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Project Engineer, Project Manager, Construction Manager

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70810, United States
January 01, 2018

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225-***-**** 318-***-**** • SKYPE Id: rkoneal321 SENIOR CIVIL-CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER / PROJECT MANAGER Over achieving engineering professional with wide range of experiences spanning the globe and delivering consistent positive results. Equally comfortable working independently or directing a team to complete general civil and architectural design/construction projects. Reliable civil-construction engineer/project manager, including general civil engineering, general structural engineering and construction cost estimating. Contract expatriate experience in locations included Venezuela, Iraq and Afghanistan; positions included Project Manager, Professional Engineer, Chief Engineer, Project Engineer, Construction Engineer, Civil / Structural Engineer, Senior Civil Engineer, Director of Engineering, Site Manager, Site Lead, Superintendent and Estimator.

Consulting Reporting Change Management Project Management Process Improvement Job Cost Accounting Negotiations Expense Control Payroll Management Logistics Project Phasing Site Surveying Client Relations Presentations Inventory Management Training Workforce Planning Scheduling Outsourcing Labor Relations Team Leadership Procurement / Purchasing Quality Control Vendor Relations OSHA / Regulatory Compliance Inspection Document Controls Quality Assurance Tetra Tech, Kabul, Afghanistan 2/2015 – 10/2017

International engineering company

Civil/Structural Engineer

Member of professional engineering team in Kabul, Afghanistan in support of USAID projects. Accomplishments:

Technical lead and civil/structural engineer member of thirteen person team of Afghan nationals and US expat.

Our team serves as technical engineering design support & construction QC oversight to DoS USAID, of projects such as; high-voltage transmission and distribution power lines; high-voltage hydro-generation; electrical substations; works of new and remediation of roads & bridges; works of new and remediation of educational and medical facilities’ vertical structures; containerized office/housing unit LSA.

Tasks include creations of conceptual and final build-only design packages; contributions into RFP packages for the Afghanistan electrical distribution agency; schedule reviews; quality assurance of procedures and processes of design and construction activities; creating, editing and distributing minutes of meetings; creating and responding to contractor’s Requests for Information (RFI’s).

Responsible for daily oversight and task delegations of myself and thirteen other engineering staff.

Projects became stalled. A Reduction-in-Force action was initiated. Employment contract cancelled. Markon Solutions Inc, Kabul, Afghanistan 3/2014 – 11/2014 International government consulting company

Project Manager

Site manager of DoS/DS Task Order 10 - demolition & reconstruction of Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan in support of United States Kabul Embassy guard force new living accommodations. Accomplishments:

Manager and civil/construction engineer member of a 5-man technical professional team supporting the Department of State – Department of Security (DS) client

Our team served as technical liaison between stateside architectural/engineering design team and between Kabul design-build contractor and between OBO (Office of Building Operations) and between the Department of State client, to give engineering/construction opinions to the DoS/DS Client

Tasks include all facets of construction project management, including but not limited to: 30%, 60% and 90% design reviews; schedule reviews and monitoring; quality control / quality assurance as in onsite inspecting, product submittal reviews, preparatory meetings; reviews of technical reports, such as geotechnical investigations, surveys and drainage studies; reviews of quality control plans, safety plans, mobilization plans, area use plans, security plans,

organizational charts, etc; creating, editing and distributing minutes of meetings; creating and responding to contractor’s Requests for Information (RFI’s).

Some small scale design tasks are performed with AutoCad, such as security gate modifications and geotech boring plans.

Responsible for daily oversight and task delegations of myself and five other engineering staff.

Create and submit to the Client and company headquarters- weekly work schedules, weekly security convoy requests, weekly activity reports and weekly production reports.

Obtained DoS TOP SECRET security clearance on 18October

After receiving performance bonus, my position was cut as a cost-saving measure, effective 29November2014. RANDALL K. O’NEAL, P.E., PMP

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225-***-**** 318 ***-**** • SKYPE Id: rkoneal321


URS International Inc, Bagram, Afghanistan 10/2012 – 2/2014 International engineering-construction company.

Civil Engineer/Site Manager

Site manager of Task Order 4C12 in Bagram AFB in Bagram, Afghanistan. Accomplishments:

Responsible for maintaining a pleased military client of Task Order 4C12 for 455th ECES Air Force in support of projects of Bagram Airfield. Oversight is to myself and four technical professional staff.

Retooled and sharpened my skill level of AutoCad.

Continually worked into development of construction documents for the airfield. Construction documents minimally include funding documents, cost estimates, design drawings and scope of work documents. Projects included airfield lighting, new paving, repair paving, drainage, stripping, electrical and communications’ utilities, hanger overhead crane certifications, force protection and airfield signage.

Construction project management required review and commenting to contractor’s submittals, schedules, invoices, daily reports, etc.

Construction project management required occasional site visits and QA inspections.

Completed 98% requirements toward attaining a Project Manager Certification (PMP).

Task order of the second option year was closed by the client on February 28, 2014. TECHNOLOGISTS INC, Kabul, Afghanistan 3/2012 – 7/2012 Afghan-owned engineering/construction firm performing mainly USACE projects throughout Afghanistan of over $3M each.

Director of Planning & Monitoring division (QC & Safety Manager) Department manager of eight staffers of Kabul HQ's & approximately 45 field QC & Safety personnel, 53 in total. Directly responsible for the hiring, delegating, managing, training, site QC inspecting, submittal processes and site safety oversight either on a first-tier level or through first-tier junior managers, with all staff being local Afghan citizens. The Afghan staff consists of degreed engineers, some college educated staff, seasoned construction veterans, HQ's office first-tier managers and HQ's administrative staff. Accomplishments:

Assumed a disarrayed office department and implemented changes leading to improved departmental performance - changes such as share drive reorganization and organization chart shifting.

Meshed into the Afghan team as leader, manager, contributor and friend, to exhume always a positive attitude with vibrant energies.

Retooled and sharpened my skill level of the USACE QC and Safety processes and RMS project management software system.

Assisted into the project closeout of seven projects within the four-months' tenure, and was challenged to closeout three more in the forthcoming five months. Current project sales volume approaches $100M annual.

Received almost daily client correspondences questioning submittals, procurements, products, manpower, schedules and a vast array of concerns covering almost every part of a USACE construction project. And almost daily performed the activity of company approved written responses to the clients' concerns.

Participated in HQ's management planning meetings of departmental directors and company ownership. Also participated into USACE progress meetings at various project sites around Afghanistan.

Laid off due to company downsizing. Position was eliminated. CHEMONICS INTERNATIONAL, Washington, DC 6/2011 – 10/2011 Non-government organization (NGO) contractor for USAID providing support services to the strengthening of Afghanistan municipal governance.

Chief Engineer in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Position was a carryover chief engineer position originating with International Relief and Development (IRD) resulting from joint venture of IRD and Chemonics started in 10/2010. Subsequently, IRD left the project in 6/2011 and the position continued with Chemonics. As Chief Engineer, assisted Afghan municipalities by supporting the creation of municipal infrastructure and facilities. Directly mentored and trained Afghan hired engineering staff for design-build construction projects.


Created engineering department comprised of Afghan engineers and designers by recruiting, interviewing and selecting most qualified candidates; served as Chief Engineer. RANDALL K. O’NEAL, P.E., PMP

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225-***-**** 318 ***-**** • SKYPE Id: rkoneal321


Managed and trained team of Afghan and expat engineers in the creation of conceptual plans of design-build civil and architectural projects, plus creation of project cost estimates, project schedules and scope of work documents.

Directed activities of engineering team to serve as the construction project team, from selection of successful bidder, quality assurance agents, submittal reviews and project site inspections.

Engineering Team initiated 20+ infrastructure projects with individual project values up to $1.8MM, throughout southern Afghanistan, often in hazardous areas.

INTERNATIONAL RELIEF & DEVELOPMENT, Arlington, Virginia 10/2010 – 6/2011 Nonprofit, nongovernmental organization responsible for implementing relief, stabilization, and development programs worldwide. Mission is to reduce suffering and provide tools and resources needed to increase self-sufficiency, especially in communities emerging from conflict or natural disaster. Chief Engineer in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Managed an engineering team of IRD employed expats and Afghans, with direction from the IRD Team Leader of municipal infrastructure projects. Team was charged with conceptualizing design, developing cost estimates and scope of work, and anticipated schedule. Delegated staff assignments of site investigations, AUTOCAD design drawings, technical specifications, cost estimates, pre-bid conferences, bid evaluations and other related tasks. Assisted in completing tasks and provided progress reports; attended briefings and planning meetings with company leadership and municipal government officials.


Assembled top-notch team of Afghan civil and construction engineers, AUTOCAD designers and linguists.

Within three months, initiated 12 infrastructure projects for subsequent successful completion.

Recognized by staff, peers and management for extra efforts, integrity and fairness in all relationships. CONTRACT CONSULTING ENGINEERING (CCE) LLC, Annapolis, Maryland 6/2010 – 10/2010 Company specializing in global design-build construction projects plus technical personnel support services for the US government.

Project Engineer in Kabul U.S. Embassy

Recruited to serve in Kabul under the direction of the US State Department Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs housed within the US Embassy. Worked with American and Afghan engineers on projects in progress, with estimated construction costs of $10MM. Reviewed and commented on contractors’ design plans, schedules, product submittals, progress reports, photos and invoices. Developed conceptual design, cost estimates and scope of work documents for new INL construction projects. Accomplishments:

Developed to near completion a full conceptual design of a major electric grid expansion on the north side of Kabul.

Assisted INL in advancement of construction projects throughout the northern region of Afghanistan.

Helped CCE earn a contract extension with INL in Kabul due to outstanding performance and high degree of client satisfaction.

IAP WORLDWIDE SERVICES, Cape Canaveral, Florida 4/2009 – 5/2010 Provider of services around the globe, such as life support services to governmental agencies. Company employs 7000+ and has been in business for 60 years.

Construction Engineer in Baghdad & Bilad, Iraq

Stationed in Iraq serving a Department of State agency with life support operations. Created conceptual plans and designs for Iraqi design-build contractor projects required by the client agency and IAP. Projects included utility renovations, new mancamp, aircraft support infrastructure such as a hanger and taxiway, and relocation inventorying and scheduling.


Without computerized engineering design software, created a complete engineered foundation design for a tent hanger structure onto an existing concrete aircraft runway; effort entailed extensive soil geotechnical investigation and compilation of soil data information for the reinforced concrete design.

Attained a Top Secret security clearance through this DOS Intel Agency.

Developed strong working knowledge of Microsoft Project scheduling software.

Extensive experience with AUTOCAD software.


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225-***-**** 318 ***-**** • SKYPE Id: rkoneal321 Continued

BAKER ENGINEERING, Moon Township, Pennsylvania 6/2008 – 3/2009 Company is a subsidiary of Michael Baker Company, a provider of engineering services to public and private clients worldwide with a staff of nearly 6000.

Project Engineer in various sites of Iraq

Served as part of an engineering-construction management workforce of contracted employees of three joint-ventured engineering companies hired to supplement the project management staff of the US Army Corps of Engineers for completion of reconstruction projects in Iraq. Received and took action on design-build plans, product submittals, schedules, invoices and daily progress reports from Iraqi contractors. Provided quality assurance on construction projects; met with contractors in secure compound or on site. Recorded and transmitted information into USACE Resident Management System (RMS) for sharing and scrutiny by Central Base Headquarters personnel. Accomplishments:

Project managed two different sets of $6MM construction projects within nine month period.

Traveled within armored, guarded convoys to perform onsite inspections of reconstruction projects in hazard zones.

Interfaced with Iraqi local engineering staff, Iraqi contractors and local populace.

Gained proficiency in use of Army Corps of Engineers Resident Management System (RMS).

Earned certification in the USACE Contractor’s Quality Management (CQM) System.

Teamed with the Army Corps of Engineers and received two recognition awards from the USACE Commander in Iraq. CH2M HILL, Englewood, Colorado 11/2007 – 4/2008

Company is an International engineering-construction company providing services to private clients such as oil and mining companies, and governmental clients such as DOD and DOS, with 22,000+ employees. Project Engineer

Assigned to work in the Green Zone of Baghdad, Iraq, as a support engineer to a master planner responsible for creation of a master plan for coalition base closures, and infrastructure master planning of the Green Zone. Projects included creation of drawings and demolition cost estimates relative to the Master Plan; used Visio computer-aided drafting program.


Gained proficiency in the use of Microsoft Visio computer aided software.

Developed demolition cost estimates for five coalition bases in Baghdad totaling over $100MM.

Worked collaboratively with American planning soldiers. KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT, Houston, Texas 10/2004 – 9/2007 KBR is an international engineering construction firm involved in nearly all facets of building construction. Company is involved with the logistics service contract of life support for the American military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. KBR’s main service contract was titled Logcap III. Senior Civil Engineer (3/2006 – 9/2007) As a KBR Logcap employee, served on the O&M Life Service Support contract, operating in Balad, Iraq. Implemented tasks assigned by construction-engineering manager. Created scopes of work and handwritten drafts of conceptual designs for AUTOCAD designer, investigated feasible construction methods and available materials to construct a project, then provided quality control oversight to the project once it was in the construction phase. Accomplishments:

Performed final punch-out list and review checklist of a $3.2MM base wide sewer force main and collection project.

Created 25+ drainage improvement projects that involved open earth ditches, open concrete channels, closed storm water culverts, lift stations, force mains, collection manholes and retention ponds.

Developed a complex design improvement plan for a 3MM gallon per day wastewater treatment plant. Director of Engineering (11/2005 – 3/2006)

Promoted to director position and transferred from Bagram, Afghanistan to Mosul, Iraq. Received directions from the Deputy Project Manager of Operations; assigned subordinate engineering staff to perform tasks. Participated in daily safety and progress meetings; served as engineering manager over the civil, survey, mechanical, electrical and AUTOCAD sections of the department. Created designs, cost estimates, scope of work documents and reviewed documents and plans from other departments.


Over a four month period, engineering department produced final construction plans for over 20 projects ranging in estimated costs from $25K to nearly $1MM.

Integrated compartmental engineering office into an efficient producer of designs and plans. RANDALL K. O’NEAL, P.E., PMP

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Civil Engineer (12/2004 – 11/2005)

Assigned to O&M Life Service Support contract in Bagram, Afghanistan. Created preliminary cost estimates, construction schedules, conceptual designs of civil and architectural projects and scope of work documents; following plan approval, conducted onsite investigative visit and expansion of plan details. As part of the design team, worked with mechanical and electrical engineers to integrate plans.


Self-studied additional engineering disciplines including surveying, foundations, steel design, hydrologic studies, design of hydraulic structures, water distribution, sewer collection and treatment.

Key person in creation of a formal engineering department in the KBR Bagram Base Operations.

Promoted to another office as Director of Engineering after 12 months as civil engineer. Construction Estimator (10/2004 – 12/2004)

Assigned projects by KBR Project Controls Director to provide construction estimates for projects including drill-down of unknowns and pinpointing variables in order to create a complete construction cost estimate. Accomplishments:

Entered a war zone work environment and adapted to the absence of family and security.

Increased competency of department through use of estimator skill set.

Promoted to position of civil engineer.

RRAC CONTRACTORS, Shreveport, Louisiana 8/2003 – 8/2004 Subsidiary firm of Red River Mechanical, a mechanical-based contractor performing plumbing, HVAC and other mechanical works. RRAC operates as a general building contractor. Project Engineer & Site Superintendent

Prepared general civil, architectural and mechanical construction cost estimates for RRAC and Red River Mechanical for project bid purposes. Site Superintendent for over $1MM project at Fort Polk Military Base. Accomplishments:

Integrated civil and architectural estimate values with mechanical estimates of company internal estimators resulting in the winning of several new projects.

Expanded knowledge base to include Timberline Estimating software.

Developed winning construction bid of 33% gross profit margin and then acted as site superintendent. LEON ANGEL CONSTRUCTORS, Shreveport, Louisiana 9/2000 – 8/2003 Company performed general building construction of general civil and architectural projects including site works, utilities, concrete projects and buildings. Clients were private individuals, commercial businesses, government agencies and larger general contractors.

Project Engineer & Site Superintendent

Provided site management of construction projects and developed construction cost estimates. Accomplishments:

Earned Louisiana Utility Contractor License for the company.

Drove development of winning bid for company’s largest project; managed site.

Recruited and interviewed qualified tradesmen.

Career Notes: Additional experience includes 20 years previous work in engineering and construction. RANDALL K. O’NEAL, P.E., PMP

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225-***-**** 318 ***-**** • SKYPE Id: rkoneal321



Professional Civil Engineer

Commercial Building Contractor

Street & Highway Contractor

Heavy Construction Contractor

Mechanical Works Contractor

Municipal & Public Works Contractor

Residential Building Contractor

Electrical Works Contractor

Project Manager Professional (PMP)


Department of Defense – DoD – believed to be active SECRET (Nov2007-Nov2017)

Department of State – DoS – TOP SECRET (Obtained 18Oct2014, probably expired 31Dec2014) EDUCATION

Bachelor of Science: Civil Engineering, 1979, Louisiana Tech University Ruston, Louisiana

Graduate Studies: Structural Engineering, 1992-1993, Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Extra Studies: Construction Management, Fall 2012, Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana SOCIAL WEBSITE


Available upon request, both business and personal

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