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Assistant Management

Antioch, California, United States
December 30, 2017

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OBJETIVE: I am looking for a Company for a full time opportunity in a professional environment that allows me to utilize my knowledge, skills, and learn new tools.



Managua, Nicaragua

Retrieved Degree: Business Administration


Post grade: Senior management


Executive Secretariat trade - Science Center

American Ship (Brazil) - Link system course. (For use of Shipping)

Polytechnic School of Commerce – Teller & Computer system

Cadin - Course Organization and Secretarial Improvement

Medical Terminology- Adult Center Education

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) –


04/05/2016-04/29/2016 Clinical Medical Assistant Externship, 160 hours. Administrative and clinical duties with responsibility utilizing all medical assisting skills, including vital signs, patient preparation, TB test. Scheduling patients. Knowledge of collection, preparation of Specimen, Correct Techiques in paperwork procedures.

11/09/2012- Present


Functions such as Janitor

Keep buildings in clean and orderly condition. Perform cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, clean building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming them, gather and empty trash, service, clean, and supply restrooms, clean and polish furniture and fixtures, clean windows, glass partitions, and mirrors, using glass cleaners, dust furniture, walls, machines, and equipment, notify managers concerning the need for major repairs or additions to building operating systems, requisition supplies and equipment needed for cleaning and maintenance duties, set up, arrange, tables, chairs, to prepare facilities for events such as banquets and meetings, keeps all tools in working order, performs all other duties as assignment.

09/01/2006 – 02/15/2007


Functions such as Administrative Director: Human resource management, Selection and recruitment of staff, Control of funds from bank accounts, control of income and expenditure of the institution, Oversight in sales, Preparation of orders to publishers, Make visits to universities, Inventory management, Drafting of diverse information, reports and letters, The President's Agenda management, Preparation of meetings of Board of Directors, Preparation of various activities, Make arrangements before the different entities (DGI-City Hall-INSS), Carrying out purchases materials for use by offices and others, Assist the Chairman in its different activities, Preparation of requisitions and material Winery review, Control and planning of various payments, Importation.

07/01/2003 – 03/30/2006


Functions such as Financial Administrative Manager: Recruitment and management personnel at the administrative level and projects, Elaboration and scheduling of payments of different providers, Development biweekly payroll spreadsheets, Control of each file of the staff. (Vacation pay, others), Elaboration of accounting of the company information, Coding information, Bank reconciliations, Control of invoices and receipts, Management of Fund fixed, Supervision into the realm of the projects for inventory control, Realization of purchases supplies both at the level of administration and construction materials, Writing letters, reports, and any document I required, Management of banking accounts. (Signature Release), Management before the different entities (DGI-INSS-ALCALDÌA), Statement Presentation to the DGI-ALCALDÌA-INSS.

01/02/2000 – 04/27/2003 GLOBAL MARITIME.

During this period was hired as Assistant General Management and six months I was promoted to the post of administrative officer, in the performance of my job I was the elaboration of accounting information, as well as payments of different taxes and efforts to happy institutions, supervision of the sales agents, imports, and charges. During this time that work for the institution in question, I got experience in cargo handling, the turning of the company was of transport of cargo shipping.

01/02/1998 – 12/31/1999 PROJECT MINSA-WORLD BANK:

During this period I play in the post of Assistant of the Coordinator of the project unit, my functions was the collection of information of the different units at the national level in the Health Center (PHC), preparation of materials to be used in these areas, support skills. Level address supported the Project Director in managing calendars, scheduling of meetings with different ministries to the Organization of representatives of the Bank, preparation of documents, letters, reports, organization of agenda and file, programming and payments application.

01/02/1997 – 12/30/1997 FORTEX INDUSTRIAL:

In this period to play the position of Assistant Accountant, supporting the area accounting for the preparation of the financial statements, codification of accounting documents, income, expenses, bank reconciliations, handling fixed background, management of checkbooks, payroll processing and programming of payments to suppliers, elaboration of tax payments as well as their corresponding reports.

02/02/1992 – 12/30/1996 VELCAS INTERNATIONAL:

Start work as an assistant accountant in the area accounting, processing data and a accounting information, coding, payments, payroll, payments of taxes and reports preparation, to the months was promoted to the position as Assistant to the General management, taking charge, receipt of the requests for purchases of materials, control of receipts, management of fixed background, drafting of documents in general, support in the conduct of meetings and other activities to establish.



English (studying)


Rocio Maldonado – 323-***-****

Fernando Pacheco - 925-***-****

Maria Avellaneda - 925-***-****

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