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Manager General

Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, Quebec, G0A 3K0, Canada
December 07, 2017

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I love to work in the hospitality industry, I love to get up in the morning walk to the hotel and salute the staff while I do my inspection.

Highly motivated hospitality leader in the hotel industry with proven success in engaging and managing highly-skilled hospitality teams to run and deliver high quality service to its clientele. More than 20 years experiences in the hospitality industry. Particularly effective to maximize revenues and profitability, organizational performance and cost control. Capable of motivating employees to increase production. Create competitive advantages by utilizing cutting edge technical, innovating solutions and influencing positive change across an enterprise. Superb sale and marketing person with proven track-record, good negotiator, e-commerce specialist. Excellent at identifying potential business in international market. Great hotel ambassador, nice presentation, excellent in guess relation.

Achieve corporate objectives through passion, commitment and expertise in: Hotel management • Project Management • Construction • Consulting • Sale • Marketing • Proactive solutions • Strategic planning • Work safety •

Training • International experience • Communication •

E-commerce • Client relation •


Hotel Africa, Brazzaville, Congo

March 2011- November 2016

Hotel consultant / General Manager for a four stars hotel

I have met the owner of the hotel Africa in Yaoundé and he invite me to work has a hotel consultant and later General Manager in Brazzaville. When I first came we only had a concrete structure. From there I study the plan and made recommendation to the owner and the contractor.

My duty has a consultant was to supervise the work of the different contractor and make recommendation.

I was involved in the negotiation when we order the elevator, phone, internet, TV system, diesel generator, and electric system.

I design the kitchen, bar, restaurant, reception, technical room, etc.

I order and bought directly from the factories all the furniture, equipment and lining for the hotel saving the owner near one million dollars.

I completely decorate the hotel buying painting and accessories to make the hotel pleasant for the guess.

Made the website, logo, marketing strategies.

Recruiting, training and monitoring staff.

Responsible for the pre-opening

Now we have been open for four years, the hotel has a good reputation, and we been profitable since the first month of operation..

Aurelia Palace, Yaoundé, Cameroon

November 2010- March 2011

Hotel General Manager four stars hotel

I was hired from Canada with the help of a UN program. I came before the opening in order to give them my support during this important period.

Responsible for the pre-opening

Supervise and plan the work of the contractor so the hotel opens on time.

Hired all the staff, most of the employees did not have hotel experience, we had to do the training.

Make the hotel up to the standard.

Make a marketing and sale plan in collaboration with the sale team, visit our potential client, embassy, Ong, government agency, private enterprise.

Improve the website in collaboration with the webmaster

Open the restaurant

Prepare budget and projection for the owner

Imperial Palace, Mumbai, India

June 2009- June 2010

Hotel General Manager five stars hotel.

I began with 0% occupancy and 230 employees, the hotel had serious problem with water damage from the roof and the plumbing. At the beginning out of 200 rooms available only 50 were correct for the guess. I had to renovate 150 rooms in a very short period. In a few months some night all my room were occupied. Since it is a new hotel I had much maintenance and construction issues which I solved with my knowledge in construction.

Ensure excellence and a unique visit for each guest at this $60 million, 400 room’s full service hotel through 300 employees. Ensure profitability and return on owner investment. Build the brand through dynamic marketing plans and executions.

Planning and organizing accommodation, catering and other hotel services.

Promoting and marketing the business.

Managing budgets and financial plans and controlling expenditure.

Maintaining statistical and financial records.

Setting and achieving sales and profit targets.

Recruiting, training and monitoring staff.

Planning work schedules for individuals and teams.

Meeting and greeting guess.

Dealing with customer complaints and comments.

Addressing problems and troubleshooting.

Ensuring events and conferences run smoothly.

Supervising maintenance, supplies, renovations and furnishings.

Dealing with contractors and suppliers.

Ensuring security is effective.

Carrying out inspections of property and services.

Ensuring compliance with licensing laws, health and safety and other statutory regulations.


Atlantis Construction Management Team Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

November 2006 - August 2008

Project Manager

Atlantis Hotel in Dubai was a construction project of 1.5 Billion USD. During this period it was the most expensive hotel in the world. It was a big project with over 10,000 construction workers on site.

Managed the construction of a 2.5 Kilometre long water park (longest in the world) called tube river and the construction of marine mammal facility, completed the project six months ahead of deadline

Supervised 200 workers during the construction of six kilometres of stamped concrete roadway, precast concrete, sandstone and granite terrace, large swimming pool around the hotel and the water park

Delivered a high quality finish job in a short time

Oversaw the progress of contractor, civil engineer, surveyor, civil foremen, carpenter, tile mason and electrician.

CDXT Inc, Québec, Canada

2003 - 2006

President / Importer

Imported bamboo flooring, bamboo carpets, and natural stone products from China

Worked with three manufacturing agents, recruited and trained 120 flooring specialist in Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick to sell my products in Canada

Participated in 5 home shows a year

Designed advertising brochures, exhibition booths, television, newspaper, and radio advertisements throughout North America

Entreprises du lac Perdu, Québec, Canada

May 1991 - September 2003

Hunting and fishing lodge, Owner, General Manager

This fishing resort has an exclusive territory of 207 km with 107 lakes. It is located in Northern Canada and is accessible only by float plane. Everything had to be plan in advance with no margin for error.

When I bought this resort in 1991 it had been closed for three years. I managed to bring the guess back and I paid the property completely in less than three years. I sold it to an American company for a healthy profit in 2003.

Manage property operations on a day to day basis to assure optimum performance and continual improvement in guest service, employee professionalism, performance, sales/marketing, property appearance, and profit.

Ensure the property is well maintained and that all mechanical equipment is in good working order.

Participated in the design of advertising brochures, exhibition booths, television, newspaper, and radio advertisements throughout North America and Europe

Served as a Canadian delegate in Europe to promote the Hotel industry in Canada learn to know the European market, made contact with tour operator

Direct and coordinate the food & beverage operations.

Responsible for the preparation of property budget and forecasts.

Conducted appropriate meetings and coordinated with the other department heads to ensure that proper communication lead to guest satisfaction and maximum profit and productivity.

Maintained the highest standard of services to the guests, including maintenance and cleanliness for the guests' rooms and associated facilities. 40% of guess were repeat customer.

Ensured the cleanliness of all food and beverage facilities including the restaurant, lounges, banquet rooms, storage rooms and kitchen

Construction Michel Auclair, Quebec, Canada



Owned and operated a General Contracting business specialise in villa construction, hardwood flooring and interior finishing

Built a prosperous construction company with 30 employees and subcontractor

Over a thousand clients 60% private owner 40% corporation

Skilled business contractor, having passed all the administration, competency and safety tests to obtain a licence

Focused on sales, marketing, estimates and customer service increase sale by 20 % a year.

Trained employees to ensure that they would perform optimally each team of worker had an experience supervisor and took yearly formation.

Supplied flooring and inside finish to the Kinsman House in Quebec City and for over one hundred prestigious houses in the greater Quebec City area; participated in 3 home shows a year, which established contacts with general contractors and potential clients.


General high school completed in 1977

Certified mechanic completed in 1978

High pressure welding course completed in 1982

Certified carpenter license completed in 1985

Tourism training given by the French Ministry of Tourism in Paris completed in 1992

Completed computer courses from reputed institute.

Completed sale and marketing courses.

Completes e-marketing courses over the internet.


Nationality: Canadian

Date of birth: June 17, 1959

Marital status: Single

Driver license: Canadian, Congo, Dubai international

Languages: English, French (spoken, written, fluently) Spanish beginner

Computer Proficiency: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Fidelio, IDS, e-commerce

Member of: Quebec hotel association, Quebec outfitter association.

If we have an opportunity to meet, you will see that I am a very pleasant person with an attractive appearance and I inspire trust and respect. I am a good communicator, a team player and a hard worker I preach by giving the example to my co-worker this is the secret of my success. I am excellent in job organization and planning. I am also a good leader, people like to work for me and do their best at work under my supervision.

Michel Jacques Auclair

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