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Drilling Rig Mechanic/Motorman

Rio Claro-Mayaro, Trinidad and Tobago
$500 USD Per Day
November 29, 2017

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Address: ***A Mt Pleasant Road, Carolina Village Couva. Trinidad

Contact: +1 868-705- 5495 or +1 868 -330-5948

Personal Data:

Marital Status: Married.

Nationality: Trinidadian.

Gender: Male

Objective: To use my ability to work in a team environment. I am self-motivated and able to work both independently and as collaborative team member. To obtain a position where I can maximize my organizational and interpersonal skills and knowledge which will contribute my years of experience, allowing me to grow personally and professionally.

Work Experiences:

Previously Employed with JSL International Contracted to Transocean

Discoverer Invictus 7th Generation Drillship Mechanic

Drill Floor Equipment


Aker TFM

Aker RFM

Aker Draw works

Aker LGA

Aker BRC

Aker HPU Compressors

Aker Workbaskets

NOV Knuckle Boom Cranes

Aker Winch

Work Order RMS

Lockout Tag Out System

Employed at: Nabors Drilling International

Duration: July 2011 – Sep 2015

Location: Offshore Saudi Arabia Deep Waters Position Held: Chief Mechanic an Offshore (2000 HP Offshore Rig

Duties Performed:

Performed routine work on the Caterpillar 3512b’s main engines. And generator

Performed work on Mud Pumps, Accumulator Unit, Deselter and Degasser Pump and all other Pumps Pipe Spinner and the TM-80, also Forklift repairs, Can Rig Top Drive

Worked on Elmargo Auxiliary Draw works all rotating equipment

Repair pneumatic pipe hoisting and handling equipment.

Assemble SWACO shell shakers .and work on Jacking leg Gear Drive Box System

Worked on Quincy Air Compressors. Alfa Laval Water Maker and RO Water Tek Water Maker

Worked on GE 372’sDraw Works – high and low clutch and changed out brakes system.

Performed work on all other equipment on the rig on site for a safe and efficient functioning.

Producing daily and weekly reports for submission to the Mechanical Maintenance Manager.

Direct and supervise Jr. Mechanic’s in their daily work.

Employed at: NRG Drilling Company

Duration: January 2010 – November 2010.

Location: Nigeria, Africa

Position Held: Chief Rig Mechanic on 3000HP Land Based Rig.

Promoted to Offshore Semi-Submersible Chief Rig Mechanic

Duties Held:

Performed routine work on the Detroit Diesel MUT 1000 Rig Engine.

Performed work on Mud Pump, Koomey Unit, Deselter and Degasser Pump Pipe Spinner and Torque Wrench also Forklift Repairs. Gear Drive Box

Worked on Elmargo Auxiliary Draw works.

Repair pneumatic pip hoisting and handling equipment.

Assemble SWACO shell shakers. Repair All Rotating Equipment and Various Type of Pumps and Gear Drive Box Trucks and Forklift

Worked on Screw Air Compressor.

Worked on Kelly Spinner and Swivel.

Worked on Perkins 44 KVA Camp Generator and 27 KVA.

Worked on Draw Works – high and low clutch.

Performed work on all other equipment on the rig site for a safe and efficient functioning.

Producing daily and weekly reports for submission to the Mechanical Maintenance Manager.

Employed at: Nabors International Limited

Duration: 2008 – 2009

Location: Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia.

Position Held: Chief Rig Mechanic – Land Based Rig # 00809

Duties Held:

Primary duties were those associated with the maintaining service of the Oxy Field of the Land Rig.

General Operational Procedures.

Major Mechanical Repairs on the following Equipment :

-Cat 3512, 3516 3456, 399 Engines.

-Deutz Cummings Engine.

-Detroit Engines. Truck and Fork life

-Mud Pumps. And Rotating Equipment

-Installation of Can Rig Hydraulic.

-Top Drive Hydraulic Power Unit.

-Work on all Hydraulic System.

-Pipe Handler work on Varco Iron Roughneck.

-Forklift repairs. Repair all Gear Drive Box

-Maintenance Faults Findings.

-Overhaul and schedule maintenance services.

-Worked on Top Drive Hydraulic Power Unit.

-Mechanical repairs of all Pumps.

-Crane maintenance. Camp Gen and Camp site

-Screw Air Compressor maintenance.

-Worked on all Hydraulic System.

-Assembly of Elmago to Draw Works.

-Produced daily mechanical and downtime reports.

-Submission of these daily reports to the mechanical maintenance manager.

Employed at: Lennox Petroleum Services.

Duration: 2005-2008.

Location: Trinidad (Contracted to Nabors Drilling International Offshore Jack Up Rig # 657)

Position Held: First Class Motorman.

Duties Held:

Transfer of portable water from supply vessel to Rig.

Transfer of Drill Water.

Daily recording of hour meter reading on engines and also the compressor hour meter.

Reading the water making.

Off-shore crane hour meter reading.

Submission of all records to the Rig Engineer at the commencement of each shift.

Later Promoted to Jack Up Rig Mechanic in the Deep Waters Of Trinidad.

I was also a part of Crew on board Rig 657 from Trinidad to Dubai on the heavy lift. While on this journey my primary duties was based around maintaining the Rig on the crossing which lasted approximately 35 days.

Final destination of the Rig Relift was at the Lamprell Shipyard Dubai

Duties Included:

Top end overall Rig Engine # 3512 and 3456.

Varco Mud Pump Overhaul.

Complete Overhaul Varco Top Drive.

Worked on the Iron Rough Neck Hydraulic System. And Gear Drive Box

Complete Overhaul of Rig Jacking System. Gear Drive Box

Upgrade of the fresh water system. And all Rotating Equipment

Worked on the Koomey Unit Screw Air Compressor.

Carried out work on all other Hydraulic Equipment.

Employed at: Todco Drilling Service.

Duration: 2002-2005.

Location: Trinidad.

Position Held: Semi-Submersible Cyber Chief Rig Mechanic

Duties Included:

Worked on Caterpillar Engines and Mud Pumps.

Worked on Varco Hydraulic Iron Roughneck.

Complete Overhaul work on Tesco Top Drive and Hydraulic System.

Maintenance Faults Findings.

Worked on Top Drive Hydraulic Power Unit.

Mechanical Repairs on All Pumps.

Worked on Brakes Cooling Pumps.

Worked on Shell Shakers and also Fresh Water Pumps.

Worked on Standby Generator Screw Air Compressor.

Worked on all Hydraulic System on the Rig to maintain and ensure safe operations. And all Rotating Equipment

Employed at: Wells Drilling Services.

Duration: 1997 – 2002.

Location: Trinidad.

Position Held: – Onshore and Offshore Chief Rig Mechanic

Duties Included:

Performed daily work on Deutz Cummings Engine.

Worked on Traveling Block Crown Block Top Drive.

Dead Line Anchor Rotary Table Hydraulic Tong.

Hydraulic Iron Roughneck Mud Pump. And all Pumps and Rotating Equipment

Performed work on Screw Air Compressor.

Worked on Agitators Air Hoist. And all Gear Drive Box

Complete Overhaul Can Rig Top Drive and Hydraulic Power Unit.

Place orders for parts for Top Drive and Hydraulic System.

Assemble Elmago to Draw Works.

Worked on Brakes Cooling Water Pump.

Worked on Draw Works- high and low clutch.

Performed work on all Rig Equipment.

Employed at: Inter-Isle Marine Service Off-shore.

Duration: 1992-1996.

Location: Trinidad.

Position Held: Cyber Rig Mechanic.

Duties Held:

Top End Overhaul to Caterpillar Engines # 3512, 3456, 3406 and 399 Rig Engines.

Complete Overhaul Varco Iron Rough Neck, Mud Pumps and Varco Top Drive.

Repair Rig Screw Air Compressor, Water Maker and also Well Pump.

Refurbish Off shore.

Considerable amount of work on the Rig Hydraulic System.

Employed at: Caribbean Dry-Docks Limited.

Duration: 1982-1987

Location: Trinidad.

Position Held: Marine Mechanical Fitter.

Duties Included:

Overhaul on the ship Deutz Cummings Engines.

Gear Box repairs and other various equipments including Bow Thruster and Propeller.

Removal and Replacement of Shaft and also bushing.

Seal removal of rudder.

Performed bushing and seal work on standby generator.

Worked on Ship Hydraulic System – removal of vibration damper, clean change and installation of seal. Upgrade of the Global Santa Fe Consolation One.

Performed work on the Six Generation Semi – Submersible Drilling Rig and also Rig Monitor.

Daily work on Caterpillar Engines # 3512, 3456, 3516, 398, 399.

Worked on Detroit Engines – overall from super tugs to liners.


1.Certificate in Manual Handling.

2.Injury to hands and fingers.

3.Crane Operations and Cargo Handling.

4.Falls and Falling Objects.

5.Working at heights.

6.Marine fire and training program

7.Safety Cargo Handling Good And Bad Practices.

8.Certificates in Rigging and Lifting.


HHSL – Safety Systems Limited.

Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Instructions.

Introduction Emergency Training.

Particular Experiences:

Hot work projects as required.

Internal Fuel transfers a bunkering.

Chemical handling.

Additional Information:

-Permit to work

-Manual Handling.

-Gas Detection /Tester.

-Abrasive Wheels.

-Overhaul Caterpillar Engines # 3512, 3516 3456, 3406, and 399 Rig Engines.

-Repairs to rig Air Compressor, Water Maker and Deep Well Pump.

-Refurbish offshore crane.

-Work on Rig Jacking System.

-Work on Rig Hydraulic System.

-Various types of work on Drilling Rig in Shipyards

-Upgrade of Jack up Rig.

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