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Training Manager

United States
$15.00 hourly
November 28, 2017

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Tamara K. Johnson

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Le Sueur, MN 56058



Quality-focused supervisor who believes excellent people skills and open communication are essential functions of successful security management. Skilled Correctional Supervisor with more than 15 years in security and safety enforcement. Works well independently and as part of a team. SKILLS:

Skilled in conflict resolution Defensive Driving Training CPR and Child CPR Training Special Investigative Training Natural Leader Communication Training

Report analysis Evaluation Writing

Investigative Procedures Self Defense

Staffing and Scheduling Firearms Training

Interviews and Interrogations Report Writing

Employee Assessment


Packaging Lead/Label Issuance (2006 - 2017)

Bimeda, Inc - Le Sueur, MN

My responsibility was working and supervising the shift in the packaging of farm animal pharmaceuticals. There was five different area and machines in operation. I learned the operation of all the machines and was able to trouble shoot any problems that occurred. During my shift, I also had on occasion other duties dealing with packaging where I would have to work on projects by myself and ensure all other areas were running smooth. I also had to audit all paperwork from my shift and the previous shift. I was the assistant to the label issuance department. If needed, I would issue labels, audit paperwork and back flush work orders in the computer. When I was given the lead postion on second shift, the shift was known as the worst shift due to people not getting along and other personality conflicts. Within a couple months using communication skills and person skills, I was able to turn the shift into the best shift with a higher productivity. I was able to get the shift to work as a team, and taught them to communicate with each other. I started to have a short meeting on Fridays at the end of the shift where we would discuss the weeks work and any problems anyone had. This was admired by management and the other shifts were made to adopt this program. The plant manager on many occasions referred to me as a born leader. She stated that people were inspired by me and respected me.

Correctional Supervisor/Special Investigating Supervisor Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons (1985 - 2005) I started with the Bureau as a correctional officer at Seagoville TX. I received Correctional Officers training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy in Glencoe, GA. I worked in the inmate units and other areas in the prison. At four years I applied for a promotion to GS-9 Lieutenant (junior lieutenant) at the Federal minimum/max female prison in Pleasanton, CA. I got the promotion and was transferred to Pleasanton. I was sent to the training facility in Denver, CA for training for supervisors. Normally at that time, it would take 5 to 8 years to make Lieutenant. While working in Pleasanton, I was involved in a riot with three other staff and we all walked out with minor injuries. We all received monetary awards for our actions in the riot. I also worked at the Federal Detention Center in Pleasanton. A detention center is where arrested federal offenders were held until they were convicted and sentenced in federal court. After 18 months I applied for a promotion to GS-11 Lieutenant (senior lieutenant) at the Federal Medical Center in Rochester, MN. I worked at Rochester for four years. While working at Rochester, I was sent to Washington, DC for leadership forum training, Denver, CO for Special Investigators Training, Glencoe, GA, for Bus driving and defensive driving training along with inmate transportation training. I was also assigned as the Federal Woman's Program Manager for one year and received training for that voluntary position. I applied for a transfer to a new Federal Medical Center for woman in Ft. Worth, TX. I assisted with all matters of opening a new prison. I worked at Ft. Worth for 18 months. I applied for a transfer to another new prison opening at the new Federal Prison in Waseca, MN. I assisted in opening Waseca, and continued my rolls as a Lieutenant and Special Investigating Lieutenant. Brown County Sheriff’s Department

Aberdeen, SD (1983 - 1985)

I worked as a jailor and also was the dispatcher for the sheriff’s department and also dispatched for the state patrol in the county. I received corrections training in Pierre, SD. I was trained on report writing, booking of inmates, finger printing, and trained on conducting breathalyzer tests. I was also trained in CPR and fire arms.

United States Army

Fort Hood, TX (1979 - 1982)

I went into the Army after high school and was accepted for military police. I trained in Ft. McClellan, Alabama and stationed for four years at Fort Hood, Texas. I worked as a military police officer and also was cross trained to work in the corrections field, so when they had female inmates, I was assigned to work at the inmate barracks.


Fire Arms Training

Communication Training

Report Writing

Leadership Training

CPR Training

Self Defense Training

Bus Driving Training

Inmate Transportation Training

WITSEC inmate Transportation Training

Special Investigations Training

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