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Mental Health Staff

Vidalia, Georgia, United States
November 28, 2017

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Dilmia (Dee) Slusher

* **** *** ******

Helena, Georgia 31037-0536



**/****- ******* ******* ***** Prison

Reidsville, Ga

MH Tier Lead

Management of Offenders assigned to the Tier, Special Management Unit. Rotation in Duty call for crisis intervention. Mental Health Evaluations of O/F presenting to emergency room with self-injurious behaviors/suicidal/homicidal behaviors. Develop Treatment Plans with O/F. Behavior modification for difficult O/F to manage. Daily dorm rounds. Documentation of O/F charts per SOP standards.

07/15-02/2017 Baxley ITF


Baxley, GA

Mental Health Counselor

Maintains a caseload of dual diagnosis inmates. Develops Treatment Plans, recommendations for treatment. Crisis intervention, making recommendations for CSU if needed. Provide group therapy, community dorm meetings.

03/03-07/15 Community Mental Health

Dublin, Georgia

Social Services Provider II: Under limited supervision, performs social services functions at an advanced level to patients and their families. Responsibilities include completion of complex psychosocial assessments to determine mental health and A&D needs, treatment team participation, treatment planning/monitoring and discharge planning. Head of Juvenile Sex Offender Program. Evaluate county jail inmates with mental Health needs for stabilization, risk and ongoing treatment.

Based on the DSM-IV-TR diagnose and make recommendations for level of care needed for patients. Biopsychosocial clinical assessment determine if symptoms are drug/alcohol related or mental health related and assign to appropriate program. Complete treatment plan and MICP. Schedule doctor’s appointments, link client with level of care recommended. Medication compliance and documentation of effectiveness of psychotrophic medications. Provides therapy/counseling to patients requiring complex intervention, including those who are homicidal, suicidal or exhibit life-threatening behaviors; determines necessity for involuntary commitment. Provide crisis intervention for probate court ordered patients brought in by local law enforcement to determine necessary intervention needed. Facilitate juvenile sex offender program to include supervises weekly sex offender group, documentation of progress notes and attends court to recommend sanctions and treatment for sex offenders as ordered. Maintains a high level of contact with probation officers and court officials on sex offender’s compliance and behavior. Complete assessment of clients ordered by parole, probation and DFCS, making recommendation for appropriate level of care. Maintain high level of contact with parole and probation officer to ensure compliance. Maintain caseload of Mental Health Inmates at county jail for our catchment area.

01/99-present Horizons Family Services

Sharon Lord, LPC

Dublin, Georgia 31021

Part-time employment:

This company contracts with the Department of Juvenile Justice and DFCS. Work as IFY team member working with children in their homes. Conduct random drug screens and hair follicle as ordered by agency or court. Provide in home intensive therapy to clients as outlined by their case plan or court order. Complete Drug and Alcohol Assessments as ordered by the court or DFCS, making recommendations for treatment. Complete Biopsychosocial Assessment on clients to determine mental health needs. Provide counseling services to these clients as ordered by agency or court. Attend court on routine basis to testify to client’s ability to provide a safe and stable environment for children. Evaluate residence for safety of children’s placement and make recommendation to court and DFCS for child’s placement. Obtain fingerprint cards and background checks on all potential placement residences and make recommendations for approval as assigned. Transport clients as needed for court or physician appointments. Serves on Treatment Team board to determine appropriate treatment strategies for clients. Complete home evaluations for potential placement of children.

Evaluations and assessments performed:

Substance Abuse

Domestic Violence


Anger Management

Home Evaluations

Mental Health Assessments

02/01-03/03 GDC/Wheeler Correctional Facility

Alamo, GA

Mental Health Director: Oversee supervision and management of a minimum of 150 male mental health inmates. Responsible for staffing of counseling, psychiatrist, psychologist and Psychiatric Nurse. Facilitated weekly staff meetings to motivate team members. Conduct Monthly audits to ensure department polices are followed and reduce future violations of policy/procedures. Responsible for personnel issues including leave, performance evaluations, physician contracts and disciplinary action as necessary. Supervision of all staff to ensure compliance with SOP, State Formulary and Treatment Guidelines. Responsible for managing security of department, training of employees and overall management within allowed yearly budget. Ensure that all medical documentation such as treatment plans,

MAR and physician orders were in compliance with policy. Conduct yearly audit and ensure that appropriate staff work to resolve issues reflected by audit. Maintained a caseload of high maintenance inmates with severe management problems. These inmates included all borderline cluster B trait inmates and Chronically psychotic inmates. Provide clinical services to these inmates to ensure medication compliance and progress towards treatment plan goals. Crisis intervention for inmates with self injurious behaviors, including making decisions to place inmates in safe cell, or transfer to higher level CSU/SLU. Contact appropriate agencies to locate crisis bed when inmates were unmanageable in our facility. Pull rotation on-call duty for the mental health department. Evaluate inmates receiving disciplinary action to determine if inmate’s behavior was related to psychiatric diagnosis and make recommendation for sanction based on that decision.

01/99-02/01 GEICO Insurance Company

Macon, Georgia

Served as upper level claims adjuster for six months investigating liability, fraud and bodily injury claims for the Florida Region. Reviewed medical documentation to determine bodily injury settlement. Screen, investigate and interview cases to reduce fraudulent claims. Determine liability through recorded statements, photos of accident scene and vehicle damage. Conduct witness interviews and review police reports. Served as mediator for lawsuit cases as needed. Interpreted laws for each state claim was located.

Promoted to Claims Services Representative Supervisor. Directly supervised a designed team of phone adjusters. Responsible for departmental staffing, conducted special studies and projects as requested. Gathering appropriate statistics, which reflect personnel activity and production of claims in a timely manner. Processed weekly departmental progress reports to identify production deficiencies. Responsible for employee coaching, defining goals set for performance rating period. Defined job tasks, set priorities and regulates workloads for assigned staff. Communicated on a regular basis with staff towards progress and provide performance based feedback and initiated corrective action when needed. Ensure that employees comply with human resource policies, including workers compensation, FMLA and leave policy. Evaluated employees at scheduled interval; obtaining and considering all relevant information. Motivated staff to improve quantity and quality of claim handling. Handled all customer service complaints on assigned staff. Monitors compliance with policies and procedures through daily department checks and phone monitoring of employees. Attend management meetings as scheduled. Function as a liaison with other departments, such as total loss, medical, internal affairs and governmental agencies.

05/95-01/99 GDC/Wilcox State Prison

Abbeville, Georgia

Sr. Counselor: Part of start up staff for new facility. Responsible for hiring and training of new departmental staff. Develop corrective action plans as needed to promote teamwork. Duties included supervision and staffing of all counseling staff for general population inmates. Responsible for training of new staff to ensure policy and procedures are followed. Oversee mental health inmates and counseling staff. Processed all personnel issues for counseling staff, including leave, performance evaluations and disciplinary actions. Advise Deputy Warden on employee disciplinary issues. Encourage progressive discipline, ensuring that actions adhere to all relevant rules and policies. Served as Classification Chairman to ensure that inmates were assigned to appropriate housing unit, detail assignment and educational programs. Screened employment applications to ensure minimum qualifications were met. Contact applicants to schedule interview and interviewed references. Served on interview panel for counseling, education, medical and administrative staff. Attended daily Department Head meetings for briefing of daily activities. Made daily dorm rounds to inspect inmate property for contraband and security risk. Conducted daily departmental inspection to insure all security points were secure and no contraband was available to inmate population, which may pose a safety risk to employees. Weekly audit of departmental chemicals and MSDS sheets and chemical logs, as outlined by policy. Ensure safe work environment for staff and inmates to reduce liability claims. Served as Inmate Advocate for Disciplinary Court. Oversee infirmary for chronically ill inmates to ensure compassionate visit were processed appropriately according to policy. Served as grievance coordinator responsible for reviewing all allegations by inmates, investigating allegations by interviewing staff, gathering statements, making appropriate recommendations for resolution. Employee Assistance Program Coordinator, responsible for making appropriate referrals as outlined by policy. Served on Hostage Negotiator committee as needed. Attend yearly in-service security training for use of force. Instructed yearly in-service training for staff as assigned. Conducted training for staff on non-physical control of hostile inmates. Communicate with local law enforcement for legal violations of inmate population, court production orders and correspond with security transport of inmates going out to court. Investigated all inmate and staff sexual harassment/assault allegations. Forward findings and recommendations to appropriate authority within time frame outlined by policy.

06/90-05/95 GDC/Telfair State Prison

Helena, Georgia

Counselor OR: Hired as part of the start up staff for a new facility. Duties consisted of but not limited to maintaining a caseload of approximately 100-200 male close security inmates. Made daily inspection rounds to screen for possible hazards for staff and inmates. Completed work orders to repairs hazards and followed through to ensure completed in a timely manner. Screened assigned building on a daily basis for security risk to staff. Daily rounds in lock down unit for disciplinary inmates. Served as inmate advocate for disciplinary court as assigned. Served as classification chairman to determine appropriate educational and housing needs for inmates based on criminal background and security risk. Process security review status for all assigned inmates as outlined by policy and procedures. File maintenance and documentation for all assigned inmates. Process court production orders/detainers for pending charges. Process parole papers for inmates and make recommendation to the Parole Board for possible release. Conducted education and behavior modification groups for inmate population. Conducted in-service training for staff as assigned.

Instructed Sex Offender program for adult male sex offenders. Served as Grievance Coordinator investigating all inmate grievances on staff. Making recommendations for resolution of all substantiated grievance complaints in accordance with policy and procedures. Ensure that all grievances and appeals are handled within appropriate guidelines per SOP. Supervise subordinate counseling staff as assigned, addressing personnel issues and making recommendations for disciplinary actions when needed.

Served as Assistant Director of Therapeutic Community for a 14 month long-term drug and alcohol treatment program for female inmates. Pulled Duty Officer rotation with Warden and Deputy Warden as assigned. As duty officer was responsible for all crisis intervention at the facility involving staff and inmates. Responsible for determining action to be taken in order to handle crisis situations in accordance with policy and procedures.


04/87-06/90 Juvenile Court Services/Probation

Oconee Judicial Circuit

Eastman, Georgia 31023

Duties consisted of but not limited to processing all court production orders and petitions for court hearings. Process sanctions against juveniles in violation of probation order. Maintained high degree of contact with local law enforcement, District Attorney’s Office and court officials. Attended court as ordered, supervised community service as assigned, transport of female detainee’s as needed. Case management of all files including Contract Home Placement and legal documentation for court. Typed transcription of all legal notes from case managers. Made routine probation collateral contacts with probation officer, as well as monitoring detainees in RYDC placement. Attend adjudication hearings and sentencing as ordered. Testify on probationer’s progress as needed for new trail.


South Georgia College

Douglas, Georgia

Associate Degree in Computer Science

Mercer University

Macon, Georgia

BS in Criminal Justice

Ft. Valley State University

Ft. Valley, Georgia

MS in Mental Health Counseling

Ph.D in Psychology

Kennedy Western University


Julie German Dr. Jennifer Snowden, M.D. (psychiatrist)

CASA Coordinator 78 Shaw Ave Cranston, RI 02905

478-***-**** 404-***-****

Jackie Purser, RN Leigh Jaques, DFCS Supervisor

Community Mental Health Dublin, GA 31021

1496 Snell Bridge Road 478-***-****

Dublin, Georgia 31021



Nichele Gillis

524 Countyline Road

Adrian, Georgia 31002


Sharon Lord, LPC Sarah Tipton-Downie, Atty at Law

478-***-**** P.O. Box 926 Vidalia, GA 30475 912-***-****

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