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procurement officer

Columbus, New Mexico, 88029, United States
November 30, 2017

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MMeennaa GGaammeell SSaalleehh HHaakkiieemm

Cairo, Egypt

Mobile: 012********, 010********


OObbjjeeccttiivvee :

• A smart and hard worker purchaser officer, Possesses ambition to achieve high career growth in procurement in different fields and looking for a new opportunity within a large company where my work experience background and skills are developed and utilized.

EEdduuccaattiioonn :

• Studied at: Al Gazeera Academy of computer science and information system.

• Graduation Date: May - 2009.

• Grade: Very Good.

WWoorrkk EExxppeerriieennccee::

-Purchaser Officer at Coprosa Prime (Cairo New Administrative Capital, Cairo – Suez Road, Egypt)

(September 2016) -Till now

•• WWoorrkk oonn tthhee pprrooccuurreemmeenntt ppllaann bbyy tthhee PPuurrcchhaassiinngg MMaannaaggeerr..

•• SSttuuddyy ooff tthhee aassssaayy aanndd tthhee wwoorrkk rreeppoorrttss ooff tthhee ppuurrcchhaassee..

•• SSeeaarrcchh ffoorr ssuupppplliieerrss aanndd rraaww mmaatteerriiaallss rreeqquuiirreedd aanndd ffiinndd tthhee bbeesstt pprriiccee iitt..

•• CCoommppaarree pprriicceess bbeettwweeeenn ssuupppplliieerrss aanndd ffiinndd tthhee bbeesstt pprriiccee ffoorr tthheemm aanndd aapppprroopprriiaattee mmeetthhooddss ooff ppaayymmeenntt ffoorr tthhee ccoommppaannyy..

•• TThhee iissssuuaannccee ooff tthhee ppuurrcchhaassee oorrddeerr aafftteerr cchhoooossiinngg tthhee ssuupppplliieerr aanndd tthhee ccoommpplleettiioonn ooff tthhee pprrooccuurreemmeenntt pprroocceessss..

•• CCoooorrddiinnaattiioonn bbeettwweeeenn tthhee ssiittee aanndd tthhee ddiirreeccttoorr ooff aaddmmiinniissttrraattiioonn iinn tthhee pprriioorriittyy ppuurrcchhaassee ooff rraaww mmaatteerriiaallss..

•• FFoollllooww--uupp ppuurrcchhaassee oorrddeerr wwiitthh tthhee ssuupppplliieerr uunnttiill tthhee eennttrryy ooff rraaww mmaatteerriiaallss ssttoorree.. 1

•• FFoollllooww--uupp ssttoorreess aanndd rreecceeiipptt ooff tthhee ggooooddss qquuaalliittyy ffoollllooww--uupp ppuurrcchhaasseess wwiitthh ssttoorreess aanndd wwoorrkk rreeppoorrtt..

•• FFoollllooww--uupp aasssseettss ssttoorreess oonn aa rreegguullaarr bbaassiiss..

•• MMaakkee aa lliisstt ooff ssuupppplliieerrss ttoo bbee oonn ccaallll aanndd ffiinndd oouutt tthhee bbeesstt ssuupppplliieerrss ddeeaall wwiitthh tthhee ccoommppaannyy..

•• AAllwwaayyss ffoollllooww tthhee mmaarrkkeett aanndd tthhee cchhaannggiinngg eeccoonnoommyy aanndd tthhee pprriiccee ooff tthhee mmaaiinn rraaww mmaatteerriiaallss oonn aa ppeerrmmaanneenntt bbaassiiss..

-Purchaser Officer and Accountant aatt BBeeggoorryy CCoonnssttrruuccttiioonn CCoommppaannyy (LLaa ppllaayyaa RReessoorrtt -RRaass SSuuddrr,, EEggyypptt))

August 2015 – August 2016 (1 year)

• Responsible for payroll accounting.

• Responsible for profit and loss account.

• Responsible for vendor accounts.

• Responsible for warehouse supervision.

• Responsible for bank holdings accounts.

• Responsible to follow up stores, balance, quantities and a review of the outgoing and incoming goods.

• The work of the minutes of receipt and inventory regularly to all brands.

-Purchaser Officer and Site Accountant aatt NNaattiioonnaall CCoommppaannyy ffoorr CCoonnssttrruuccttiioonn December 2013 – August 2015 (1 year and 8 months)


• The project of establishing an orphanage Association of Ahmed Orabi 2011.

• The project of Construction of a residential building Al Horyea Street New Egypt 2012.

• The project of Rotogravure October 2013.

• The project of Swedish cable October 2013.

• The project of a plant to recycle waste paper and wood from Ministry of Military Production 2013.

-Quality Control aatt NNaattiioonnaall SStteeeell FFaabbrriiccaattiioonn CCoommppaannyy (66tthh OOccttoobbeerr CCiittyy,, EEggyypptt)) August 2011 – December 2013 (2 year and 4 months)


No. Name of Project Client Place of Project Type of Project 1-

Nubaria Power


STF Egypt boilers


2- Bazian cement factory OCI Orascom Iraq Steel structure 3- Nile sugar company OCI Orascom Egypt Steel structure 4-

G+H electric power


G+H Iraq

Steel structure &

plate work

-Assistant Branch Manager aatt PPuummaa ffoorr SSppoorrttss WWeeaarr (GGnneennaa MMaallll,, CCaaiirroo,, EEggyypptt)) December 2010 – August 2011 (8 months)

-SShhoowwrroooomm CCoommppaannyy ffoorr wwoommeenn''ss sshhooeess,, bbaaggss aanndd aacccceessssoorriieess

- Sales representative from 8/2009 to 2/2009

- Assistant Branch Manager from 2/2009 to 12/2010

PPeerrssoonnaall IInnffoorrmmaattiioonn :

Date of birth : 25 / 10 / 1987

Nationality : Egyptian

Marital status : Married

Military status : Exemption

CCeerrttiiffiiccaattiioonnss :

• ICDL – Cairo university

• Auto Cad 2010 (2D) in Faculty of Engineering in Cairo University.

LLaanngguuaaggeess :

Arabic: Native

English: Good Command (Writing, Reading and Speaking). 1-

CCoommppuutteerr SSkkiillllss :

Perfect command of windows, Microsoft Office applications and internet browsing. 3

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