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Welding Welder

Durban, KZN, South Africa
January 09, 2018

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Surname : Smith

First Name : Calvin Bernard

Identity Number : 700-***-**** 08 8

Contact Number : 079-***-****

Email Address :


School Attended : Umbilo Secondary School

Highest Grade Passed : Grade 10

Year Obtained : 1986

Subjects : English






Trade Test Welder

Olifantsfontein – 29 January 2010

Indlela Trade School

Tested at/

1.Pipe Task 6G 150mm NB

2.Pipe Task 6G 50 NB

3.OAB 1G

4.OAW 1G

5.OAW 2G



Name Of Company : Elgin Engineering / ZunguElgin

Duration of employment : 4/04/2017 - current

Duties : Double Coded Welder/S/steel welder

Name Of Company : Kentz Engineering / Sasol/Berg

Duration of Employment : 01/03/2016 – 15/03/2016


Duties Include : Double Coded Welder

Name Of Company : All at Zetachem

Duration of Employment : 02/09/2013 – 08/2014

10/2014 – 30/04/2015

Ernies Manufacturing

Duties Included:

Coded Welding / Fabrication / Boilermaker Pipe Fitting, Pipe Fabrication, Fabrication of S/Steel reactor – Boilermaker design and manufacturing of shute for drums.

Boiler making / Fab & Weld Smoke stack chimney working on mixer shaft changed, mechanical Seal Tied in to water line to fab & install emergency shower

Contact Person : Eddie Botha

Contact Number : 082-***-****


Name of Company : Newcastle Work

Position held : Site supervisor, Safety Officer

D/Coded welder, Pipe Fitter, Quality Control

Duties Included:

Fab & Installed 6” shed 40 steam pipes to X ray Spec.

All work for Ernie done “Unsupervised”

Name of Company : Elgin Engineering

Duration of Employment : 2013 Jan - July

Duties Included:

Started work on ducting for power station – To M.P.I. – U.T. X-ray Spec.

Worked on underground tanks for Transnet – All work was to X-ray ASME Code

Duties Included TIG – Fluxore

All welding, don’t to X-ray Spec 100%. Also worked on heat exchanger as a double coded welder

Duties included double TIG Welding on Seams out with M.M.A. All welding done to x-ray Spec. 100%

Name of Company : Dormac

Duration of Employment : 2004 April – January 2013 / Contract Basis

Duties Included:

Worked on various jobs using fluxcore welding process- Welding U.T.Spec duties included welding on spud for Richards Bay minerals.

Mode repairs to gangway – Aluminium Welding gangway using Tig Welding process.

Contact Person : Tony

Contact Number : 079-***-****

Name of Company : Dorman Engineering (DOORMAC)

Site Worked On : Workshop

Duration of Employment : February 2005 – March 2010 (Contract)

Position Held : Coded Welder

Contact Person : Corrie Carelsen

Contact Number : 082-***-****

Duties Included:

Performing tasks using various weld procedures on various projects on a contract basis

Some of the work included welding fabricated components for designated contracts.

The work carried out was done to X-ray ultrasonic testing and magnetic particle inspection

All work carried out was inspected by in house as well as contracted inspectors.

The welding process included:


Grinding and cutting using OXY / Acetylene cutting equipment.

Name of Company : Southern African Shipyard

Site Worked on : Workshop

Duration of Employment : August 2009 – January 2010

Position : Coded Welder

Eddie Wilson

Contact Number : 083-***-****

Performing welding duties in the ship building industry to X-ray standards including welding all positions is:




Direct as well as:

Fillet overhead using : FCAW; MMAW

Welding processes. Inspection was monitored by in house inspectors as well as foreman and charge hand

Company : TTRR

Site worked on : Road tanker :3 days 2012

Position : Coded Tig Aluminum Welder

Contact Person : Keith Ogle

Contact Number : 072-***-****

Tasks performed:

Welding Aluminum pressure vessel to X-ray standard using GTAW process.

Welding qualification including:

Weld test performed on 3mm test plate in vertical and Horizontal position

The task was performed in 3 days

All weld performed passed X-ray

Company: Trotech

Site worked Engen refinery

Position Coded welder

Contact person N/A

WORK Carried out: Welding of pontoons using SMAW/MMA process

Period: 2013 July-August EOC

Company : Illovo Sugar Mill

Site Worked on : 4 Jan – 30 June 2011

Position : Boilermaker / Welder

Contact Person : Barry Bredenkamp

Contact Number : 083-***-**** / 039-***-****

Duties Included:

Fabrication steel structure to house de-watering plant. This includes reading drawing (plans).

Measuring, Drilling, Cutting using Oxy / Acetyline and grinding.

Welding process used MMA Process.

The Structure was Fabricated of mild steel, I – Beams, Channel lines, Hand rails and stainless steel floor grating.

Task performed also includes fabricated mild and stainless steel piping, which includes measuring up of job on site as well as working with fabrication drawings.

Installing pipes, Flanges and where necessary Valves,

Welding Process on pipes included GTAW and MMA

Company : Medupi Fabrication

Site Worked on : Workshop

Duration of Employment : April 2010 – September 2010

Position : Coded Welder

Contact Person : John De Waal

Contact Number : 076-***-****

Duties Include:

Performing task on an Electric Power Station which includes welding process FCAW, MMAW. The company was contracted to fabricate ducting for the power station.

Work was carried out in an workshop. All welding was X-rayed and UT tested.

All materials used in the fabrication process were carbon steel. Welding test were performed to qualify welders

Welder qualification card were issued. Which had to be carried on the welders (persons) to be produced on request as proof of welder ability and competence

Company : Tank Clinic

Site Worked on : Workshop

Duration of Employment : Coded Welder

Contact Person : Keith Ogle

Contact Details : 072-***-****

Duties Include

Welding repaired stainless steel and aluminum road tankers for the Petro Chemical and food industry

Duties also included welding stainless steel and Mild steel piping using GTAW, MIG weld process. Welding was performed to Pressure tested standards on all )

Site worked on :workshop Umbogintwini :

Belorous Eng After Toyota

Duties : Supervisor

Period : 2000/6 weeks shut down

Contact : N/jA

Company: United Goninan Western Australia Perth 2005

Duties Included:

Welding tie plates to under frame if industrial rial wagons fabricated for the mining industry,

Weld processes were :

FCAW and MIG Aluminum weld process on Rail Tankers to transport Aluminum dust.

Work was performed in workshop.

Fabricated Materials used were Carbon ( Mild ) steel and Aluminum.

Company: Venco DHE Dorbyl

Coded welder

Duties: welding heavy shed plate using fluxcore and mig welding process

including tanks and pots for Iskor metals

Contact: Dennis Paul 084*******

Company : Steinmuller

Site Worked on : Workshop

Duration of Employment : June 2000 – December 2000

Position : Coded Welder

Contact Person : N/A

Duties Included:

Welding mild steel components using MIG welding process.

Jobs included welding fabricated components to manufacture wheat silos for flour mill and also

Coal – Feeders for international projects (Turkey)

All work carried out and performed to high level of quality

Company : Toyota South Africa

Site worked on : Factory

Duration of Employment : March 1990 – April 2000

Position : Welder

Contact Person : TAC Prospection

Duties Included:

Welding mild and stainless exhaust systems in jigs made ready to weld.

Work was carried out by assembling exhausts in jigs made ready to weld

When welding process complete, exhaust systems were then pressure tested, putting pressure into the system and submerging it in a tank of water

Also performed welding tasks on assembling and welding chassis which included welding and riveting to marry components

All work was performed in factory environment

Foundation Services

Duties : Foreman

Period : 1988 February to August / 02-08-88

Contact : Peter Gibson

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