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President and Chief Information Officer

New Hope, Pennsylvania, 18938, United States
December 03, 2017

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Jeffrey R. Gorman

**** ***** ******** ****

New Hope, PA 18938


Position desired:

An upper level management position with a focus on technology. Executive Summary:

After graduating from college, I became a software engineer for CEO Software, an educational software company writing administrative systems for K-12 school districts throughout the United States. I worked at CEO for 7 years. During that time, I matured as a programmer, gained real world experience with databases, networks, multi user programming and more. Most importantly I learned how to communicate with users, how to understand their needs in non-technical terms and convert that to technical requirements and finally to software and technological processes. In 1996, after 7 years at CEO, I decided to start my own company and Creative Computing was born. At the very beginning I continued to work closely with CEO, supporting the software I had written. CEO went out of business around 2002, and I continued to support the software on my own through 2016. During that first year, I also began providing outsourced technical support to many of the K-12 school districts using my software. Over time that expanded to providing technical support, hardware, software and consulting to more schools, businesses and homes. Over 21+ years running Creative Computing, I have managed many projects, networks, hardware rollouts, software rollouts, server setups, permissions, security, email servers, file servers, multiple device management setups, VoIP, LDAP/active directory, resource management, DHCP, DNS and more. I have a strong breadth and depth of technology experience and a very strong understanding of how people and technology work together to provide the solutions businesses need. I am highly qualified for an upper level technology management position.


State University of New York at Buffalo. Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a focus on logic and minor in Computer Science. May 1989.

Rutgers University: Advanced Mathematics, 1992-1994. Jeffrey R. Gorman,, 609-***-****. Page 2 Work history:

Creative Computing, President and Chief Information Officer, January 1996 to present. I have been the president of Creative Computing since its inception in 1996. During that time, we have grown from annual sales of $70,000 to $1,500,000. The main focus of Creative Computing is to provide technology consulting and support services to schools and businesses. For some clients, we are the IT staff, for others, we provide management and direction and their staff does the work. I find the processes at an organization and make them as efficient and effective as possible. This efficiency means introducing technology wherever possible, improving procedures, aligning personnel, managing resources and more. This is how I run my company, how we help our customers and represents the methodologies I will use at your organization. CEO Software Solutions, Software Engineer, September 1989 through December 1995. I was responsible for the complete life cycle development of several software systems used by K-12 schools throughout the United States. My responsibilities included user requirements analysis, state mandated reporting analysis, all software development, documentation writing and user training and implementation. I supervised two others as the size and scope of these projects grew. I left CEO to start Creative Computing. Experience, responsibilities and skills:

CEO: Chief Everything Officer, Chief Executive Officer with exceptional skill and passion for maximizing productivity and efficiency through technology. As the CEO of Creative Computing, I am responsible for everything. Our customers, our services, products we sell, staff, facilities, payroll, finances, inventory, purchasing, everything. Chief Information Officer: As the Chief Information Officer for Creative Computing and our clients, I am responsible for all data. This includes what data we and our clients keep, how it is organized, who can access it, where it can be accessed from, backups and disaster recovery.

Chief Technology Officer: As the Chief Technology Officer for Creative Computing and our clients, I am responsible for deciding what technology we use to meet our goals. I also decide when and why to add, change, retire or upgrade technology. This includes routers and other network gear, servers, workstations, tablets, phones (VoIP and cellular), printers, wireless setup, customer access networks, diagnostic networks and everything else. All with a mind towards effectiveness and cost.

Chief Security Officer: As the Chief Security Officer for Creative Computing and our clients, I am responsible for all technical security. I decide upon and implement firewall strategies, network access rules and privileges, data encryption, VPN technologies and more. I ensure there are no unknown or insecure devices on the Jeffrey R. Gorman,, 609-***-****. Page 3 network. I decide on what data we store, how we store it and for how long. I determine and implement backup regimes and disaster recovery procedures. I decide upon and implement our user level security. Disaster Recovery Specialist: As the disaster recovery specialist for Creative Computing and our clients, I create all disaster recovery policies. The policies determine what data and technology is critical in case of a disaster. Generally, this includes a way to recover all company data and a way to get employees back up and able to be productive in the shortest possible time. Once created, I am responsible for the design, implementation and testing of these policies. Network engineer: Responsible for designing networks for both customers and Creative Computing. Hardware-wise this entails determining where all wire runs will go, the location of all data facilities, wiring closets, etcetera and deciding what types and speeds of switches, routers and other network equipment is necessary. Software-wise this entails determining network scopes, DHCP and DNS settings, routing tables and authentication management. Also, responsible for VLAN management and traffic prioritization.

Server administrator: For both customers and Creative Computing, responsible for supporting and managing all network services. This includes DHCP administration, IP assignment (static and dynamic), user and group management, including password management, file sharing and permissions, backups, disaster recovery, security and threat management, email and spam management, DNS administration, firewall management, VPN management, calendar management, shared contact management, VoIP management and multiple device management. Process management: I meet with users to learn what they are trying to accomplish. I determine the best solution and turn that into a set of requirements and procedures. These requirements and procedures include software, hardware, networks, people, operations or any combination of these. The solutions I design provide maximal process efficiency and cost effectiveness. Finally, I work with the users to ensure proper, effective implementation of my solution. Technology Educator: Explaining and ensuring effective use of technology: One of my key roles for both customers and Creative Computing staff is to make sure users understand the technology they have and how to use it effectively. This ranges from brief instruction, classes and sometimes day to day hand holding until understanding is achieved, always with an eye towards productivity. I am exceptionally good at explaining and discussing technology with non-technical people.

Database engineer: For both customers and Creative Computing I have designed and implemented relational database solutions to meet business needs. These have Jeffrey R. Gorman,, 609-***-****. Page 4 included content management, point of sale, student management, inventory management, automated email configuration and much more. My solutions consist of the underlying data structures, the user interface, permissions management, scripting, querying and backups as well as ongoing database maintenance. Senior desktop technician: As a desktop technician, I resolve technology issues. More importantly, I teach users how to use technology effectively so that it becomes a tool for productivity, not an obstacle or something to fear. As a senior desktop technician, I teach other technicians how to solve problems, educate users and implement policies and procedures to achieve organizational goals. DNS engineer: For both customers and Creative Computing I managed both internal and external DNS. This ensured that services remained accessible at all times, email was trustworthy.

Software development project manager: Responsible for full life cycle software development. I determine the needs of the intended users. Then I design the user interface to best facilitate those needs on the intended platforms. From that I supervise our staff of computer scientists to produce software to meet those needs, manage quality control and user acceptance.

Lead technical sales: For customers needing technical services, I am Creative Computing’s main sales person. I understand our customer’s technical needs and explain how Creative Computing can meet those needs. These conversations often require a technical understanding of the customer’s network, computers, servers and other equipment. For customer’s needing hardware or software, I understand what the customer is trying to accomplish. Then I determine the best choice of hardware or software to meet the technical needs of the customer in the most cost- effective way possible.

Educational software administrator: For our various K-12 customers I provide needs analysis, software administration and training. If the school needs software to accomplish a task, such as circulation management in the library or student grade management, I would select and quote a solution. For administration, I would setup, install, configure and train users on how to implement the solution provided by the software.

VoIP administrator: Responsible for all hardware decisions regarding VoIP. This includes the server and the phones. Responsible for selection of VoIP providers to ensure they have the capabilities needed and are cost effective. Responsible for all server configuration, user authentication, call routing, hold and park configuration, IVR setup, voicemail routing, etcetera. Jeffrey R. Gorman,, 609-***-****. Page 5 Firewall administrator: For both customers and Creative Computing I am responsible for all firewall configuration and management. This includes VPN set up, port forwarding, port triggering, routing tables, border gateway protocol, traffic monitoring, and security. Security wise, I am responsible for virus and malware filtering, content filtering, intrusion prevention. Email administrator: For both customers and Creative Computing, I am responsible for email management. In some cases, this includes hardware, operating system, and email server software such as Microsoft Exchange or Postfix. In all cases I am responsible for user account maintenance, quota management, group management, virus and spam filtering, junk mail filtering, etcetera. I am also responsible for ensuring that email clients are able to easily and reliably connect to the server. This includes desktop, mobile and web based clients. Finally, I am responsible for all email security-making sure servers and accounts are not compromised in any way.

Chief Financial Officer: As the Chief Financial Officer for Creative Computing I am responsible for deciding where our money goes. I first make sure we meet our responsibilities such as rent, payroll, inventory, etc. Then I decide where else we can spend, marketing, capital investment, additional staff, etc. Director of purchasing: Responsible for all purchasing. This includes allocating funds, deciding on vendors, deciding what inventory should be purchased. Also includes deciding what capital expenditures to make and when. Budgeting: Responsible for estimating projected income and managing actual income. Then deciding how to allocate this income including facilities, payroll, marketing, advertising and capital expenditures.

Retail management: Responsible for design and layout of our retail spaces. I determined the look and feel of the space. I selected the items on display, how they were displayed, what items were near each other. Everything it took to generate sales.

Staff management: Responsible for all day to day staffing. Making sure both in store and outside staff were where they needed to be when they need to be there. Handled all employee scheduling issues, managed sick, personal and vacation time.

Inventory Manager: Responsible for determining appropriate stocking levels for all inventory items, selecting and negotiating with vendors and ensuring payment. Sales manager: For retail, outbound and technical sales, responsible for hiring all sales staff, training, establishment of procedures and quotas and performance measurement.

Jeffrey R. Gorman,, 609-***-****. Page 6 Facilities director (network and physical): Responsible for all aspects of facilities for Creative Computing. Responsibilities include wiring closet selection, fixture selection, furniture selection, flooring, electrical, lighting, network access, Wi-Fi access point location, security, window selection, grounds planning and the maintenance of all of these.

Human resource manager: Responsible for all hiring decisions for Creative Computing. This includes deciding that there is a position in the first place. Then deciding what the qualifications are, allocating budget for it, advertising for the position, reviewing résumés, conducting interviews, consulting with staff and making the final hiring decision.

Staff supervisor/scheduler: Responsibilities include scheduling store/office management and staff to ensure all necessary positions are staffed at all times. I am also responsible for guaranteeing the correct, qualified staff are at customer sites as necessary.

Payroll manager: As the payroll manager for Creative Computing, I am responsible for making sure everyone gets paid on time. I manage the direct deposits, on boarding, off boarding, end of year tax forms, payroll taxes, unemployment and disability.

Marketing director: Responsible for deciding how, when and where to market. These decisions account for costs, effectiveness, business goals, vendor requirements, etc. Once decided, I implement the marketing. This includes content, vendor interactions and results analysis.

Hobbies: Krav Maga and skiing.

References available on request

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