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Developer Software Engineer

Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
December 05, 2017

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Urvin Shah


To express creative energies and innovative ideas in software development and to develop my professional competence to the fullest. I intend to nurture progressive relationship with a fast emerging and leading IT firm and a career with full of challenges in related field. I have worked in Hong kong more than 3 years. Interested to work on latest technologies like Spring cloud, SpringBoot, cloud platform like AWS and also services provided by AWS. RDBMS or NoSQL databases.

Principal backend developer: Compare Global Group (Aug 2016 – Oct 2017)

Member of a global team that adapts agile, test-driven and continuous integration practice to the development of applications for constructing, maintaining and feeding financial comparison of various products such as credit card, personal loan, broadband, Telco packages, car insurance, travel insurance to users. Contributed to various phases of the application life cycle.

Project developed using groovy and grails, H2, consuming AWS service like lambda function, API gateway, dynamodb, SQS, S3, Alfresco and wordpress as a ECMS to achieve quick time to market. Using git hub for code management. Having UI using the Angular, JS, html and css.

Third party APIs integrations using Mule soft.

Adapted Test-Driven development methodology using spock. Unit tests covering all use cases and business logics. Majority use cases are covered by unit tests.

Designed robust solution allowing similar changes in the future to be configurable for non-technical personnel s through the user interface or easily available tools in market like excel.

Successfully led and completed applications upgrade by understanding legacy system and transform to new systems such as denmark-sim.

Documented user requests and production incidents in JIRA and shared technical knowledge on Confluence.

Backend Developer : Intech Creative services Pvt. Ltd. (Aug 2011 – Aug 2016)

Past experience with the global team that develops and maintains a system which supports operations and planning features for shipping ports. Developed knowledge of various business aspect to articulate it in the automation solution by working closely with onsite team. Application development with agile methodology.

More than 2 years I have worked at client side (Hong Kong)

Implemented performance oriented measures such as bulk loading and caching data to reduce number of external connections.

Implemented thread-safe collection to safeguard data integrity for concurrent read and write to the cache.

Projects developed in Core Java using multi threading, JMS and oracle, log4j, Java Swing for GUI and svn and git for source code management.

Responsible for the estimation of required effort and man days.

Played an important development role in preparation of POC, which was using Spring MVC, Hibernate with JPA, implemented Ehcache synchronization across multiple servers.

Led junior developers in completing the development phrase of the change.

Analyzed heap dump and histogram created using jmap and stack trace by jstack on visualvm to pinpoint causes of memory leak and performance issues.

Java Hibernate Developer : Mobile Internet India Pvt. Ltd. ( June 2010 – July 2011)

Worked on implementation of AAA protocol for satellite communication using java and SOAP service and Web interface where various user level and admin level statistics get displayed.

Work closely with global team members and business users to ensure correct interpretation of business logics.

Planned rollout schedules with the business and upstream applications.

Coordinated testing with upstream applications and managed the deployment on production environment.

Defined object-relational mapping with Hibernate and Java Persistence API to read and persist quote data for synchronization.

Product development using Agile methodology.

Senior Software engineer : Saltriver Info system Pvt. Ltd. ( June 2009 – June 2010)

Developed multi level marketing application by SMS PIN. Managed all users accounts, all transactions using the web interfaces in struts, hibernate.

Worked on the development of kiosk application using Java reflection, Swing technologies.

Experience to work on the embedded system to communicate with light sensors and RFID devices using the serial port communication, GPS.

Online travel ticket booking system using waterfall methodology, struts 2 and hibernate, reports developed using jasper.

Part of team to implement the data center monitoring system which responsible to monitor the servers, server applications, UPS, room temperature, humidity etc.

Software Developer : Tata Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (May 2007 – June 2009)

Working on generic HR and Finance supportive application which calculate the salary of government employees.

I have developed a generic excel based rule-engine where various rules were configured and dynamically used in the system.

Involved in the database design.

Payroll system developed using the spring MVC and hibernate and oracle database.


Operating Systems : Win XP, Linux

Languages/Technologies : Java, J2EE

Databases : Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, DynamoDB, H2

Technology : JSP, Servlets, Java Swing, Struts, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, XML, Flex, JMS, AWS Services

Applications/Tools : Eclipse, IntelliJ, SVN, GIT, GitHub, Apache Tomcat, Maven, PL SQL Developer, Redmine, JIRA

Web Services : SOAP, REST

Integration Tool : Mule Soft (ESB)

Educational Qualification

[2011] : MBA – PT with Finance specialization from Nirma University, Gujarat, India.

[2006] M.Sc.(CA & IT) from HNGU, Patan, Gujarat.

[2004] B.Sc. (CA & IT) from HNGU, Patan, Gujarat.

[2001] HSC G.E.B. from Gujarat.

[1999] SSC G.E.B. from Gujarat.

Personal Profile

Date of Birth : 24/07/1984

Languages Known : English, Hindi, Gujarati

Marital Status : Married

Email :

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