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Microsoft Office Management

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
November 29, 2017

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Farid Ebrahimy

Withby, Ontario



Experience in quality (assurance, control, inspector)and production development and processing and Practical Supervision, Topographical Surveying, Hazardous Wastes and Modern Industrial Process, Menu Management and Design, Plant Sanitation

Certification include SPC, HACCP, Food Handler,GMP, SOP, BPRs, SAP, SQL, REST, GLP, Auditor, ISO and EMS, CHA, CQA,

Solid laboratory skills, competent in conducting filtration, Ecology, cross-flow filtration, Soil, Groundwater, Bioregionalism and chromatography tests, GC, UV-vis FTIR, PLC, LIMS, HVAC, ECGs, SOW while following safety protocols

Familiar with techniques and equipment including, pH/Conductivity Meters Centrifuge Expanded-bed chromatography columns Packed-bed chromatography columns Ultrafiltration skids.

Advanced computer skills in Excel, Word, SPSS, API, Java, Access, Macula, AutoCAD, HCIS, Telehealth, C/C++

Expertise in math, Calculus and statistics to analyze data and complete lab reports

Energetic and have good leadership skills demonstrated through extra-curricular activities

Isolation of Lactic acid bacteria from yogurt and antibacterial activity of lactic acid bacteria on pathogenic bacteria, and Foodborne disease and contamination like E.coli on the foods were published in microbiology magazine

Representative, Leader, Organizer, Management and Supervisor

Influent in English, Persian and Arabic


Centennial College

*Diploma of Biotechnology 2014 – 2015

*Food Science and Technology 2012 – 2014

Health Informatics Technology 2010 – 2012

*Equivalence to B.Sc. Biotechnology SPECIALIZATION IN Food Science and Technology







6-Ontario Food Protection Association

7-Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology

Skills & Endorsements

1- Information Technology 2-- Healthcare Information Technology and Sociology 3-Advanced Psychology and Physiology 4- Anatomy and Pharmacology 5- Medical Nutrition Therapy and Consulting 6- Team Leadership 7-Teamwork 8-Microsoft Office 9-PowerPoint10-Photoshop 11 Time Management 12 Microsoft Excel &Access 13-InventoryManagement 14-Biochemistry 15 Food Handler Training for the Food Processing Industry 16 Food Preparation 17- Food Service18- Quality Management 19 Food Manufacturing 20-Food Safety and Sanitation 21-Quality Control 21-Inspection and QualityAssurance 22 Recombination of DNA 23- Analytical Instrumentation 24 Microbiology 25-Process Control 26- Food Chemistry 27 -Organic & inorganic Chemistry 28-EnvironmentalMicrobiology 29- Genetics 30- Analytical Chemistry 31-Pharmaceutical microbiology 32 Food Microbiology 33-Unix/Linux Operating Systems and HCIS 34-Systems Integration and ICT 35-Infection Control 36 Ecology 37-Water Quality Control 38- C/C++ Programming, 39- PLC and HVAC 40- Environment Audits, Sampling and Data management 41- Applied Hydrology and Spills management 42 Microbiological Analysis and Geographic Information System43- Customer Skills and Data Communications 44 Injury Assessment and Management 45 Biomechanics and Nutrition in Health Care system 46 Food Biotechnology and Analysis 47 Principles of Sanitation, Food Handler Certificate, Safety and Hygiene( by TrainCan Food Safety Training course ) 48- Food Service Management 49- Food Properties Analysis and Nutrition 50 in Communications and Interprofessional Approaches for Purchasing and Accounting for the Food Services Industry 51- - Organizational Behaviour in Planning and Design 52- Food Services Systems Management 53- Health Care Menu Planning and Supervision 54- Marketing and Merchandising for Food Services Operations (Recipe Development and Costing, Financial Management) 55- Product Development and Design 56- Nutrition Assessment and Counselling

Work experience

1)12month co-op placement

2) 9 month internship

3)8 month volunteering

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