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Design Engineer

United States
November 28, 2017

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Dearborn MI-48126 +1-313-***-****


Automotive Engineer looking for an opportunity in CAE with specialization in Powertrain NVH, Vehicle Dynamics, Chassis Structure Design & Optimization, Vehicle Crashworthiness

3 years of experience in SAE BAJA & FSAE, in Chassis, Steering & Suspension design teams

Completed projects related to NVH (Lab Testing), Vehicle Dynamics, Vehicle Crashworthiness, Chassis Design, Lightweight material Selection, Full Vehicle Frontal Crash simulations, Occupant & Pedestrian Safety, Stiffness Analysis of Chassis Structure, Fatigue & Durability analysis

Proficient in FEA/CAD tools - HyperMesh-OptiStruct, Hypergraph, LS-Dyna, Ansys & CATIA V5R20

Proficient in Multi Body Dynamics (MBD) tools– MSC Adams/View, Optimum Kinematics/ Tire


Masters in Automotive Systems Engineering – University of Michigan Dearborn 09/16- Present Courses- FEM in Automotive Design, Vehicle Crashworthiness, Vehicle Dynamics, NVH GPA- 3.4/4

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, RTM Nagpur University, India 08/12 – 06/16 Courses- Finite Element Analysis, Solid mechanics, Strength of Materials CGPA-8.5/10


Dynamics Team-FSAE Electric – University of Michigan Dearborn 03/17 – Present

• Responsible for design for manufacturing & assembly (DFM&A) of Suspension and Steering sub systems

• Steering system is designed to achieve pro-Ackerman geometry & reduce bump steer in MSC Adams/View

• Suspension system is modelled as Double wishbone push/pull rod in front/rear & simulated in MSC Adams by developing load cases as per track conditions, dynamic camber, wheel travel in jounce/rebound are plotted

• Worked on tire data obtained from Hoosier to calculate the relation between slip angles, lateral & longitudinal forces generated on tires in Optimum Tire

SAE BAJA INDIA – Lead for Chassis & Suspension Development 04/14- 02/16

• Designed Suspension Geometry as per design constraints and track conditions of SAE Baja, India

• Chassis & body systems modelling was done on Catia V5R20, DFMEA was done on designed components

• FEA modelling was done on HyperMesh, bending and torsional stiffness values were calculated

• Team lead for Cost Evaluation Report (DVP&R)- Made project plan & entire cost report involving entire prototype cost of the vehicle including the manufacturing cost, raw material cost of each component

• Team Racing Driver for the endurance race


Mahindra & Mahindra (Tractors), MIDC, Nagpur, India 06/14 – 08/14

• Responsible to validate the design of components of transmission system mainly differential system in tractors

• Main role was to optimize the various processes involved in the transmission assembly line

• Optimization was carried out by identifying the bottleneck point in the line & reduce the overall production time


NVH OF AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLES (Lab Testing) 09/17 - Present

• Lab 1 – Frequency Response Function (FRF) Measurement o To perform a Frequency Response Function (FRF) measurement and to identify the Lag Magnitudes, Real Values, Imagine Values, & Phase Angles at resonant frequencies on LMS SCADAS III Digital Analyzer

• Lab 2 – Experimental Modal Analysis

o To perform an experimental modal analysis of a free-free flat plate. These measurements were to determine resonant frequencies, damping ratios, and mode shape

• Lab 3 – Order tracking & Sound Quality

o To conduct an order tracking measurement and by using sound filters to improve the sound quality. Sound Input was from an engine and based on the number of orders number of cylinders were identified

• Lab 4 – Acoustics Material Testing using Impedance Tube o Experiment is to acoustical material absorption measurement using an impedance tube. These measurements are used to study characteristics of acoustical material and the effectiveness of air gap. The experiment is conducted on B & K setup (Power Amplifier, Pulse Digital Analyzer, Power Amplifier)

• Lab 5 – Sound Intensity Testing & Analysis

o To perform sound intensity measurement and to analyze its results. A GRAS sound intensity probe will be used with LMS SCADAS sound intensity software. By analyzing the sound intensity map, the dominant region and dominant frequency ranges of the noise source

• Lab 6 – Sound Field Identification using Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Meter o Experiment is to identify various sound fields of a sound source in an anechoic chamber using a sound pressure level (SPL) meter. Experience of identification of sound fields. i.e. near field, far field, and reverberation field


• Natural Frequency & Normal Modal Analysis of Vehicle Chassis Structure o Conduct Normal Modal analysis, natural frequencies are calculated and identify frequency modes & mode shapes. Modification of structure to improve the first natural frequency by 1 Hz (HyperMesh, HyperView) o Torsional or Twisting mode is selected as the natural frequency mode, the frequency of this mode is increased by increasing the stiffness at critical regions with constraints as mass, cost & manufacturability

• Body & Frame Stiffness Analysis

o The bending stiffness and the torsional stiffness are calculated of the given frame and as per load conditions calculated. Both the stiffness values are improved by 5% using HyperMesh –Opti Struct o Bending loads are applied on both the right and left rockers at the H-Points. For bending load, the six degrees of freedom of all the shock towers are constrained

o For torsional loading, apply loads that generate moment about the vehicle X-axis. The moment is applied to the front two shock towers. All the degrees of freedom are constrained for the rear two shock tower


• Benchmarking &Preliminary Design Specifications

o Benchmarking and determining primary design specs of target vehicle with the competitive vehicles using of Pugh Diagram & Benchmarking table. Using benchmarking & Pugh build concept design for target vehicle

• Interface Analysis & Quality Function Deployment (QFD) o Generated QFD chart by understanding the attributes of the customer and correlating with the design specifications & insuring that the sub system meets functional & packaging requirements o Interface diagram & matrix & defining surface interfaces, interdependency between different sub systems

• Business and Design Verification Plan (DVP&R)

o Based on consumer demands and market survey, developed a business plan, sales projection of the target vehicle o Prepared timing plan, milestones (V-model) and cost/revenue summary, also give life cycle of the vehicle


Non-resident graduate student scholarship at University of Michigan Dearborn

12th Overall at FORMULA SAE ELECTRIC Lincoln, Nebraska- 2017

Top 25 finish amongst 395 teams at BAJA SAE INDIA – 2016


Hyperworks 14.0, Hypergraph, Abaqus, Ls Dyna, Catia V5-R20, Ansys, Matlab, nCode Design Life, MSC Adams/View

Certified SAP B1 (TB1000, TB1100, TB1200)

MS Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

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