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Customer Service Medical

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
January 09, 2018

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Johnathan J Miller


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Johnathan Miller 216-***-**** Email: Euclid, Ohio 44117

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Employment History


Introduction…..Johnathan Miller Euclid Ohio 44117 Tele:216-***-**** FAX:216-***-****

My best work description Technical service support person in electrical, automated controls with

electronic design specification drawings/fabrication, mechanical hardware, customer service, and

transportation (Ohio CDL Class A MPTN 10 years experience OTR)… Passed EPA HVAC Test…..from Cuyahoga Community College….Also commercial driving experiences past special need persons transportation facility. (passenger endorsement. On my Ohio CDL license). Medical termology though working with Veterans Administration Medical center for two years…..

Able to travel anywhere as much the job requires…. I come prepare with a good humored

personality, tool box of extensive tools, test meter, solder iron, microscope, technical manuals,

measuring tape, micrometer, calculator, IPad, cell phone, steel toed shoes, computer

administration skills, medical terminology, people skills, and an old car that runs locally….

Please help me find a one time job of which excels with good pay of that I enjoy

doing with respectful client satisfaction.

Johnathan Miller 216-***-**** Email: Euclid, Ohio 44117

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Opening Letter

There is not enough room describe here my skills and professional materials/knowledge...

For this please send an inquiry to my email account for proper documents and certifications...

I hate some tactics of some laid back job application reviewer to only seek those who look on good electronic paper with little or nothing said on that paper I am part engineer, electronic technician, computer professional, transportation specialist, former US ARMY Telecommunications technician (Disabled U.S. Army Veteran), US VA Medical materials handler 2 years (medical supplies and equipment), US Government computer professional, and former semi-truck driver (18 wheeler) over two years driving the open road ( 53 foot refrigerated Van for food products).Current Ohio Class A commercial Driver’s License that is excellent in driver safety. Tech school graduate in building faculties maintenance control electrical systems, HVAC, boilers, automated system logic controls, and pipe fitting. My background comes from long hours of hard work on the open road, sweat, and wiliness to achieve a job well done..

At the same time I have to be a paperwork doer for the government and civilian skilled technical positions

that required safety and security measures to be documented. On my recent US government position

there is more rules and regulations to do my job on a daily basis dealing with personal communications,

payroll, timekeeping and benefits issues.

Please review and re-read my application entirely with a long resume of experience in transportation

industry. But with other past training and experience in many technical areas in electrical-mechanical

and digital-electronics design that are in demand by most employers.

The real question is to my future employer “Can you afford an employee with polish foresight concepts

that will bring new business opportunities in your short and long term goals. Or hire some … Do little high degree person who cannot tie his/her shoes and talk real business technical issues with short time to

present goals.

Johnathan Miller 216-***-**** Email: Euclid, Ohio 44117

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Better hiring practices for better employees who do not fit the perfect mold. Dark Horses win

Let us get the US American worker off of government assistance with a better paychecks and innovative thinking for individual independence that allow a better future for the next generation of America.

For those wish to review my Resume, Cover letter, and other documents.

Johnathan Miller 19201 Euclid Avenue Euclid, OH 44117 …Cleveland, Ohio .

FAX: 216-***-**** Cell 216-***-**** voice to text mail only ( you will be surprised

Skype: 216-***-**** for business calls only.

PS. Looking for other none published positions that maybe available in my area

of Cleveland, Ohio. If the position applied does not longer exists please retain a copies of Resume and forware to other parties who may be interested my skills and talents that may be interested of them. Networking is Key

to better business relationships

Johnathan Miller 216-***-**** Email: Euclid, Ohio 44117

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Johnathan Miller Cell: 216-***-**** Home: 216-***-**** FAX: 216-***-**** Email: Euclid, Ohio 44117

Work history and Experience:

Customer support Representative GS-0962-04 step 10 DFAS Cleveland Ohio. July 2014 to March 2015 Answer My pay (web page) computer payroll questions, How to log on, get a password, and suggest better operation computer equipment My telephone calls come from all walks of life; retirees, active military, former military spouses, children of former military, DOD Civilians, VA civilians, and human civil service employees.

MY training was how to do more actions in such as re-issue 1099R and monthly statement for retirees, changing allotments and reviewing account information in our six databases

Medical Materials Handler and Commercial Driver License for the VA medical center Cleveland, Ohio (Wg-05-02 .2010-2012). Serving medical staff members with medical and support equipment used in medical environments such as clinics, shelters, and hospitals within northeastern Ohio. Drive my commercial vehicle (26 foot straight truck with a rear lift gate and ten speed stick shift), Operated (pallet jacks, power jacks, hand jackets and propane forklift OHSA trained equipment), and performed shipping/receiving duties (entering inventory into database either using hand scanner or keyboard entry). It was also my responsibility to inspect incoming/outgoing freight for damages, missent items, or missing items. This included UPS, USPS, FEDEX, and other transportation carrier’s special handling in our computer Database inventory system. Among the other duties is the ability to use a windows operating computer with MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Desktop publishing).that reflected my excellent oral/written communications and math skills. The work environment was very extreme sometimes because of the high heat or very low temperatures in an enormous warehouse work space or out on the road with a load of medical supplies/equipment. This position also required many safety and operation rules/regulations to be observed for local, state, and Federal levels.

Over the Road semi-truck driver 1994-2015 This job took allot of patience and persistence because of the people and the environments beyond my control. Sometime I would wait for hours to load or unloaded. Plus traffic and safety issues on the road that made my work days even longer.

Johnathan Miller 216-***-**** Email: Euclid, Ohio 44117

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Mainframe computer operator Gs-0332-05 step 4 1981-1985 at DCASR Cleveland, Ohio... performed backups, Database runs, review Data, communicated with user's online and contacted maintenance contract personal for equipment failures.. Other duties were insuring large scale printers were doing their tasks, changing media from one piece of equipment another (such as disk and tapes), doing database runs using JCL, and computer shutdown/restarts. Oversee Maintenance repair persons and other installation Contractors perform prescribed work to be completed.

Former Cleveland Ohio MCI telephone maintenance digital switching technician 1980-1981. Telephone port failures and line troubleshooting during first part of shift. Then the last part of my shift my performing was performing billings (database runs), backups, recoveries, restarts, and maintenance repairs on three digital telephone switching network systems. One 4000 port system and two 1000 ports system. Sometimes I would run radio diagnostic equipment for broadband radio mux systems.

Us Army Telecom Technician E-5 1971-1980 MOS 31J20, 34D20, and 72G 20... Served Vietnam and Germany... (Disable War Veteran). Last duty Station Ft Detrick, Maryland. Presidential Hotline, and test bed for further telecom upgrades with US Military installations with contracting personal that was part of job when leaving the US Army,. Skills learned Leadership roles, following/performing tasks that had to done on a timely manner, how to follow oral/written instructions, how to perform in team like settings, How to be patient waiting on others for a decision, improve technical troubleshooting skills in mechanical/electrical systems, how to get task done with others that have Intolerable difference of opinion, and to work independently.

Other Information:

Attended Cuyahoga Community College skilled trade school for two years… HVAC, DIGITAL ELECTRONIC CONTROLS SYSTEMS, BOILERS (LOW/HIGH PRESSURE) AND COMERICAL ELECTRICAL WIRING/INSTALLTIONS (3 PHASE ELECTRICAL MOTORS/ GENERATORS). SEE ATTACHED CERTIFICATION OF COMPLETION 440 HOURS OF TRAINING. This training took about two years because of classroom or course work availability in the schedule. Certification available upon Request

While in US Army I attended classes in computer engineering, mechanical/electrical systems, cryptography, FAX system trans/receiving, advanced digital switching electronics, and online transmission/receiving formatting of message broadcasting.

Maintain Ohio Class A commercial driver’s license that is good standing in safety renewed 2015…Meaning I can drive any

Johnathan Miller 216-***-**** Email: Euclid, Ohio 44117

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Vehicle. One my jobs while driving a big rig is the requirement to maintain my vehicle by inspecting it daily or when a mechanical malfunction that occur on the road.. Many times my tool box was open to fix the problem. Other times I had responsibility to hire and observe repair shop maintenance personal perform repairs on my

vehicle. Also when arriving at destination it was my responsibility observe loading/unloading of my vehicle and sometimes hire work crews to perform unloading choirs that take many hours to complete.

Lastly most important, I had to get my bill lading signed by warehouse management by observing load count and damage control of products that were shipped. This has be done before leaving and going to my next destination..


Database Mainframe batch processing, skilled electronic/electric measuring equipment, Ohm’s law, mathematics, blue prints, CAD Operation, wiring diagrams/schematics, logic flow chartings, desktop publishing/graphics, photography, hand tools/power tools, freight handling. equipment, bill lading issues, online purchasing, inventory, shipping /receiving, medical supplies, computer operations in windows environments by performing diagnostics to repair a problem, technical writing, mentoring/directing, computer graphic modeling of design, microscope operation with sizing web camera, and everyday planning.

Home equipment:

Windows 10 Modified operating system with computers that have pull out hard drives which allow me do custom installs for a variety of reasons. My printers are HP premier models with Fax and scanner media conversation software. Plus I have Wacom graphic drawing board free hand drawing and photography touchups. Also I have hand/power tools, and electronic test equipment used for repairs and building things.

My other tool is an Internet Web Camera Microscope for biological and Industrial inspection of material measurement sizing. I used it also for poor electrical connections and metal fragmentations photographs to be send out for review.

Over the past many years I have built computers for friends and family. My present system has more than five computers hook up to a splinting router network. Usually I would build another computer six months later after when the New Windows operating is being sold (avoid the bugs in the new operating systems).

Gaps of employment:

Gaps of employment was either I was seeking another employer with countless job searching or attending classroom instruction.

Johnathan Miller 216-***-**** Email: Euclid, Ohio 44117

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If a position does not exist at this time, please network my Resume to other known associates who may need my skills and talents for better job labor pools. Good Business sense for local communities.

Johnathan Miller

Give a Try… Voice mail to text messaging and complete communications for any telephone.

Company Name

Amazon Fullment center Twinsburg, Oh 44084

Current Job Title

Part time Fullment specialize

Start Date


End Date


Briefly describe your duties and responsibilities

Seasonal Fulfillment Associates may be required to receive products using radio frequency scanners and relocate products using powered-equipment (i.e. forklifts, pallet jacks, cherry pickers, and walkie-riders). They also may also be required to pick customer orders on all levels of a multi-level mezzanine, pack and ship customer orders, receive product and troubleshoot problems to resolution. Seasonal Fulfillment Associates are expected to understand aspects of production; adhere to strict safety, quality, and production standards.

May we contact this employer?


Manager's Name

Anne Haikal 330-***-**** or 2809 Human resources:

Contact Phone

888-***-**** option 6

Reason for Leaving Seasonal help

See Resume for more information


Education Level

Diploma/Degree Earned

440 hours certification

Area of Study Industrial Maint

Institution Name

Cuyahoga Community college Cleveland Ohio 44117 7/5/2006 thru 4/21/2008

Johnathan Miller 216-***-**** Email: Euclid, Ohio 44117

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Computer skills, transportation, electronics, electrical, electrical, mechanical, people. written/oral communications.


What computer skills do you have?


List other skills applicable to the job for which you are applying:

Office inventory, accounts payable receivable phone

Reference's Information

Reference's Name

Philip Ruthledge ext 1501 216-***-**** FAX

Reference's Company

Cleveland Veterans Administration Medical center US Government

Reference's Title

Chief of medical supplies and equipment

Reference's Phone Number


Relationship to You

former boss

Years Known 5

Reference's Name

Ronald Hasket -Lead VA IT Specialist

Reference's Company

Cleveland VA US Government

Reference's Title

Lead VA IT Specialist

Reference's Phone Number


Relationship to You

co worker

Years Known 5

Reference's Name

Ryan Diana Flick

Reference's Company

Grand Junction VA Medical Center, CO

Reference's Title

Medical and Surgical Supply Supervisor

Reference's Phone Number

970-***-**** ext. 4314 years know 5

Johnathan Miller 216-***-**** Email: Euclid, Ohio 44117

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Yes I do have transportation and can be at a remote location for a meeting or interview at a reasonable time (non-peak traffic times).

Can I pass a background check? Yes But most of them these checks are concluded with wrong or outdated information…. (Court and justice system are the worst)

Will I pass controlled substance test Yes This test must follow state and federal regulations of laboratory conditions…..

US Citizenship and can travel outside the country. Speak some German, Spanish, French, and limited Greek curse words….

Disabled foreign war veteran but fully functional on most employment performances….(VA Letter of disability)

I am willing to travel for long periods on the road Most likely No….. But willing to travel two or three days at time yes!

Can I work in team environment or perform independently when given a task or specific job to do on a timely bases. Yes! Former military, telecommunications technician, government worker, and truck driver/transportation specialist.

What skills do I have

Soft skills:

Run most office equipment (MsOffice:Access, Word,Excel,Outlook,Desktop Publisher, OneNote), customer service skills, large mainframe/personal computers operation DBASE/installation/repair, oral/written communications, United States of America city traffic road short cuts, maps, drawings. And mathematics formulas such in electrical engineering. Knowledge of government regulations from past experience of 14 years. UPS and FEDX shipping/receiving. Received classroom training: National electrical code, Dept of transportation, Environmental protection agency, and OSHA (rules, regulations and safety standards).

Currently I have extensive digital graphics equipment at home can scan books, important documents, engineering prints, and Quality control exemption of manufactured product that need certain structured requirement

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