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Oracle Project

Texas, United States
December 29, 2017

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Professional Summary

IT Professionals with Experience in ORALCE DATABASE ADMINISTRATION / ARCHITECT / DATA ANALYST / Application DBA experience with full life cycle Development and Implementation, Data Migration expertise with Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and PMP Certified. Database Security and Hardening expertise.

Consistently for 8 years working with AT&T as ORALCE DATABASE Architecture /ADMINISTARTOR Analyst Role.

More than 15 years of IT experience in playing dynamic Roles & Responsibility.

Creating database tables, schemas, indexes, normalizing database design

Expertise in Performance Tuning of Oracle SQL

Expertise in Re org of database

Extensive Data Modeling/Migration experience

Experience in Oracle Backend programming in SQL and PL/SQL, Writing Stored Packages, Procedures, and triggers, Views, Materialized View

Expertise in Managing DATABASE OBJECT/Data Dictionary.

Expert in DML, DDL, DCL, Transactional Control

Expertise in Security and Database Hardening Implementation

Expertise in Data pump, Export, Import

Expertise in Installation,Up gradation, Patching

Expert In Managing PARTITION Tables for Big Database

Expertise in Oracle Enterprise Monitoring – AWR, ADDM report

Maintaining Table spaces, Storage Management, Undo Management.

User management and provide Database security

Experience in planning and implementation of Backup and Recovery strategy, used physical backup and logical backup using Export/Import/Data pump.

Setting up Database Hot and Cold backups, RMAN using shell scripts.

Setting up RMAN backups and maintaining catalog schema.

Migrating Oracle 9i to 10g and 10g to 11g RAC

Design and Implementation of Physical standby Database.

Performing export and import operations, database/schema/table refreshes from production to development and test environments.

Managing Partitioning of tables. Maintaining Purging/Dropping Large Partition Tables

Knowledge of Golden Gate one way replication in Oracle

Knowledge of Oracle Identity and Access Manger attended Oracle Training

Knowledge of Oracle Projects/Oracle Financial /AR/AP application attended training.

Knowledge of Nosql, Mango db


RDBMS : Oracle 11g RAC,11g,10g,9i,8i, SYBASE, SQL 2000

Languages : SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS,UNIX shell Script, COBOL,T-SQL

Operating System : UNIX, LINUX, Sun Solaris, DOS, Windows

Development Tools: ERwin,Developer 2000, ORACLE Forms/Reports, Pro*C,

Exp, Imp, SQL*Loader, RMAN

GUI : Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Grid Control (OEM)

Hardware : SUN Solaris, RS600, HP,Linux

Replication : Golden Gate knowledge one way Replication POC DONE

Application : OIM,OAM,SOS

BIG DATA : NOSQL Knowledge - Cassendra


1. Client: AT&T Services, Inc., San Ramon/Richardson, TX OCT-2009 – Till date


Software and Platform : Oracle 11g RAC, .Oracle 11g RAC on Cloud

Team Size : 5

Project: Enterprise Delivery Document (EDD)

Description: Enterprise Delivery Document application used for AT&T customers for sending messages in various format SMS/Mail/email etc. Application is using oracle 11g RAC 3 instances and 2 Schemas. This application is very critical and the volume is too high. If One Instances fail the other 2 instances take over. If any database is down traffic will be moved to other schema. Application is mission critical for AT&T availability 24x7. I have been working in Mumbai for 5 years and for last 3.5 year working in USA(SAN RAMON,CA and Richardson,TX) Office.


Storage Management, Managing Space, Table spaces, Segments and Extents, & Data Dictionary

Schedule Gather Schema statistics on regular basis.

Managing performance & housekeeping activities Purge Concurrent Request, Index Rebuilding, etc.

Database growth monitor

User administration and password policy management

Creation of Automated Workload Repository (AWR) and Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM) report for Performance Tuning

Monitoring DB using OEM implementing Profiles for Query, Running Advisor jobs

Monitoring of alert log files for any ORA errors

Adding Hints to the query as per requirements for better performance.

Solving Database issues troubleshooting & resolution

Perform DB maintenance RE ORG

Created Database link to access the object on remote database and script to check the connectivity among all the databases.

Perform ASRP Database Compliance related activities

Setup customized db monitoring jobs as needed

Support application Releases (deploy production database code changes, post-release performance monitor)

Support application team for db related issues

Participate in impact analysis of any changes made to the database objects (including design review)

Grant object privileges) as required (work with PDBA on some databases)

Migration of Schema to Multi Location as per business needs

Partition Table Maintenance, Dropping Partitions for huge Table.

Materialized View managing.

Extensively used new features of 11g like Import, Export and Data Pump logical backup

Support PMT team (performance review of ad-hoc queries)

Support db upgrade & application upgrade

External team support (those who access EDD databases)

Assist Purge & Archive jobs to Optim team

Support server maintenance activities

Manage UAM access to prod & non-prod servers for our team

Work with Oracle support on technical issues (open SRs, consult onsite support etc)

Evaluate Oracle new features and related products & provide recommendation

2. Client: British Telecom (BT) - Mumbai, India April 2008 – OCT 2009


Software and Platform : Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, SQL, OEM, TOAD

Team Size : 2

Project: AGORA MDM Performance Tuning of Application Pl/SQL Procedures

Description: I was involved in Performance Tuning of BT - Agora Project. Agora Process was developed in Oracle PL/SQL and it was running as batch process. The process was taking 14-15 hrs. As per business requirements it has to complete in 8 hrs. Did the analysis of the code and created the explain plan and used the oracle 10g AWR Reports and fine tune the Process. Suggested changes to the code which was causing performance Problems. Developed the required Tuning scripts.


Performance Tuning of Query and Application

Provided Performance Plan and cost of the query to application team

Generate AWR and ADDM Reports.

Suggested changes to the Developers

Memory, Database,and SQL/Pl/SQL tuning

3. Client: Motorola, Mumbai, India Jan 2008 – Mar 2008

Role: Database Administrator

Software and Platform Oracle 10g Database

Team Size: 2

Project: Motorola Database security

Description: Oracle Database security (Hardening)


Identify Database Vulnerabilities and Threats

Create a documentation/presentation outlining the Techniques used by hackers to exploit database flaws and vulnerabilities for customer presentations.

Build/identify database assessment and database penetration toolkit

Create Database Hardening process for Oracle and SQL databases

4. Client: - Mahindra & Mahindra, Mumbai, India. Jun 2007 – Dec 2007

Role: Project Manager

Software and Platform Oracle 10g Database, Oracle Identity and Access Management

Team Size: 4

Project: Mahindra & Mahindra - Oracle Identity Management

Description and Responsibility: Proof of concept development of Oracle Identity

Management which Includes Provisioning, De provisioning, Self Service,

Password Reset, Delegated Administration. Business Requirement Gathering,

Analysis, Developing Use Cases, Product Configuration & Demonstrations

5. Client: Bank of Montreal, (Canada), Mumbai, India Feb 2006 – Mar-2007

Role : Test Manager

Project: HRMS (People Soft) - Bank of Montreal Canada

.Software and Platform People Soft, Web Based My HR

Team Size: 25

Description: As a Database expert prepared Data Migration Scripts and

Validated Prod data. Written Dynamic SQL script for any table for comparing data

Files. PROD and Migration data files compared.


Interaction with onsite Test coordinator, Developer coordinator

Involved in BAU setting up Environment

Involved in writing the automated scripts for the PeopleSoft database to Compensation Advisor for the Outbound and Inbound Interface.

Involved in Joint SIT and UAT for Bank Of Montreal.

Data Migration – prepared automated database scripts.

6. Client: Air Canada, Mumbai India Mar 2005 – Dec -2005

Roles: Test Manager

Software and Platform People Soft, Web Based My HR

Team Size: 10

Project: HRMS (People Soft) - Air Canada

Description: Validated the access of all Application set up for BAU.


Involved in BAU setting up the application access and validation of Application Access.

Data Migration as per business requirements for Air Canada client.

7. Client: Madina Group W.L.L.,Doha Qatar Apr 2002 – Oct-2004

Roles: System Analyst /Team Lead

Software and Platform Oracle 9i, Oracle Developer 2000

Team Size: 5

Project: ERP system development

Description: E2E Solution was provided for the operation of the British

Company which includes modules Financial Accounting, Material

Management, Payroll & Personnel, Project Contract, Quality Control, Time

Keeping, and Asset Mgmt. Modules developed. Full life cycle project completed.

Data migration form existing PARADOX database to oracle 9i.


Full life cycle project I was involved in requirement study to Development and Implementation. I was leading 4 team members.

Data Migration as per Business Requirement for AIR Canada

8. Client: Tan Tock Hospital (Singapore),Mumbai Jan 2002 – Mar -2002

Roles: Database Administrator

Software and Platform Oracle 9i, Oracle Developer 2000, Java

Team Size: 1

Project: Medical Reporting System

Description: Installation of ORACLE 9i. Responsibility:

Installation of Oracle 9i

User creation and Access to the development team

Maintenance of Database and Refreshment

9. Client: Equitable USA, Mumbai Feb 2001 – Dec -2001

Roles: Database Administrator

Software and Platform Oracle 9i, Oracle Developer 2000, Java

Team Size: 4

Project: Agency Compensation System

Description: Equitable is major Insurance Company. Every day from their Vendor/Contractor data was transferred to Mainframe and from Mainframe to Oracle.


Involved in preparing the high-level design.

Database Design using ER Win and Rational Rose

Writing Oracle Stored Procedure in PL/SQL and SQL for transferring data into Mainframe and from Mainframe to Oracle

Responsible for converting COBOL flat files.

Involved in converting flat file data using SQL*Loader

10. Client: Colgate Palmolive, India. May 2000 – Jul -2000

Project: Payroll System

Software and Platform Oracle 9I,VB

Team Size: 2

Description: I was involved in converting VB code to SQL/PLSQL for better

Performance. E2E testing of the code. Query tuning. After change of code in

SQL/PL SQL the process which was running for more than 8 hrs reduce to 4 hrs.


DBA, Performance Tuning

Writing PL/SQL store Procedures

11. Client: Almana & Partners (Qatar) Apr 1996 – Dec – 1998

Roles: Project Manager

Software & Platform – Oracle 8i, Forms & Report

Team Size: 20

Project: Trading and Management Information System (TRAMIS)

Description: Full Life cycle project


Involved in implementation of system at on-site (QATAR)

Co-coordinating with client and users

Involved in preparing the high-level design.

Involved in preparing the program specifications using the high-level design inputs.

Writing Oracle Stored Procedure in PL/SQL,Forms,Report

Responsible for writing Cobol programs for converting flat file and transferring the data into ORACLE data using SQL*Loader.


Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) – DBA track.

Project Management Professional (PMP)


Bachelor from Utkal University

Diploma in Computer Studies from National Computing Centre (NCC), U.K. (Aptech Ltd.)

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