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Registered Nurse

Webster, Florida, 33597, United States
November 28, 2017

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Dr. Dawn Bailey, DNP, MSN, MHA/Informatics, RN

**** ** ***.

Webster, FL 33597

210-***-**** (c)

Work Experience

Bartlett Regional Hospital, Juneau, Alaska (Interim to Permanent) 3/3/2014 to 2/12/2016

Interim 3/3/2014 to 6/30/2014 to a permanent position. Bartlett Regional Hospital is a 76 bed acute care hospital, including an Adult Behavioral Unit and a Chemical Dependency Recovery Center. Bartlett Regional Hospital has a level IV trauma designation. The hospital is a not-for-profit hospital, operated as an entity of the City and Borough of Juneau with a Board that is responsible for the economic viability and management oversight.

Director of Surgical Services

Responsible the Surgical Services Department, including a 4 room OR, plus Endoscopy

suite, PACU, Sterile Processing, Preadmission Testing, Anesthesia and Same Day Surgery areas and C-Sections in OB.

Responsible for a team of 45 staff members, including 2 Clinical Assistant Managers.

Responsible for a $3 million inventory

Responsible for maintaining CMS and Joint Commission readiness at all times

Responsible for maintaining quality patient care and customer satisfaction.


Increased case load for the last 6 months of the year to equal the previous year and currently are ahead of the previous year in total number of cases.

Developed and implemented 8 new processes in Sterile Processing and Endoscopy to become compliant with CMS and Joint Commission Standards.

Put processes into place to bring the department compliant with CMS and Joint Commission.

Developed and implemented the annual competencies for RN’s, and Surgical Technologists in the Surgical Services Department.

Participated in the development and implementation of the EMR, MediTech 6.1 within the hospital.

Implemented the Periop Nurse training program, trained 2 new circulators for the OR.

Developed IV training program for Same Day Nurses.

Participated in the implementation of the Surgical Technologist Training program.

Connally Memorial Medical Center, Floresville, Texas 6/2012-2/2014

Connally Memorial Medical Center is a 44 bed acute care hospital. Connally Memorial Medical Center has a level IV trauma designation. The hospital is part of the Wilson Hospital District and is managed by Endeavor Healthcare and overseen by a Board.

Director of Surgical Services

Responsible for the Surgical Services Department, including a 2 room OR, Pre-op Holding, PACU, Sterile Processing, and an Endoscopy Suite.

Responsible for a team of 7 staff members.

Responsible for a $1.5 million inventory.

Responsible for developing new service lines.

Responsible for maintaining CMS readiness at all times.


Developed and implemented processes within the department that brought patient satisfaction scores to 100%.

Develop and implemented with the help of a new ENT surgeon an ENT service line which contributed an additional 25 procedures in the last 3 months of 2013 into the beginning of 2014.

Developed and implemented a training program for the perioperative nurse utilizing the Periop101 program from AORN. 1 new circulator was trained for the OR.

NOVAPRO, Inc. Cross Country Staffing Inc., Tampa, FL 8/2010- 8/2012

NOVAPRO Inc. is a travel staffing agency. It is a sister company to Cross Country Staffing, Inc. NOVAPRO provides staffing, to include OR circulators, as well as other staffing to acute care facilities.

OR Staff Circulator

Responsible for circulating OR rooms, providing patient care and ensuring aseptic technique is maintained.

United States Army 7/2004 – 8/2010

Keller Army Community Hospital, West Point, NY (7/2008 – 8/2010)

Keller Army Community Hospital is a 31 bed acute care hospital located on West Point, in West Point, NY. Keller Army Community Hospital boasts a 2 room OR, PACU, ENDO Suite, and Sterile Processing. There is also a 3rd OR in the OB unit.

Perioperative Head Nurse

Responsible for the running of OR and Sterile Processing. Ensuring adequate staffing to cover cases and excellent patient care is provided.

Responsible for ensuring procedures are followed in Sterile Processing.

Responsible for maintaining cost control.

Responsible for the OR schedule and ensuring special needs are available and met.


Commendations from Joint Commission on OR compliance during the survey.

Developed and implemented the Quality Improvement Dashboard in the OR.

Developed and implemented Workplace Violence training in the Surgical Services Department, which was then presented to the rest of the hospital staff.

Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, TX (1/2006 – 7/2008)

Brooke Army Medical Center is located on Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. Brooke Army Medical Center is a 425 bed, designated a level I trauma center.

Perioperative Charge Nurse

Responsible for running the board and keeping the OR rooms running smoothly.

Responsible for staffing of the OR rooms and ensuring proper coverage for breaks and meals.

Responsible for communicating with Same Day Holding to ensure patients are ready for surgery.


Received Commendations from the Chief of Perioperative Services on running a strong OR.

Promoted to Captain.

United States Army Institute of Surgical Research, San Antonio, TX (2005 – 2006)

Located within Brooke Army Medical Center, the Institute of Surgical Research runs the 45 bed Burn Unit with its own Intensive Care Unit, Step Down unit, and an OR.

Charge / Staff Nurse

Responsible for adequate staffing for the unit, patient assignments, and quality of care.

Responsible for Inventory on the unit.

Responsible to ensure all quality checks and drug counts are completed and accurate.

Responsible for providing high quality care to all patients.

Responsible for ensuring all policies and procedures are followed.

Responsible for assisting staff nurses with debridement and pain control.

Responsible for ensuring infection control is maintained on the unit.


Several trips to Germany to bring back wounded soldiers.

Commanders Coin for protecting the patients in isolation, including stopping the President of the United States from entering an isolation room until he was properly dressed in isolation attire.

Developed and instituted the hand washing in-service for the unit.

Leesburg Regional Medical Center, Leesburg, FL 3/2003 – 2/2005

Leesburg Regional Medical Center is a 316 bed acute care center. The hospital has received multiple awards and recognitions.

RN Staff Nurse

Responsible for providing high quality patient care on the Surgical floor.

Responsible for monitoring the LPN and CNA down my hall and ensuring high quality care is being provided.


Enhanced my clinical skills prior to entering the ARMY.

Self-Employed Legal Nurse Consulting, Webster, FL 11/1999 – 10/2005

Owned my own Legal Nurse Consulting business. Consulted to 13 Attorneys in Florida, Georgia, New York, and Alabama for Long Term Care cases.

Responsible for meticulous chart reviews.

Responsible for writing meticulous reports with recommendation for proceeding or not proceeding with a case.

Responsible for providing accurate depositions and trial testimony.


Reviewed 2802 cases for various attorneys.

Completed 200 video presentations of information, none of these cases went to trial, the defendants settled out of court.

Completed 98 depositions.

Testified in 20 court cases with a 100% success rate for the plaintiff.

Rehabilitation and Health Care Center of Tampa, Tampa, FL 2/1999 – 2/2000

Rehabilitation and Health Care Center of Tampa is a 174 bed sub-acute and long Term care center. Offering post-acute care services, rehabilitation services, skilled nursing services, and long term care services. This facility is a not-for-profit facility.

Director of Nursing Services

Responsible for Nursing Services, overseeing 100 employees.

Responsible for ensuring high quality patient care is provided.

Responsible for adequate staffing.

Responsible for hiring, terminating, and disciplinary practices.

Responsible for infection control.

Responsible for budget control.

Responsible for CMS readiness at all times.

Responsible for handling patient and family member complaints.


Developed and implemented a plan to bring care plans current and to keep them current. 100% compliance was reached prior to the annual CMS inspection.

Developed and implemented the wound care system to address a high rate of pressure sores. The system showed a 50% reduction in the number of pressure ulcers (combined in-house and admitted with).

Developed and implemented the IV program with in the facility.

Implemented standardization of supplies and brought the expense for supplies in under budget.

Improved patient satisfaction from 45% to 80% in one year.

Extendicare Health Services, Inc. Tampa, FL 2/1998 – 2/1999

Extendicare Health Services is one of the largest long-term care chains in the United States, with 156 senior care facilities.

Regional Nurse Consultant

Responsible for the oversight of 10 nursing facilities in Central and North Florida.

Responsible for hiring of new Directors of Nurses.

Responsible for ensuring all facilities are Survey ready at all times.

Responsible for assist Directors with budget control.

Responsible for writing plans of correction post survey.

Responsible for troubleshooting issues in all facilities.


Developed and implemented the Care Bear project in all 10 facilities. This is the pressure ulcer prevention program.

No citations for pressure ulcers.

4 of the 10 facilities had deficiency free surveys.

Vencor, Inc., Tampa, FL 8/1997 – 2/1998

Vencor, Inc. is a Long-term care company. This was a temporary position in a Fort Lauderdale facility to bring it back into compliance and act as the Director of Nursing while the facility searched for a Director of Nursing.

RN troubleshooter

Responsible for running the Nursing Services in the facility.

Acting Director of Nurses.

Responsible for budget control.

Responsible for staffing.

Responsible for overall patient care.


Developed and implemented the wound care program.

Successfully put processes in place that took the facility through survey with minimal cites.

Successfully interviewed and hired the facility’s new Director of Nurses.

Developed and implemented the training program for the Director of Nurses.

Beverly Enterprises, FT. Smith, AR 1/1985 – 8/1997

Beverly Enterprises is one of the largest long-term care providers in the United States.

Regional Nurse Consultant: (1994 – 1997)

Responsible for the oversight of 12 facilities throughout the state of Florida.

Responsible for ensuring survey readiness at all times.

Responsible for assisting Directors of Nursing to maintain budget control.

Responsible for providing education for Directors of Nursing.


10 of the 12 facilities have less the 4 citations on survey or were deficiency free.

All 12 facilities remained under budget in staffing and supplies.

9 of the 12 facilities remained above budget in census (beds filled).

Stable Director of Nursing Staff, no turnover in Directors in 3 years.

Director of Nursing Services, Englewood Health Care, Englewood, FL (1987-1994)

Responsible for the overall functioning of the Nursing Services Department.

Responsible for survey readiness at all times.

Responsible for ensuring high quality of care is being provided at all times.

Responsible for communicating with patients and family members.

Responsible for budget control.

Responsible for staffing.

Responsible for hiring, terminating, and disciplinary practices.


Received the first deficiency free survey in the facility’s history.

Developed and implemented the first IV therapy program in the facility’s history.

Developed and implemented the CNA training program in conjunction with a local vocational school.

Developed and implemented the first behavioral modification unit in the company.

Assistant Director of Nursing, Venice Health Care Center, Venice, FL (1985 – 1987)

Responsible for supervising staff.

Responsible for maintain care plans current and accurate.

Responsible for new employee orientation.

Responsible for employee health.

Responsible for employee competencies.

Responsible for infection control.


Received no deficiencies in care plans during survey.

Developed and implemented New Employee Orientation.

Developed and implemented a New Employee Health program.

Developed and implemented tracking for employee health.

Developed competencies for staff.


Doctorate of Nursing Practice – Executive Tract

Capella University, 2016

Masters of Science in Health Administration / Informatics

University of Phoenix, 2011

Master of Science Nursing

University of Phoenix, 2009

Bachelor of Science Nursing

University of Central Florida, 2004

Associate of Arts

Lake Sumter Community College, 2003

Associate of Science in Nursing

Edison Community College, 1984





Sigma Theta Tou (2009)

Army Nurse Corp Association (2005)

American Nurse Association (2005)

Florida Nurse Association (2005)

National Burn Association (2005)

Association of Operating Room Nurses (2010)

AAMI (2012)

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