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Customer Service Manager

United States
January 04, 2018

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To obtain a position that will enable me to utilize my skills,

Knowledge, and experiences, and offers to the opportunity for

Personal enhancement as well as the ability to grow with the



August 22, 2017 to October 10 2017

Glendale Memorial Hospital

1420 S. Central Ave. Glendale CA 91201

Supervisor : Nestor Pineda


Securing all buildings and patient floors

Responding to Code Red Code Pink, Code Purple, Code Yellow, Code gray and other codes.

Checking up alarms on all floors and door locks make sure are all safe and secured.

Serve as lobby services representative, crowd control security checking up visitor, patient also directing patient visitors on where they want to go inside the hospital. Removal of trespasser visitors.

Patrolling the whole building including Patient floors.

Patrolling parking lots watching suspicious cars park and water leaks, oil leaks, light bulbs.

Assisting Patient belongings request for investigations

Answering phone incoming and outgoing phone calls and in house phone.

Escorting deceased patient to the morgue checking bag tag, toe tags, wriest tag. Also releasing body to coroner.

Escorting psychic patient to rooms and assist RN on combated patient to restraint the

patient to their beds.

Gunshot wounds investigation and informing PD to Re investigate the patient

February 10, 2017 to May 01, 2017

Cedar-Sinai Medical Center (Telephone Operator or PBX)

8700 Beverly Blvd .Los Angeles CA 90048

Manager: Boyd Pepper


Receiving and answering incoming calls thru out the medical center and re-directing calls to all departments.

Service as medical answering service by Doctors for the entire hospital

Filling assist Management and co worker.

Replacement of phone inside patient rooms if requested

April 29, 2015-to February 10, 2017

Cedar –Sinai Medical Center (Central Transport Services)

8700 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90048

Job: Staff Assistant 11 Central Transportation Dispatcher/Central Dispatch

Supervisor Mr. Victor Romero


Distributes workloads to the transporters/Craftsman for the entire medical center

Assigning Nursing patient discharges request for the transporters

Monitoring transporters assigned job and Assist MA 1 and MA 11 work loads

Answering calls and solving problems for the transporters and the call center agents.

In-charge of scheduling on modified employee to the elevators

Monitoring breaks and lunches for the entire transport personnel

In-charge of fill-up supplies for our storage and morgue

In-charge of shipping procedure logs and other important document to Torrance Warehouse for safe keeping and disposal.

Monitoring triage request at Emergency Department to be service by Transporters

Training new Dispatcher, Lead Transporters and Call Agents for the CS Links

Dispatching maintenance job for the entire Medical Center.

Dispatching EVS tech to clean areas, room restroom and other that was requested.

07/26/2008 -04/29/2015

Cedar-Sinai Medical Center (Hospitality Dept)

8700 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90048

Job: Staff Asst 1 Scanner

Manager: Camille Thornton Supervisor Ms. Patrick Harington

310-***-**** Hospitality Dept

Service as an information

Distributes work order to close by Staff Assistant 11 and Call Agent.

Filling documents and Quality Control of all procedure logs and documents

Quality control of all procedure logs and documents

Planning on how to upgrade their system and Scanning work order. Assist MA 1& 11

And others to be assign by the supervisor or the manage

Returning in complete procedure logs to all supervisor and craftsman

Assisting Lobby Services in customer service

Helping New Admission Patient in locating Assigned Rooms.

Answering incoming calls in locating patient inside the medical center

03/26/07 -07/26/2008

Cedar-Sinai Medical Center (Hospitality Dept)

8700 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90048

Job: Staff Asst. 1 Belongings Specialist

Manager: Camille Thornton Supervisor Ms. Linday Lewis

310-***-**** Hospitality Dept

Service as an information

Problem resolution to CSMC patient belongings who may left their belongings

Assisting transferring belongings for the patients

Making round and picking –up belongings of patient that was left behind

Making phone calls to the patient or relative who left the belongings inside the hospital

Follow-up and investigate misplaced belongings of the patients, relatives, and visitors of the patients.

Assisting lead supervisors and other assignment given by the manager of the dept.

Planning on how to upgrade their services and system

Asst in filing and documentation

0 3 /199*-**-****

Odona Central Security

273 E.Pomona blvd.Monterey Park

TeL 323- 728 8818 Supervisor Capt. Fred Chen

Job: Securing contractions building, Night Clubs, Pool Clubs, Malls, Jewelry stores, Churches, escorting VIP’S out of the states. Assigning and scheduling Security officer to their respective post.

06/05/1979- 07/1987

Manila Philippines

Job: HIGHWAY PATROL (Flying Squad Unit) Motorcycle and Mobile Unit (CHPG)

Sgt: Thomas Cruz Supervisor

Investigation of stolen motor vehicle and other to be assigned

Motorcycle escort securing VIP’S,, Funerals,Wedding and assist presidential escort(Spire head)

Directing traffic, collecting facts for the accident, and apprehension of motor vehicle violators.

Office Skills:

Proficient in using personal computer use.Typing. MS word, Excel, Photo coping Scanning, Customer Service, Telephone and Email, 10 key, two way radios. Using paging system and Software directories.

Security Guard License :

Guard Card License Number: G 6 3 1 8 4 0 6 Expires: 05/31/2019

Fire armed License Number : FQ Expires: 08/31/2019

Baton Training License Number: 1 5 4 5 6 7 9

Tear Gas Training License Number: 1 2 4 6

Power to Arrest Module Certificates 03/09/2017

Observations and Documents Certificates 03/09/2017

Weapons of mass Destruction Certificates 03/09/2017

Liability and legal Aspects Certificates 06/06/2017

Post Orders Certificates 06/06/2017

Officer Survival Certificates 06/06/2017

Public Relations’ Certificates 06/07/2017

Community and Customer Certificates 06/07/2017

Communications and its significance Certificates 06/07/2017


FCC License Armature Radio Operator Expires: 01/09/2026

BLS or CPR American Heart Association Expires: 07/25/2018

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