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Cell biologist, experienced in molecular & histological techniques.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
April 09, 2018

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To pursue and develop a progressive and stimulating scientific career as a competent researcher

To prove my capabilities and credentials to the expectation of any institution or organization and utilize my education and professional experience to sustainable development and growth of the institution’s reputation.


Place of Birth: Asmara, Eritrea Nationality: Eritrean Gender: Male

Birth Date: September 15, 1986 Marital Status: Single Status in the US: Permanent Residence


Excellent with basic and standard technical and analytical laboratory skills.

Proficient with various statistical soft-wares like SAS and R.

Proficient with Bioinformatics tools like Pymol, Chimera, Cluspro, Auto dock vina, AMBER and Schrodinger.

Proficient with various molecular techniques involving DNA, RNA and proteins such as: DNA, RNA and protein extractions, PCR, CHIP-Seq, Electrophoresis, blotting techniques, mammalian cell culturing, bacterial transformation, DNA plasmid isolation and purification, ELISA and FACS based analysis.

Proficient with histological techniques including gross sectioning, tissue processing, microtomy, H&E staining, FISH, Immunohistochemistry and basic interpretation of H&E and Trichrome stains.

Proficient with in vivo bio methods involving rodent models including Intra Peritoneal, Intra Venous, Subcutaneous and Intra Tracheal injections.


Educational Institution

From – To

Degree(s) or Certificate(s) Received

- Tuskegee University, AL, USA

-Tuskegee University, AL, USA

- Asmara College of Health Sciences (ACHS), Asmara, Eritrea.

- 08/2014 – 07/2018(expected)

- 08/2014-05/2016

- 09/2006-06/2010

- Candidate for PhD in Integrative Bioscience, cGPA=4.00

- Masters in Biology, cGPA=4.00

- Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Laboratory Science(CLS), cGPA 3.76


09/2009 – 10/2012 Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant at the Pathology and Molecular Biology unit, Department of CLS, ACHS, University of Asmara, Asmara, Eritrea.

10/2006 – 08/2010 - Part Time Laboratory Scientist at National Health Laboratory of Eritrea, Asmara, Eritrea

08/2014-Present: Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant at the Department of Integrative Biosciences, Tuskegee University. Tuskegee, AL.


June 01, 2015- July 31, 2015: Participated in a two months Summer Cancer Research Training Program at University of Alabama at Birmingham, Tuskegee University and More House School of Medicine.

June 8, 2015: Certificate for attending a research certificate seminar on ‘’ Human Subjects’’ at Tuskegee University.

Certificate of Bioethics and Research Ethics Certificate Program seminar series held at Tuskegee University for two semesters.

July11-July 22, 2016: Certificate for participating in a two weeks cancer and translational research for PhD students at NIH. Bethesda, MD.

February 14-17: Workshop on Surgical Techniques in the Laboratory Mouse at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA. (Awarded a scholarship)

August 13-19: Participated at the 26th annual cancer short course at Jackson Lab, Bar Harbor, Maine. (Awarded a scholarship and presented a poster)

September 01, 2017-Present: Internship at MuriGenics and Riptide Biosciences Vallejo, CA.

April 15, 2018-April 19, 2018: Workshop in colony management: Principles and Practices



June 20-21, 2013: Participated on the 4th RNAi research and therapeutics conference conducted at Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco, California.

March 10,2016: Seminar” New Horizon Series” on Molecular diagnostic and therapeutic markers of Breast cancer at Georgia State University.

April 2-6, 2016: Presented a poster at the Experimental Biology annual meeting, San Diego, CA.

April 21, 2016: Presented poster at the Minority Health Disparity Research symposium, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama.

April 1-6, 2017: Participated at the Annual AACR conference in Washington, DC & presented a poster receiving 22 CME credits.


August 2012, Awarded Erasmus Mundus ACP II scholarship.

November 2016, Member of Golden Key International Honor Society.


Fessahaye, G., Elhassan, A.M., Elamin, E.M. Anghesom Ghebremedhin, et al. Association of Epstein - Barr virus and breast cancer in Eritrea. Infect Agents Cancer (2017) 12: 62

Khawaja Shakeel Ahmed, Anghesom Ambesajir Ghebremedhin, et al. Studying the importance of VacA gene of Helicobacter pylori in identifying the pathogenicity of strains by comparing it with the disease status of the subjects. Journal of Cancer Therapy, Vol.4 No.1A (2013).

Anghesom Ambesajir, et al. RNA Interference: A Futuristic Potential Therapeutic Approach. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences: Elsevier.

Atul Kaushik, Meena Kumari, Anghesom Ambesajir. Studies on antitussive effect of Tectona Grandis roots using a cough model induced by sulfur dioxide gas in guinea pigs. International Journal of Phytomedicine, 201, 3.

Khawaja Shakeel Ahmed, Anghesom A Ghebremedhin, et al. Determination of Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of Helicobacter Pylori Isolates by Epsilometer Test (E-Test). Journal of Advances in Microbiology, 2, 263-267.

Anghesom Ghebremedhin et al. Antimicrobial activity and Preliminary Phytochemical Screening of three Eritrean Medicinal Plants. The Pharma Research Journal, An International Journal, e-ISSN-0975-8216, Volume-06, Issue-02.


(A) Immunomodulatory effects of a peptide on Tumor Microenvironment and enhancing sensitivity of Tumors to current chemotherapies and immunotherapies in ex vivo and multiple in vivo mouse tumor models. This work is being conducted with the collaboration of NIH, John Hopkins University and some other pharmaceutical companies. A manuscript is ready for submission at the journal of Science and Translational Medicine.

(B) Role of synthetic peptides modulating M2-Macrophages in rescuing bleomycin induced lung injury in a mice model. This work is being done in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and manuscript is ready for publication at the American Journal of Pathology

(C) Role of Kaiso and Androgen receptor in the development and progression of Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer.

(D) Role of miRNAs in kaiso expression and in the Epithelial to Mesenchymal transition of prostate cancers. (Under review in Oncotarget)

(E) Also working as a member of a research team on Molecular Characterization of Common Cancers in Eritrea.


09/2009-Present: Member of Eritrean Medical Laboratory Association (EMLA).

2009- 2012: Member of Academic standards monitoring committee of the Asmara College of Health Sciences.

04/2015-Present: Associate Member of the American Association for Cancer Research.

11/2016-Present: Member of American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

02/2016-Present: Member of Society of Immunotherapy for Cancer (SITC).


Tigrinya (native language), English, French and German.


Available upon request.

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