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Manager Manufacturing

Girard, Ohio, United States
December 30, 2017

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Plant Management / Engineering / Manufacturing Operations

Summary of Qualifications

Results-producing management career spanning over 25 years, demonstrating year-over-year improvements in Quality, Cost, Manufacturing and Engineering functions. Strong and decisive operations leader with excellent analytical, organizational, team building and planning skills. Maintained uncompromising focus on high quality standards and bottom-line profit improvement. Effective technical and communication abilities. Championed continuous improvements utilizing lean manufacturing concepts that incorporated housekeeping (5S theory), Takt time reductions, single piece flow implementation, SMED and Kanban. Experiences in component manufacturing, rubber extrusion, injection molding and machining and fabrication of aluminum extrusion. Multi-cultural experience gained in Brazil, Mexico and Australia. Areas of strength are:

Improving operational processes and efficiencies to reduce costs

Ensuring consistently superior customer service and satisfaction ratings

Supplier quality assurance management

Safety standards / compliance

Devising innovative solutions to significant procedural problems

Maximizing use of plant, vendor and employee resources

Career History

Manufacturing Manager, Performance Health, February 2015 – Present

Responsible for leading the non-union team within manufacturing facility in the implementation of manufacturing procedures in accordance with Quality Assurance methods, new process technologies, organizational strategies and quarterly/annual budgets.

Plant Manager, Northern States Metals, August 2012 – December 2014

Responsible for all-function leadership of a non-union $35MM plant, machining and fabricating aluminum products as well as manufacturing solar racks and clips. Led safety, quality, productivity improvements and housekeeping while instilling personal responsibility and teamwork with nearly 120 non-union employees and hourly temporary employees, 6-7 direct supervisors, within maintenance, manufacturing, shipping and receiving departments. Met plant KPIs in efficiency, overtime, indirect hours, safety, quality and personnel attendance. Guided plant activities, driving process improvements throughout manufacturing processes. Significant accomplishments while at NSM:

Implemented workplace initiatives which improved employee morale on the shop floor and verified through monthly meetings between employees and President, CFO, COO and HR Manager.

Justified purchase and oversaw installation of GR712 Haas Gantry and which improved CNC cycle time on ChargePoint retractors by over 55% and cost reductions by 57%.

Implemented LEAN workflow management and space utilization facilitating increases in plant capacity

Converted standard CNC tooling to carbide tools which eliminated center marking on ChargePoint, Sturdy and Velocity frames and improved throughput nearly 30%

Identified and solved waste problem in manufacturing of solar clips, saving $30K in labor and materials

Implemented AutoCrib vending solutions at no cost to Northern States Metals and allowed NSM to stock machine on consignment, thereby reducing excess tooling inventory and costs in the CNC department. Additional costs and inventory reductions were under consideration in other departments.

Reduced employee absenteeism from 5.5% in 2013 to 0.7% in 2014.

Initiated green project of cardboard recycling (at break-even) within plant.

Implemented weekly communication meetings on shop floor

Manufacturing Engineer (Contract work) September 2009 - June 2012

Hands-on engineering support of major conveyor belt business expansions in Australia and Brazil, total capital budget of $49M.

Teamed up with engineering groups in Australia and Brazil, at onset of two capital projects totaling $49MM, generating equipment specifications for extruder and hot forming downstream equipment as well as conveyor belt press lines.

Contracted to determine tooling and equipment requirements for Stoneridge’s facility start-up Mexico.

Trained facility employees on harness build methods

Initiated Kaizen event which eliminated past-due orders and air drop shipments

Worked with plant engineers on plant layout and process improvements

Managed 6 productivity improvement engineers and projects

Delphi / Packard Electric (Various Positions), 1984-2009

Supplier Quality Engineer (Delphi)

Earned Ford Q1 New Business Award

Managed over 125 global supplier and customer relationships

Utilized 8D, Drill Deep and 5-Why in complaint resolutions

Led Quality Improvement Plan at Delphi suppliers

Manufacturing Manager (Delphi)

Responsible for all manufacturing activities throughout various assignments of this unionized company. Upheld corporate, union, state and federal regulations throughout plant assignments. Managed up to 300 salaried and hourly, union employees.

High volume injection molding operations, responsible for production, quality and delivery of plastic components supplying components to assembly lines as well as Delphi plants in Juarez, Mexico.

Managed rubber molding, banbury silicon compound mixing operations, maintenance, tool room and shipping

Manufacturing of power and signal distribution assemblies for Delphi Packard plants in Mexico for various vehicle programs, as well as having responsibility over the Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) business.

Manufacturing Engineer (Delphi)

Responsible for the design, writing equipment specifications, purchase and debug of cellular equipment with program budgets exceeding $4.7 million.

Managed the $2.2 million L6 PCM program from prototype to production. Incorporated lean designs and operator error proofing to reduce capital investment.


Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Youngstown, OH

Professional Development

Lean College for Engineers, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, Supplier Quality Fundamentals, Annual Safety and Hazardous Communications Training, Ergonomics for Engineers, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Dupont Safety Awareness Training, Lead Time Reduction Seminar, General Motors Appraisal of Salaried Employees Training

Selected Accomplishments

Reliance Medical drill station improvements at Northern States Metals

Directed tool room in the redesign of Reliance Medical drill station, utilizing existing high speed, pneumatic drills and incorporated part orientation, to simultaneously drill six holes which generated 47% throughput improvement. In addition, the new station included the redesigning of the hard-guarding which also reduced clean-up time by nearly 50%.

Improvement of Velocity frames

Responsible for justifying and sourcing of new, dual head, TimeSavers sanding machine for the sanding and finishing of Velocity aluminum frames. Dual head machine improved frame throughput from 200 frames to 650 frames per shift, reducing finishing costs from $2.42 to $0.94 per frame, and eliminated 2 shifts and 4.5 employees.

Championed layout of press line in Veyance plant in Brazil

Identified and eliminated $150K for deep pits for equipment, $240K two overhead cranes and proposed / designed layout that would accommodate the pull rolls and wind-up in a smaller footprint for the press line.

Increased productivity 400%.

Supplier had 150 truck harnesses past due. Initiated a Kaizen process to improve productivity which involved restructuring workstation, instituting sub-assembly builds. Increased output from 15/day to 60/day, eliminating overdue orders in one week.

Improved throughput

Injection molding department was not meeting requirements for Delphi’s customer, incurring significant cost over-runs. Initiated Six Sigma, SMED meetings and Kanban scheduling system. Reduced scrap 35%, WIP 20% and changeover time 40%, while increasing utilization 35% and satisfying customer.

Saved cost of new equipment

Delphi proposed addition of equipment and automated procedures to solve ergonomic issues with silicone slab cutting. Eliminated health/safety issues through changing handling procedures for handling the cut slabs in the mixing department and saved $250K by eliminating need for new system.

Continuous Improvement Achievements

Utilized lean tools such as Kanban, SMED, 5S and Value Stream Mapping in waste elimination and productivity improvements in Manufacturing, Engineering and Supplier Quality assignments:

Reduced cable and terminal scrap by nearly 50% on Linear Feed Termination (LFT) machines through employee involvement and manning changes

Increased machine utilization by 25% through maintenance improvements, reducing the number of die changeovers and addressing employee work ethic on the shop floor

Reduced premium transportation costs from $270,000 to $13,000 over one year by changing material handling / pack out procedures

Saved over $200,000 / cost avoidance by implementing changes in the handling and cutting of silicone slab material used in the molding department

Avoided costs of duplicate inspection gages and improved response time / feedback to molding operators by centralizing the plant quality control personnel, inspection gages, control plans and visual aids

Improved material through plant by centralizing the pack out areas within the plant

Led the initial design, proto type and implementation of a Kanban scheduling system within the molding department

Reduced work in process (WIP) by nearly 25% between the molding department and final assembly departments

Mold changeover time was reduced by over 40% utilizing SMED activities and standardizing changeover procedures

Six sigma project improved machine utilization by over 25% on one bank of molding machines

Participated in six sigma project of rewinding of ignition core and saving $450,000 in scrap costs

Incorporated lean principles and error proofing techniques in the design and build of cellular manufacturing system for the L6 Filtered PCM program for plant in Mexico

oRoutine trips to Juarez, Mexico for plant input / feedback of system design

oBenchmarked known technology for equipment

Spearheaded changing of design of a fully automatic gasket and sealant dispense system to

cellular machine design and reduced cost by over $50,000

Used lessons from L6 PCM project and reduced capital spending by over $235,000 on the

L5 PCM project

Implemented operator certification program in cutting department which reduced scrap costs, improved quality of product.

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