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Wellsite Geologist

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
April 18, 2018

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Highlight of Qualifications

*+ years experience as Field Services Engineer and Wellsite Geologist on drilling sites

Extensive experience in installing and uninstalling drilling parameter recording sensors and interpreting recorded data to provide daily reports to clients and supervisors

Collecting and processing and describing drilled cutting samples considering proper lag time

Strong experience in describing drilled cuttings and oil shows, picking up formation boundaries, casing point, coring points, and section TD

Great experience of working in a team with interpersonal and organizational skills

Professional Experience

Field Engineer Feb 2018- Present

Schlumberger/ Canada

Wellsite Geologist 2011 - 2016

Petropars Ltd

Participated in geological data acquisition and interpreted gathered data on drilling site.

Supervised sample catching crew in screening, washing and sorting sample for geological testing.

Analyzed and described rock cutting samples including lithology percentage, color, hardness, HCL testing, possible visible porosity, shape of the cutting, matrix or cement (on detrital rocks).

Monitored downhole survey data to ensure the accuracy of wellbore placement.

Advised drilling supervisor about geohazards and selecting optimized drill bit considering lithology.

Prepared and gathered operation documents and technical day to day report writing.

QA/QC’d geological data captured from operations to ensure about safety and project progression.

Provided daily and regularly technical reports to operation supervisor and conveyed instructions to subcontractors.

Mud Logger Field Engineer 2009 - 2011

Schlumberger/ Geoservices

Collected rock chip samples in proper lag time and interval according to supervisor’s order.

Prepared core documentation such as listing the number of core boxes, core box labeling including well name, top and bottom depths.

Screened, washed, and dried samples before dividing into correct portions and packed them by set for client.

Performed regular calibration checks of mud logging equipment to ensure accurate data capturing.

Maintained and operated chromatograph gas detecting system for C1, C2, C3, C4, Cn.

Assembled geological data and drilling parameters in the software and plot strip well log according to the supervisor’s order.

Provided accurate and timely data and day-to-day technical reports to list of recipients.

Monitored drilling rig operations and downhole conditions with help of sensors.

Mud Logger Analyst 2007 - 2009


Assisted in rigging up/down and operating computerized mud logging unit before and after job.

Monitored drilling operations and well conditions with the use of recording and monitoring sensors.

Collected drilled cutting samples from shale shaker and processed samples for geologist reviewing.

Reported any unsafe conditions and informed geologist and drilling supervisor about abnormal conditions such as mud loss or mud gain.

Assisted in coring operations and proper placing of core in core boxes with labeling box numbers, well ID, and top/ bottom on the core boxes.

Educational Qualification

Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Geology Subject University of Shiraz

Training Courses, Certificates, Awards

HUET, HUBA, and Sea Survival Training Certificate Feb. 2018 - Feb. 2021

H2S Alive Training Certificate May 2017 - May 2020

Petroleum Safety Training (PST 2.0) Jun. 2016 - No Expiry Date

Technical Mud Logging Services Training Jan. 2014

GIS Training Certificate with A+ Grade Aug. 2006

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