experiences include the proper maintenance, separation, and the inoculation of plant life with insect or fungal vectors over a long term study. I have extensive experience with data input from multiyear studies using all commonly used programs including Excel. Microsoft Word, and Power Point.

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