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Data Manager

Far Rockaway, New York, United States
November 29, 2017

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Tofik Akhmedov

**** ***** *** *****, ******* NY *1692

cell: 347-***-****, email:


Accomplished programmer and database designer, experienced in C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET,

XML, XSLT, C, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Object Oriented Design and Programming, multitasking and parallel programming, T-SQL, PL-SQL, ErWin data modeling tool, MSSQL SERVER, SYBASE, ORACLE, MS Visual Studio. Also experienced in writing and optimizing complex queries, stored procedures, triggers, functions, designing and normalizing database tables, creating column-level and table-level check constraints, referential constrains, rules. Extensive experience in XML data sources' processing ( XML DataReader, XML Serialization and Deserialization), rewriting "spaghetti-code" into Object Oriented applications, rewriting PowerBuilder applications into Object Oriented C# applications, debugging and fixing the applications written by the other programmers, experienced in WEB programming ( mostly WEB forms, few projects completed using MVC-3).


A challenging position in back-end and/or WEB programming.


Hardware: IBM PC.

Software: WINDOWS.


12/2009-10/2017 Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc,

1155 Long Island Avenue, Edgewood, NY 11717

Senior Programmer (12/2009-10/26/2017)

Developed PoddeAMFGeneric.exe and PackslipAMFGeneric.exe for American Funds.

Gathered business requirements from users, designed MS SQL SERVER database utilizing

ErWin data modeling tool, automatically generated T-SQL script, "manually" optimized

the script, created physical database with populated lookup tables. Designed hierarchy

of ancestor and derived C# classes, coded the applications utilizing C#, LINQ, Visual

Studio 2015, Object Oriented Programming paradigm. The American Funds company

submits data to our company in 6 different formats ( from 6 order sources ). The virtual

functions of ancestor classes contain the logic, common for all 6 order sources. Then for

each order source I created derived classes with overloaded constructors and override

functions. These functions retrieve source-specific data from database and provide source-

specific processing logic, whenever it is required. After result sets are retrieved from the

database, I utilize LINQ in order to instantiate and populate C# objects with the data from

result sets: see example below:

// Create repository for 'OrderCategory' objects ...

List<OrderCategory> orderCategories = new List<OrderCategory> ;

try {

orderCategories = resultSet

.AsEnumerable .OrderBy(x => x["order_category_code"])

.Select (x => new OrderCategory(parentBatch, x))

.Distinct(new OrderCategoryComparer .ToList ;

Finally, after all C# objects are populated with data, I use them in order to create output

documents in electronic format. These documents are packslip, print request semi-colon

delimited files, order- and item-level Excel files. Finally, the documents are submitted to

Print Team in order to get the them printed and shipped to American Funds' users.

Developed FasCore data load application for JP Morgan:

Broadridge receives huge XML data load file from JP Morgan. My application uses XML Data Reader class to parse XML file, then “manually” populates hierarchy of C# classes, finally loads data into multiple database tables inside database transactions. I designed new 28 database tables inside existing database utilizing Erwin data modeling tool.

Developed application for Symetra and Great West Life clients.

For each of these projects I developed XML Schema Validation file (.XSD ) file,

which I later utilized to validate input XML file received from the clients. If XML

file is OK my application de serializes the XML file into the hierarchy of XML classes,

then provides additional business-level data validation and finally loads data from C# classes into multiple database tables. All 4 different XML files are processed by single C#

application, written object oriented way: there abstract classes and client-specific logic

is processed in derived classes and overloaded functions.

Developed EFillEmailWFC application which is a part of eDelivery project completed for the client Wells Fargo. This C#, MSSQL Server application creates and sends 8 different emails with HTML content with images and links: 4 emails in English and 4 emails in Spanish. The email’s content is composed depending on the participant’s age, salary and participant’s retirement plan. The application retrieves information from database, derives four C# classes from abstract class, creates and manipulates hierarchy of objects utilizing LINQ. Then it creates XML strings which are converted into email’s HTML body utilizing XSLT style sheets. There are 4 XSLT style sheets each of which contains English and Spanish part. Depending on the language variable the XSLT style sheet creates either English or Spanish HTML content. Finally emails are sent to participants and statistics are written into LOG file.

Developed Vanguard project for client Vanguard. There are 2 applications:

VanguardLoad – reads, validates data files received from Vanguard and loads

data into ILEX database. This is a C#, MSSQL Server application.

VanguardEmail – this is MVC3, MSSQL Server application. It retrieves information

from database, creates email with links. After participant clicks on the email’s link he/she is redirected to login window. Participant enters his/her credentials and gets access to web page with plans’ info. The web page contains up to 4 tabs: each tab is dynamically created

for participant’s specific plan. The tab contains plan-related info, images, links and distributions charts/pies.

Developed C#, MSSQL SERVER applications MML Order Confirmation and

MML Shipping Confirmation. These applications have been written utilizing

Object Oriented Programming and LINQ to Dataset technique . The applications retrieves

information from MSSQL Server database, creates hierarchy of objects, creates XML files,

validates XML files utilizing XML validation schema (.XSD ) files and transmits XML

files to the client’s BizTalk server utilizing HTTP protocol.

Wrote TranslateCTG application to convert input flat file containing Citi Group’s orders

into flat files with standard Broadridge’s structure. Each record of input file was

converted into 4 records with different structures that were written to Broadridge

input file. The Broadridge input file was later loaded into MSSQL Server database.

Heavily utilized Object Oriented design and programming to create records with

different structure, according to preexisting record’ templates.

Wrote TranslateCTG application to convert input flat file containing Citi Group’s orders

into flat files with standard Broadridge’s structure. Each record of input file was

converted into 4 records with different structures that were written to Broadridge

input file. The Broadridge input file was later loaded into MSSQL Server database.

Heavily utilized Object Oriented design and programming to create records with

different structure, according to preexisting record’ templates.

01/2009 – 07/2009. XEROX INC, Rochester, NY.


Supported Xerox Service Manager – C#, ASP.NET 3.5, MSSQL Server 2005

3-tier intranet application. Provided new functionality to application. Created new WEB

pages utilizing ASP.NET, C#, Wrote new and modified existing class libraries and

WEB Services. Created new database tables, views. Wrote stored procedures and

triggers. Fixed bugs reported by users. Utilized LINQ to manipulate lists. Created

UML model for newly designed C# classes.

05/21/2007 –03/2008 FOREST LABORATORIES, 400 Moreland Rd, Commack, NY


Supported STARS – C#, ASP.NET, ORACLE application. Added new functionality to

application and fixed pre-existing bugs reported by users. Rewrote error prone COM

object written ( by third party ) in Java into class library written in C#, ASP.NET.

Updated Classic ASP-3, ORACLE application eProvision: Incorporated processing of

child company CEREXA into pre-existing application - created new ASP-3 pages, wrote

new Oracle views, packages with stored procedures in order to provide support for new

business rules.

Modified various applications written in VB.NET.

06/2004 – 05/18/2007 CITIGROUP, 283 King George Rd, Warren, NJ

Consultant, Senior Programmer Analyst.

Participated in conversion of ITS ( Immigration Tracking System ) Visual Basic

client-server application into C#, ASP.NET 3-tier Intranet application. Created WEB pages

and User Controls, utilized WEB Server Controls, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, C#.

Utilized ADO.Net Object Model to implement middle-tier components that interacted

with MSSQL Server 2000 database.

Participated in AMS ( Alert Management System ) JAVA and SYBASE project.

Designed SYBASE database utilizing ERWIN. Customized error messages utilizing

SP_ADDMESSAGE and SP_BINDMSG. Created indexes, made query optimizations.

Wrote stored procedures, triggers utilizing T-SQL. Explained the data model to the other

members of development team. Wrote XML parsing module that populates alerts from

XML file into the database tables utilizing JAVA, JDBC, BEA WEBLOGIC IDE,

Document Object Model.

11/2002-06/2004 AVIS Inc., 6 Sylvan Way, Parsippany NJ 07054


Converted PowerBuilder and MSSQL Server application Parking Violation Bureau

Into 3-tier C#, ASP.NET Intranet application. Created WEB User Controls, utilized

ASP.NET WEB Server Controls. Dynamically loaded WEB User Controls into ASP.NET

WEB pages in order to provide dynamic content to ASP.NET WEB pages. Created

business and data access classes utilizing C# and ADO.NET in order to separate

presentation, business and database tiers of 3-tier WEB application.

Modified AROS ( Avis Rate Opportunity System ) C++, SYBASE application. Designed and created new database tables. Wrote new C++ classes, stored procedures and triggers.

Wrote UNIX shell scripts and created CRON job for this application.

Wrote ORACLE PL/SQL scripts to provide Marketing Department’s promotional

campaigns with eligible customers lists. Those lists were later submitted to the letter shop

in order to send flyers and emails to the potential buyers of AVIS products and services.


1. Enterprise WEB Development with Active Server Pages course. Learning Tree International.

2. Introduction to Java Server Pages course. WestLake Internet Training, NY

3. Introduction to JavaScript course. West Lake Internet Training, NY

4. Advanced Course in System programming. University of Baku, Azerbaijan.

5. Moscow Institute of Electronic Science, Moscow, Russia.

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