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Technical Support Project

Barcelona, CT, Spain
18000/20000 uae
January 06, 2018

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Hugo Oscar Morte Lucero, architect

( and (technical) master of building works ),

post-graduated on town & territorial planning.

Date of birth: 27th October 1956

Nationality: Argentinean-Spanish

Native Tongue: Spanish

Status: Single


1974ENET Nº1-Boero, San Juan, Argentina

Degree: (Technical) master of Building Works

1985 University of San Juan, Argentina

Bachelor’s degree in ARCHITECTURE

1996Technological University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain

Programme Master on Urban History (Postgraduate Studies)

2002 Technological University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain

Programme Master on Regional and Urban Planning (Postgraduate Studies)

2008 Technological University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain (in course)

Programme Master-Doctorate on Urban & Land Planning (Postgraduate Studies)

Others: Knowledge of Languages

English / Advanced Course, British College of San Juan, Argentina (Fluent)

German / Advanced Course; Göethe Institut of San Juan, Argentina (W.k)

Russian / Advanced Course; Leon Tolstoi School-Sarcu; San Juan, Argentina. (W.k)

Basic knowledge of French and Portuguese.

Computer Aided Design

Full working of AutoCAD, Microsoft Office Package, Presto and associated programs.

Interests / Hobbies: Photography and trekking.


I possess 30 years of practical experience since my university degree of Architect, and it includes the design and supervision on site of various projects. Themes: Housing, Sport & Recreational Facilities, Education, Health, Cult; Commerce, Industry, Institutional; Urban Planning, Infrastructures, Low Energy Design ( Throughout Argentina, Peru, Spain and France )

Skills and Strengths: Excellent communication skill and management, and leadership ability. Efficient planning and coordination of activities. Effective quality checking of final deliveries. Expertise with latest tools and techniques. Excellent time management to finish the work scheduled on time.

Competitions of Architecture and Urbanism. Assessor of Plans (Rural & Urban-Towns) Development.

Participation in symposiums and courses of architecture, including such aspects as investigative works, planning, theory and history of the architecture and the town planning.

Actually: architectural designer, technical support, supervision of building works, project management.


(List of professional references available upon request)

1990Barcelona and Lleida, Spain; South of France & Perú

2017 .Technical director & coordinator / Themes: housing, industry, hotels, commerce buildings.

Description of the labour: architectural designer; technical control and supervision; project

management (technical and economic management).

Responsibility include: supervision of specialist sub-contractors’ and house-builders’ works,

undertaken of purveyors & other tradesmen. Prosecution of terms and previous planning

(schedules and methods). Financial control (monthly budget status report). Distribution of

works and materials, control of proper collocation of details planes, and preparation of technical

documents, building code compliance, project development; and quality control.

.Associated Architect: assessor on planning for urban and rural development, urban design,

and revitalization planning in the towns: Pradet, Porcingle and Sant Joan de Toran, Canejan

Town Council in the Catalonia Pyrenees Region (Val d’Aran). Spain

Urban development project ‘Urban Section UA5’, Vielha e Mijarán, Val d’Aran. Spain

Landscape design and urban (town) planning and revitalization planning in southern France.

.Construction Manager Architect (various projects). Resolution (design and supervision of the

construction) of architectural buildings. Themes: single housing units, residential buildings:

-Associated Architect (design and technical supervision, from conceptual and detailed design

through to construction supervision) - Spain :

.96 Housing Units, in Towns: Vielha, Betren, Bagergue, Salardú, Arrós, Gessa, Bossots, Les,

Gausac, Escunyau, Garós, Tredós, Les Bordes, Aubert, La Bordeta, Issil, Valencia de Aneu;

and Baqueira, Val d’Aran and Val d’Aneu, Pyrenees Region.Spain

.Hotels and recreational facilities in Betren, Bossost and Vilamós, Val d’Aran.

.Commerce buildings and industry ‘Aiguaprima Complex’, Vielha e Mijaran, Val d’Aran.

. Architect (designer); Single-family house, for Mr John Taylor, in Akkra City, Ghana - Africa.

. Architect (designer); Single-family house for Mdme. Caroline Gil, Poubeau, South France.

-Architect (Design & Technical control, Housing (multi-unit and single-family house / various)

Lima and Cajamarca, Peru, for J. Manya Construction Co.

- Architect, Technical control, revitalization of a hotel in Bagneres de Luchon, Haute Garonne,

France, for J.Barbeitos Building Co.

-Architect, Technical control; shopping buildings, industry (factory premises), hotels and

recreational facilities; and prefabricated buildings, in Maresme (Barcelona).

-Architect : 7 Housing Units,, for Construcciones y Derribos Co., Mataró, Maresme, Barcelona

.Architectural designer, for a multifunctional entertainment complex (4.000m2) in Badalona.

.Project Manager; 72 Housing Units, Shops and Parkings in Abrera, Barcelona.

.Technical control, 216 Housing Units, Shops and Parkings in Mollet del Valles, Barcelona.

1986Neuquén and Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina

1989.Industrial Plant (factory) of Heavy Water (for Atomic Energy National Association).

Architectural designer (senior).

.Hydropower Plant Project “Piedra del Águila”. Architectural designer (senior). Social housing-

-neighbourhoods, equipment (sports complex, health centre, cultural centre, commerce, kinder

-garden, school), infrastructures (bus station), urban design (streetscape, plazas, etc.).

-Associated Architect: 57 Housing Units (multi-units and mixed-use housing), commerce and

parking in Neuquén and Cipolletti cities, Northern Patagonia Region.

.Municipality (Town) Senillosa (province Neuquen): General Director-Technical Department.

Design and technical supervision of the construction of the municipal government projects:

. Institutional - municipal government offices / town council; social housing-neighbourhoods,

equipment (municipal sports complex and recreational facilities, health centre, school. cultural

and mixed-use centre, municipal radio station building), infrastructures ( transportation-bus

station ), revitalizations planning projects, land subdivisions, land uses development ( Area

Arroyito – tourism and leisure feasibility ) and industrial area development.

. Urban Planning Department- Architect. Assessor of plans for urban and rural development,

landscaping, urban design, streetscape, parks, plazas, pedestrian strips, etc.

1980San Juan, Argentina

1985Description of the labour; as Architectural Designer and (technical) Master Builder in offices of architecture and building (engineering and construction) companies; technical support and supervision (building works); elaboration of technical documents, plans and details.

.Associated architect (junior), from initial concept and preliminary design to final design and

tender documentation level. Resolution (project, design and supervision of construction / for

overseeing a project from inception to completion, under instructions) of (various) architecture

buildings. Construction Manager Junior of different architectural projects.

Themes : single (private and social) housing units, residential buildings, shops and parking,

sport and recreational, institutional, cult, educational; health, commerce, industry.

Competitions of architecture and city planning ( Designer Architect ) :

Themes: Social Housing (neighbourhoods), in San Juan, San Luis and Tucumán - Argentina.

Health (health centres; Principal Hospital of the Province San Juan)

Education (campus University N. San Juan / Secondary schools)

Sport (complex ‘Bodegas Peñaflor”)

Recreational facilities (complex “Dique de Ullum” / “Playa ‘La Perla’, Mar del Plata)

Industry : wine celler, San Juan.

Municipal government offices (Town council San Luis City)

Infrastructures (Transportation – Train station in San Juan)

Cult (Christian church in San Juan)

Ethnologic- Indian complex ( Huarpe’s People Ancient History Centre ).

1980 to date / Note : Participation in (various) courses, symposiums, seminaries, congresses, conferences, etc., of architecture; including such aspects as Investigative (research) works, Theory and history of architecture; Urban design; Town-, rural- and territorial planning and development.

Themes: Architectural design // Professional improvement in (anti)seismic design //

Urban development history; (Preservation of the) Historical heritage //

Revitalization planning; Methodological design (of the environment) //

Integrated environmental planning process (sustainable land use); (decisions on)

Environmental politics; City planning politics; Inter-municipal (small towns and regional)

Planning // Rural housing; Integrated rural (and community economic) development //

Coordination of scientific and technical researches (housing, urban revitalization, health,

education) // Sustainable agriculture and rural development in Latin America //

Social, cultural and economic history of the Ancient America.


- Participation in (various) courses, symposiums, seminaries, congresses, conferences, etc., of

architecture and urbanism; including such aspects as Investigative (research) works, Theory and

history of the architecture; Urban design; Town-, rural- and territorial planning and development.

Themes: architectural design; professional improvement in (anti)seismic design; urban development history; (preservation of the) historical heritage; revitalization planning; methodological design (of the environment); integrated environmental planning process (sustainable land use); (decisions on) environmental politics; city planning politics; inter-municipal (small towns and regional) planning; rural housing; integrated rural (and community economic) development; coordination of scientific and technical researches (housing and urban revitalization, health, education); sustainable agriculture and rural development in Latin America; social, cultural and economic history of the Ancient America.

.National projects contest: “Campus National University of San Juan” (First award) (Junior designer)

Research works during the university career / U.N. San Juan, Argentina :

- “History of the Argentine architecture; National-populism, 1943-1955”.-

- “The Eiffel Tower, Paris. The history of its project and construction”.-

- “Expressionism in the European architecture”.-

- “History of the Ancient America architecture and urbanism during the INCA civilization”.-

- “Integrated development planning (territorial, rural and urban planning) of the Frontier Area, in

San Juan-Argentina”. (Final work of the university career)

Research works during the postgraduate studies / Master U.P.Catalonia-Spain :

- “City, Territory, Ergonomics – Underdevelopment in Latin America”.-

- “Landscape design at the Region Maresme. (The construction of the metropolitan landscape

- “Poblenou – Nova Icaria. (Public space – Home space

- “Lisbon and the World Fair 1998. (Town planning in the contemporary city

- “The European city. (Theoretical analysis of the urban European history

- “City planning and urban history. – Barcelona, Spain”.-

- Master’s degree project: “Reconstruction of the city San Juan and its outskirts, in Region Cuyo,

Argentina, 1944-1990. (Urban development history

Research works during the postgraduate studies / Land Planning - U.P.Catalonia-Spain :

- Postgraduate course’s degree project: “Land planning design for the outskirts of Manresa City,

‘Plan del Bagès Region’; Province of Barcelona”. Hypothesis of moderate growth. (“Progress with

the nature” / Landscape design).

Research works during the postgraduate studies / Doctorate Programme - U.P.Catalonia-Spain :

- “Arties (Naut Aràn, the Catalan Pyrenees) / Analysis of the territorial development”; for the

subject : Theories and methodology of the land planning.

- “Analysis of the urban revitalization project at the historical centre of Bergamo City, Italy”; for the

subject: Planning the city.

- “The urban-landscape in the urban residential projects at the end of the XX century in five European

cities” ( Madrid, Barcelona, Roma, Paris, Amsterdam ) ; for the subject: The contemporary urban

residential project.

- “Land planning project. Residential development near Huechulafquen Lake, Neuquen, Argentine

Patagonia”; for the signature: The landscape project for the sustainability.

- Research theme of the doctoral thesis: “Plans and politics of territorial planning development (and

the land implementation) for the Argentina Patagonia Region”. (actually in process)

Note: relevant participation in professional associations an no-government organizations

- Member of the Professional Association of Architects, San Juan-Argentina.

- Member of “Architects Without Frontiers – Spain”.

- Collaboration in Humanitarian Organizations; Human Rights and Ancient American Culture support.



Despacho profesional ( professional bureau of architecture ) arqº Juan A. Niñerola Xuclá.

Avd. Calbetó, 16;1º2ª / 25530 Vielha, Lleida, España / Tº (34) 973.640911 ( )

Actividad: (mzo.2003-dic.2012) Arquitecto asociado; proyecto y dirección de obras arquitectura -

Edificación en Valle de Arán, España y Dept. Haute Garonne, Francia /

( Duties and Responsibilities : Associated Architect for the resolution project, design and supervision of construction -architectural buildings-, in Catalan Pyrenees Region, Spain; and southern of France. Themes: housing, shopping buildings and hotels, landscape design )

Despacho (technical) aprjdr. Manuel Martinez Guerra ; Pº de la Llibertat, 10 / 25530 Vielha,

Lleida / Tº 34.973.642127.- Actividad: (myo.2002-dic.2012) Colaboración en trabajos técnicos de

supervisión, control técnico y económico de obras de edificación; elaboración de documentación

técnica de obras en Valle de Arán, Valle de Arén y ciudad de Lleida, España / (D. & R.: technical

and economic (project) management in Pyrenees Region and Lleida, Spain).

Despacho professional ( professional bureau of architecture ) arqº Luis García Oteiza B.;

Avd. Calbetó, 2; 2º3ª / 25530 Vielha, Lleida / Tº 973.641251.-/ Actividad: (myo.2005-dic.2007)

Arquitecto contratado; proyecto y dirección obras arquitectura y edificación,Valle Arán, Lleida / (D. & R.: Architectural designer; resolution –project, design and technical supervision of construction- of architectural buildings, in the Catalan Pyrenees Region, Spain).

Despacho profesional ( professional bureau of architecture ) arqº Jesús Filloy Miguez ;

Plaça Pas d’Arró, 1,1º / 25530 Vielha, Lleida / Tlf 34 973.641640. / Actividad: (myo.2005-oct.2005) Arquitecto asociado; proyecto vivienda individual (varias). Propuesta de desarrollo urbano núcleos

de Pradet, Porcingles y Sant Joan de Toran, Caneján; Valle de Arán, Lleida / ( D. & R.: Associated architect: resolution-project, design & supervision of construction architectural buildings; planning for urban and rural development in the Catalan Pyrenees Region, Spain ).

Construcciones ( Building Co.) José Barbeitos Martinez ; Vielha, Lleida / Tlfº 34-616******.-

Actividad: (ene.2003-dic.2016) Arquitecto colaborador; trabajos técnicos de supervisión, control

técnico y económico de obras de edificación; elaboración de documentación técnica de obras

(vivienda individual –varias- y colectiva, hostelería, comercio e industria) en Valle de Arán, España;

y Dept. Haute Garonne, Francia /( D. & R.: Architect; technical and economic (project) management, including technical support. Themes: housing, industry, shopping buildings and hotels, in Pyrenees Region and southern of France) . / ( )

Despacho ( Profesional bureau ) Planificación 1943, s.l. / arqº Uwe Schmidt T.; c Deu i Mata 117; 08029.Barcelona,España / Tlf 34.93.4196556 / Actividad: (mzo.2007-set.2010) Arquitecto contratado

para la dirección adjunta y supervisión de construcción de obras (varias) de arquitectura-edificación (vivienda individual y colectiva, hostelería) en Valle de Arán y Valle de Arén, Pirineos de Lleida. ( D. & R.: Architect; technical and economic (project) management, including technical support and supervision of construction, of architectural buildings. Themes: housing (single units, villas, multi-units, commerce buildings and hotels, in the Catalan Pyrenees Region, Spain ).

Despacho ( Profesional bureau ) arqº Jorge Bellini Serrano ; c.R.Berenguer, 123;1º/ 08003 Mataró,

Barcelona, Spain / Tlf 34 93.7997934/ Actividad: (nov.1995-mzo.2002) Arquitecto asociado; proyecto

dirección de obras de arquitectura y edificación (vivienda individual y colectiva, comercio) comarca Maresme, Barcelona / ( D. & R.: Associated architect,design, supervision of construction- architectural buildings; in Catalan Maresme Region, Spain. Themes: Housing, shopping buildings and industry )

Construcciones José Manya Cº; ( Building Co.) Saint Gaudens, Francia / Tlf 33.561797891 /

( ) / Actividad: (actually) Arquitecto; diseño, supervisión,

control técnico y económico de obras de edificación; (vivienda individual, comercio), Dept. Haute Garonne, Francia, y Peru ( Sud América ) /( D. & R.: Architect; design, technical supervision,

project management, including technical support. Themes: housing, commerce, in the Pyrenees

Region and southern France; and Peru (South America) )

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