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Senior RF Team Leader

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand
April 18, 2018

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Mohamed Emam Mohamed Fathy Emam


Country of Origin


Current Address:

Bangkok, Thailand

Mobile Numbers No.:

Thailand ( +66-61-836-****) Main number

Egypt +2-010*-*******)






Date & Place of Birth:

13/8/1985 – Cairo, Egypt.

Marital Status:


Military Status:


International Driving license:



Achieving my own career goals by obtaining a challenging position in Multinational Company where opportunities for learning and scope of rapid growth and development exist.

Want to be creative, while contributing towards the success of the company.


Currently working in LTE/3G/2G project for Ericsson Thailand ( True Move & China Mobile Project). The previous projects were for Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia after Jan2016) at Mobily KSA project (FDD & TDD LTE project) Ericsson Angola KPN Netherlands on both Ericsson and Nokia equipments (2G, 3G, LTE) Ericsson South Korea Ericsson USA Etisalat (3rd Operator in Egypt) Vodafone and Huawei.

10 years as total experience in the field of Radio Optimization & Planning (RF) (2G, 3G, LTE), in addition to IBS experience (Femtocell technology). +6 years experience in LTE and +5 years in 3G & 2G . I have strong customer facing experience and high communication skills.

Multi-vendor experience like: Ericsson & Huawei & Nokia Siemens &Alcatel. High knowledge of many Optimization tools like: TEMS Investigation (Data Collection and Route Analysis), Business Object (Ericsson), OPTis, Moshell, ACTIX, MCOM, MapInfo, M2000 for Huawei, GENEX Nastar, Geo Positional Satellite Tools, Huawei Local Maintenance Terminal (LMT- BSC 6000 software), GENEX Probe & GENEX Assistant (Huawei tools), PESQ, Planning tool (Atoll), Asset and Radion, NPO& WPS (Alcatel).

Master degree in LTE and Femtocell technologies (proposing a new algorithm for handover from Macrocell to Femtocell in LTE technology [using ANR, FFR & DNL] and establishing a dynamic femtocells network).

The research has been published in IEEE conference ( BWCCA 2013) at Uinversity of Technology of Compiegne, France October 2013.


1) Senior RF Team Leader (LTE/3G/2G)

Ericsson Thailand – True Move project.

( Sept. 2016- till now)

Target Responsibilities :

-Lead team of RF engineers for launching and optimizing LTE/3G Networks.

-Handling and solving all types of customer & VIP complains.

-Working on LTE network of 4 bands (L2100, L1800, L900, L850) & UMTS of 2 bands( U2100, U850) & GSM of 2 bands (G900 & G1800).

-Testing and applying different LTE features & IOT trials.

-Perform RF network optimization, KPIs, Paramter tuning.

-Presenting & Submitting PAC & FAC reports to customer.

Daily Used tools :


-Moshell or AMOS




-Ericsson OSS.




-Google earth

2) Senior LTE RF Optimization Engineer

Mobily KSA

LTE Swap project from Huawei to Alcatel-Lucent


New LTE Network (Alcatel-Lucent) & (Nokia)

( November 2014- June 2016)

Target Responsibilities :

- Lead a team of RF engineers and work independently to perform all RF network optimization activities during swap and new network launch.

-Radio Planning and Optimization for LTE networks to trouble shoot and improve KPIs and field measurements.

-Implementation of new features and tuning LTE radio network parameters.

-Handling all the problems related to pre& post swap project.

-Interfacing with the customer regarding any technical issue in both new network or swap.

-Applying Two Carriers in TDD.

-Applying the new features like Carrier aggregation (TDD), VoLTE, MRO, CSFB, PS-Handover, SRVCC

Daily Used tools :

-NPO for Alcatel



-TEMS discovery


-Google earth

- Different tracing tools.

3) LTE RF Team Leader (Remote Support)

Ericsson - Movicel Angola


( August 2014- October 2014)

Target Responsibilities :

-Coordinate with remote OPT team

-Coordinate with remote DT analysis team

-Deal with worst offenders and critical issues

-Work on VIP/customer complaints

-Daily NPI

-KPI Reporting

-Manage the drive test teams

-Verify all reports from remote DT team and implement recommendations

-Provide inputs for all Executive reports required

-Manage requests from customer – Remote to assist

4) LTE RF Trainer

TechOryx Company ( Different Vendor Equipments)

Cairo, Egypt

( February 2014- July2014)

Target Responsibilities :

-Delivering basic & expert-level of technical LTE courses.

-Provide network architecture and all the challenges to LTE Evloution.

-In addition to all the theoretical background, LTE Air interface, OFDM principles, LTE Mobility, LTE features like ( ANR, ICIC, CSFB, VoLTE ), All optimization princples.

-How to handle LTE RF problems

-LTE parameters and KPIs.

5) Senior Radio Network Optimization and Planning Engineer

KPN Netherlands, The Hague

RF Optimization Team (LTE-3G-2G)

LTE project on Ericsson Equipments

3G/2G Swap Project from NSN to Ericsson

(October 2012-November 2013)

Target Responsibilities :

-Working on swap from NSN to Ericsson 2G/GSM network

-Optimizing the performance of the 2G/GSM network for both Ericsson & NSN.

-Optimizing the performance of the 3G network for Ericsson.

-Making sure new KPI’s are met (3G,2G)

-Cluster optimization and parameters tuning (LTE,3G,2G).

-Independently analyzing if there are any improvements to be made to the network

-Pre-launch optimization for LTE network.

-Monitoring the optimization

-Radio network planning

-GAP analysis of a problem.

Daily Used tools :


-Radion 2G (NSN).

-Radion 3G (NSN).


-Geo Positional Satellite Tools.


-Business Object.

-Radio NDA.




-OSS 2G,3G, LTE (Ericsson)

-Eniq (2G, 3G, LTE).

6) LTE RF Engineer.

Ericsson South Korea, Seoul.

LTE Optimization Team.

LTE Project for LGU+.

(November 2011-June 2012)

Target Responsibilities :

-Performing RF network planning and optimization activities.

-Parameter tuning for the new clusters.

-Undertaking key network performance improvement indicators (KPIs) and optimization and troubleshooting tasks.

-Handling all the customer conerns and questions.

-Daily KPIs & optimization report for the Post-launched clusters.

Solve all throughput (DL & UL) problems (Drop calls & low throughput areas).

Traffic Fail

Overshooting problems.

Check HW issues.

PCI collision & Pollution.

RRC Setup Fail.

Pending & Timeout problems.

Check and solve the interference problems.

Check ANR feature and define the neighbors and X2 using it.

Make eNB trace to check the signaling messages and solve any abnormal behavior.

Check the areas of low RACH success rate and work on solving this issue.

HO problems(X2 HO & S1 HO & IRAT HO & Inter vendor HO from Ericsson to NSN).

-Applying LTE features like CSFB, ICIC and VoLTE

Daily Used tools :

-OPTis (like TEMS & Actix)



-Business Object

-Geo Positional Satellite Tools.


-QUALCOMM & LG chips.

7) Radio Network Optimization and Planning Engineer.

Ericsson USA, Texas, Plano.

UMTS Optimization Team.

UMTS Optimization project for AT&T

(January 2011-till October 2011)

Gained Experience:

-Performing RF network design, planning and optimization activities.

-Performing link budget analysis, and traffic analysis.

-Analyzing and recommending equipment and antenna co-location requirements for different technologies.

-Undertaking key network performance improvement indicators (KPIs) and optimization tasks to solve and optimize all the cluster’s problems like:

Poor Coverage Areas

Short MOC Events & Analysis

Short MTC Events & Analysis

Long MOC Events & Analysis

HSDPA Events & Analysis

EUL Events & Analysis

EUL Application Drop Analysis

Pilot Pollution (Before & After)

Handover problems ( Intra- Inter- IRAT)

IRAT neighbor analysis.

Layer management.

Load sharing.

Coverage relation.

Antenna Optimization.

-Undertaking BSS/RNC/ NodeB parameter modifications.

-Performing site configuration analysis.

-Assessing and escalating system issues to the radio access network (RAN), Core, data design teams.

Daily Used tools :



-MapInfo -MCOM


-Business Object

-Geo Positional Satellite Tools.


8) Capacity Planning Engineer (3G, LTE) (Etisalat Egypt)

(Broadband Team)- (Huawei & Ericsson & ZTE Equipments)

(October 2010- January 2011)

Gained Experience :

-Monitor and optimize the quality of service end.

-Achieving the target throughput (HSDPA & HSUPA) for the network.

-Capacity utilization for the network.

-Preparing the weekly report for both IuB Utilization & CE Utilization & RAB Failures.

-Study the new features to apply them on the network.

-Share in both the femtocells & LTE trials.


Daily Used tools :


-Business Object

-ZTE tool



-Geo Positional Satellite Tools.

-MS-Office ( Access & Excel & PP)

9) Senior/ Radio Network Optimization & Planning Engineer (2G/3G)

(September 2007- September 2010)

(Consultant), Telecomax Group (Consulting Company)

Gained Experience :

-Perform optimization analysis using KPIs.

-Perform data optimization.

-Perform drive test optimization and Log file analysis for 2G & 3G networks

(Site verification tests – cluster tests - road tests).

- Analyzing & reporting the hot spots problems & points of customer complain.

- Frequency plan tuning & design parameters adjustment.

- Preparing change requests to improve the network performance.

- Solving problems detected from the drive test team.

-Perform data collection for 2G & 3G Networks.

- Benchmarking.

-Traffic management for GSM networks.

Daily Used tools :



-GENEX Naster

-GENEX Porbe & GENEX Assitant

-Business Object







-Geo Positional Satellite Tools.

-MS-Office ( Access & Excel & PP)


9.1) 2010 June

Team leader for a centralized team for Optimization and Analysis

My team consists from:

-10 Optimization Engineers

-10 DT engineers


Our responsibility was to make Optimization & Analysis & DT for the following projects:

-Vodafone project in whole regions of Egypt (Ericsson Equipments), we work direct with Vodafone operator.

-Indoor project ( Design & Optimization )for Vodafone in Cairo & Alex (Ericsson Equipments).

-Huawei project for Etisalat Operator, we are responsible about Upper Egypt.

-Etisalat Project in North Egypt, we make a detailed DT and improve the performance in the whole resorts there, we work direct with Etisalat operator.

-Huawei Tunisia for Orange operator, we are responsible for making optimization and analysis for Safakes & Sosh.

9.2 ) 2009 August

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd., Vodafone Network Operation Center (NOC Vodafone), Swap Project

2G & 3G Radio Network Optimization & Planning Engineer

oMain Tasks:

Hourly &Daily KPIs monitoring.

Preparing the hourly & daily & weekly Top N worst cells analysis reports.

Preparing change requests to improve the network performance.

Performing periodic neighbor plan & parameters audit.

Solving problems detected from the drive test team.

9.3) 2009 June

- Vodafone Swap Project (From Ericsson to Huawei).


oMain Tasks:

Team leader for a team consists of six members.

Analyzing & reporting the problems & points of customer complain before, during and after the swap process.

Preparing change requests to improve the network performance after the swap process.

Perform both data and voice optimization for 2G & 3G & HSDPA before and after the swap.

9.4) 2009 March

- Project of optimization in Upper Egypt for HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd., Etisalat Network (2G)

9.5) 2008 September

- Project of optimization for Vodafone in whole regions of Egypt (2G & 3G).

9.6) 2008 July

-Work in the optimization project of HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd., Etisalat Network (2G & 3G).


9.7) 2008 May

- A Trial project of optimization (drive test and analysis) for Vodafone (2G & 3G).

9.8) 2008 February

-Project of optimization (drive test and analysis) for Etisalat (2G & 3G).

Practical Trainings:

LTE (Architecture & Radio aspects & optimization parameters)

oNetwork overview and design

oNetwork Elements installation, commissioning, integration and RF engineering

oNetwork operation and maintenance

oLTE Planning

oRF Optimization

UMTS Optimization

3G Radio Network Planning

UMTS System Overview & Air Interface Training

2G Radio Network Optimization

2G RF planning training


Femto cells



(Intelligent Network)

-IN Architecture

-ISUP, MAP, CAMEL, Diameter Protocols Overview

-Ericsson Charging System CS3 Overview

Training about Installation and Commissioning in Nokia-Siemens & Huawei.


M.Sc. Degree (2010- 2013):

Master thesis in LTE and Femtocell technologies.

-The thesis is around:

Applying the technology of Femtocell for LTE Network

Proposed a new technique to solve the problem of

handover from macrocell to femtocell in LTE

Network using ANR,FFR & DNL


Ain Shams University – Faculty of Engineering (2002 – 2007).

B.Sc. Degree:

B.Sc. of Communications and Electronics Engineering.

Cumulative Grade:

Very Good.


Project Title:

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (3G) – UMTS Link Simulation and Coder Implementation using SIMUKINK MATLAB

Project Grade:



Language Skills:

Arabic: Native Language.

English: Fluent.

German: Fair.

Personal Skills:

High communication skills.

Customer Focused and Results Orientation.

Capable of working in teams and got high team spirit.

Ambitious, Creative, Willing to learn.

Strong desire to learn new technologies.

Take initiatives and make decisions.

Open-minded as well as highly service-minded with the ability to Motivate people.

Ability to work under strong pressure related to the scale of business Impact.


Sports: Football, Gym.

Reading in different fields and Writing Novels.


Horse riding


F All of the tasks mentioned above helped me to increase my sense of responsibility, confidence, reliability Decision making. These tasks also helped me to enhance my communication skills through meeting and interacting with people of different characters and nationalities.


F Available upon request

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