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Electrical Project

April 03, 2018

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Post Applied for : Electrical and Instrument QC (COMPEX) Inspector.

Email id :

Mobile No : +91-994*******-india. +995-*********- Georgia.

Experience : 06 years (1 years offshore and 5 years onshore.)

Seeking a challenging and responsible job in inspection of electrical and instrument equipment installation accordance with IEC 60079-14, IEC 60079-17, IEEE standard in hazardous area and non-hazardous areas, performing E&I ATEX inspection and quality control all activities, mechanical completion handover, commissioning, pre commissioning and start up activities, construction engineering, punch list clearness. Where opportunities for innovation knowledge of enhancement and professional growth exists specially in offshore, FPSO, onshore in oil and gas project, gas process plant, pipe line project, compressor station, crude oil export, heater metering skid, refinery Plant, brownfield, thermal power plant industries and manufacturing industry.


COMPEX (EX01, EX02, EX03, EX04) JTL certification UK - 59117.

OPITO approved BOSIET Basic offshore safety induction and emergency

Training in YKK Kazakhstan.

HUET Helicopter underwater escape training in YKK Kazakhstan

Heat tracing training by Thermon UK.

Hawke cable glanding training by Hawke international UK.

Confined space and working at height training.

Installation, Inspection and Maintenance of Cathodic Protection ICCP

System and sacrificial CP system training by British Petroleum.

PTW Permit to work and PA performing authority training by British Petroleum.

Work Experience in Overseas Countries



Abu Dhabi (UAE).



Experience (1 years offshore, 5 years onshore,)

Company Name

: Bechtel, Enka joint venture (BEJV)

Client Name

: BP (British Petroleum), UK

Project Name

: SCPX South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion CSG1,CSG2.AREA81


: Electrical and Instrument QA/QC (COMPEX) Inspector


: Tbilisi, Georgia

From to To

: May 2016 to Present

Company Name

: Dry docks World.

Client Name


Project Name

: shipyard


: Electrical and Instrument QC


: Dubai (UAE)

From to To

: (06/2015-03/2016)

Company Name

: Pasco, ACC joint venture

Client Name

: Transco

Project Name

: SWSR project Liwa


: Electrical and Instrument QC Inspector


: Abu Dhabi (UAE)

From to To

: (06/2014-04/2015)

Company Name


Client Name

: Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation

Project Name

: LPG Train-4 Refinery plant.


: Electrical and Instrument QC Inspector


: Kuwait

From to To

: ( 12/2013-03/2014)

Company Name

: saipem

Client Name


Project Name

: Offshore Kashagan Oil and Gas field project


: Electrical and Instrument Foreman


: Caspian Sea, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

From to To

: (06/2012 - 07/2013 )

Roles and Responsibility:

Inspection of electrical and instrument equipment installation in accordance with IEC60079-17, IEC60079-14, IEC60079-10, IEC60079-0 standard.

EX Equipment Inspection of various type of EX protection Exd, Exe, Exi, Exn, Exp, Exo, Exm, Exde, Exq.

Inspection of EX equipment installation in hazardous area Zone0, Zone1, Zone2 and non-hazardous area.

Performing EX equipment installation ATEX E18 'A' ITRs Detailed inspection, Visual inspection and Close inspection.

EX Detailed inspection to be carried out against ATEX standard and IEC standard.

Preparation of mechanical completion system handover dossier.

E18A Ex ITRs update in QEDI database Ex details (protection code, gas group, temperature class, ATEX coding, area classification, certification body, certification code, type of Ex atmosphere, inspection grade, etc.)

Preparation of ITRs related document for Inspection.

Preparation of Electrical construction testing method statement.

Preparation of Inspection test report ITR and Inspection test plan ITP and pre inspection ITRs.

Raising Nonconformance report NCR and surveillance report to against poor quality work.

Attend with company or owner weekly quality meeting, monthly meeting, mechanical completion meeting, preservation meeting, QC development meeting, MC Pre walk down.

Preparation of daily, weekly and monthly progress report.

Preparation of As-Built red line drawings with CAD and hand.

Excellent experience in go completion database QEDI (New ITRs generated and completed ITRs uploaded, skyline system updated report downloaded).

Mechanical completion system or subsystem handover to commissioning.

To attend all electrical and instrument inspection with client or owner representatives.

Raise to UOSD Unsatisfactory over short damage against material arrival inspection.

Monitoring all site construction E&I equipment installation compliance against with project specification, project procedure and as per approved drawings, detail drawing.

Raise to MR material request form for electrical testing equipment’s and tools.

To attend mechanical completion sub system handover walk down with commissioning team and Mechanical completion team.

Preparation of RFI Request for inspection or IR inspection request.

Raising the Punch items against the inspection and clearness activities.

Management of change MOC all activities.

Raising SEQ site engineering query or CTQ Construction Technical Query, DCR database change record, DVR deviation request.

Studies the Scope of Work and Approved drawings, Follow Project Standards and Specification.

Follow new revision, Update document and Client Approval Drawing, General Engineering Specification, etc.…

Preparation of Work back in System vice and Sub system vice.

Preparation of different type of PTW Permit to work (Hot work A naked flame, Hot work B without naked flame, Cold work) and apply permit to work system every day.

To maintaining and organizing project quality control documents (Master documents, singed ITRs, NCR, testing report, approved drawing, SEQ site engineering query, ITPs, MRR Material receiving report, red line drawing, calibration certificates, etc.)

Preservation of E&I equipment at storage area, site and preservation testing.

IR inspection request receive from construction team and invite to Company inspection.

Good familiar with company management, document controller, client, sub-contractor.

Follow workplace safety with working different type of golden rules and HSE policy’s.

To check for loose terminations, bolts, glands, IP washers installed, unplugged cable entries, cable damage and rating of cables, Gland gas seal, etc.

Performing electrical and instrument cable glanding and termination.


Inspection of HV/MV/LV Switchgear (13.8kV, 11kV, 10kV, 6.6kV, 3.3kV, 440V, 400V, 230V).

Inspection of HV/MV/LV Motors (Rating 2500kW, 400kW, 110kW and ESD pushbutton, vibration switch, anti-condensation heater).

Inspection of Power and distribution Transformer (11kV, 6.6kV, 3.3kV, 440V, 400V, 230V).

Inspection of fuel gas turbine solar (10kV, 11kV, alternator control panel, generator control panel, lube oil heater, other instruments).

Inspection of emergency diesel generator (3000kvA, 1500kvA, 650kvA).

Inspection of UPS and Batteries (110V and 230V system).

Inspection of Cathodic Protection ICCP system and sacrificial system.

Inspection of Earthing and Lightning system (Protective earth, IS or clean earth, Instrument earth, Neutral earthing resistor, earth bar, earth pit).

Inspection of junction box, motor control center, power control center, local control panel, HV/LV Bus duct, small power, Normal and Emergency lighting system, Distribution board, Electrical heater, MOV, welding socket, Thermostats, Nav-Aid system..

Inspection of Heat tracing system as per IEC 62086-1, 2 standard (Self-regulating heating, power limiting, polymer insulated heating, parallel and series constant resistance type BSX, HTSX, tube trace type).

Inspection of Instrument tubing.

Inspection of HVAC system (HVAC control panel, fire damper and smoke damper).

Inspection of Fire and gas system (Gas detector(open path line of sight, infra-red point, acoustic), flame detector(CCTV, Ultra violet), Heat detector, Smoke detector, manual alarm call point, warning beacon, etc.).

Inspection of Cable tray installation (cable tray, ladder).

Inspection of Electrical and instrument and telecom cables (HV/LV power cable, IS cable, Non IS cable, fibrotic, cat5e, cat6e, IDSs).

Inspection of instrument pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, flow transmitter, level transmitter, Thermowell, pressure gauge, temperature gauge, PSV, PCV, Solenoid valve, RTD, instrument Junction box, marshalling cabinet, indicators, valves, ESD valve.

Inspection of HV/LV cable splicing.

Inspection of Telecommunication system (camera CCTV, Telephone, antenna, monitor).

Material arrival inspection at site.

Inspection of vendor package when at arrival site.

Witness of Electrical, Instrument and Telecom cables (HV/LV power cable, IS cable, Non IS cable, fibrotic, cat5e, cat6e, coaxial and IDS cable testing).

Witness of Instrument tubing pressure leak testing.

Witness of earth resistance testing.

Witness of HV/LV Panel bus bar contact resistance test.

Witness of HV/LV Motor winding resistance and Polarization Index testing.

Witness and performing Hi pot test in HV cable, HV Panel, Bus bar and transformer.

Review of vendor document as per code and Company relevant specifications.

Review of calibration certificate and equipment test reports.

Review of vendor document against ATEX standards.

Review of sub-contractor personal competency certification against Company requirement.

Review of cable testing report, motor testing report,

Review of Single line diagram, termination diagram, block diagram, isometric, P&ID, Location layout, earthing layout, cable schedule, hook up drawing, material list, detail drawing.

Review of Mechanical completion walk down package.

Testing Equipment:

Insulation resistance tester - fluke 1555 - 10kv, fluke 1550 - 5kv, fluke 1507-1 kv

Digital Multimeter – fluke - 87v, fluke 117

Multifunction insulation tester – 1654B Fluke

Hi pot tester 70kv and 135 kv with all accessories using

Micro Ohm Meter MR5-200P - 200 A Schuetz Messthecnik

Earth resistance testing with – Fluke 1630, 1621

Clamp meter, Phase rotation meter, IR thermometer, cable fault locator, Vibration Meter, Battery load tester, Speed of Meter, High Voltage Tester.

Current Injection Kit CPC 100.

Hart Communicator, Loop Calibrator, Hydraulic Air Pump,

Extra Technical Skills:

Advanced knowledge of Outlook, MS Office, Word, Excel, Power point, ACS, EDMS, QEDI go completion, Company Document Data base, etc...

Passport Details:

Father’s Name

: Shanmugam


: Indian


: Male

Languages Know

: English,Hindi,Tamil, Malayalam,(Russian Work limited)

Marital Status

: married


: k3285699

Date of Issue

: 23/05/2012

Date of Expiry

: 22/05/2022

Place of Issue

: Chennai


I hereby declare that the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Chennai Yours Faithfully,

Date: 24/01/2018 Saravanan Shanmugam

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