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Manager Assistant

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
November 27, 2017

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Bryan King

**** ***** ****** ****, *********, Ga., 30274

Home no.404-***-****

Cell no. 803-***-****

Legal Assistant/ Atlanta

Dear Hiring Manager,

My name is Bryan King and moments ago I received an email from your organization innuendo in reference to employment convenience. I have 10 years of relevant experience, in the following fields: litigation, interviewing, and document filing and document management. During the 10 year period, I particularly found interest in the following fields: criminal, civil law in which includes personal injury. Just to give you some insight on my skills: I am task oriented and work hard to attain my objective in an environment where I seek an arduous opportunity. My ability to perform job functions with the utmost competency with promptness is my biggest attribute to your company. However, you may be interested in numerous of other supplementary qualifications. Competently, I would import the following attributes to the work environment:

● Interact effectively, in person, by telephone and in written correspondence with lawyers, clients, witnesses, court personnel, co-workers, and other business professionals;

●Exhibit tact and diplomacy; distinguish between assertive and aggressive behavior; apply assertive behavior techniques (verbal self-defense)

●Adapt to situations as they arise;

●Understand the need to ask questions and seek guidance when appropriate;

●Identify attributes of a team player; work effectively as part of a team; and

●Work independently and with a minimal amount of supervision when appropriate

I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you a day for a possible interview. Feel free to contact me by email me at I look forward to speaking with you about your organization's employment opportunity.

Bryan King

7061 Green Valley Lane, Riverdale, Ga., 30274

Home no.404-***-****

Cell no. 803-***-****

Legal Assistant/Atlanta

Dear Hiring Manager:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and begin to say how interested I am in obtaining a position within your organization. Enclosed is a copy of my resume, in which will hopefully give you some insight as to why I believe my skill set would be a positive addition to your organization. There are a number of benefits for having a person of my vernacular. Days off from work would only occur in the event of an unavoidable emergency.

Also there are programs in place that would be advantageous to prospective employers: Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and the Federal Bonding Program (FBP). I know that I will be a valuable asset to your company with my convincing attributes; I have a tradition for being at work on time and complete all assigned task in a timely manner. Also I take the initiative to take on additional tasks when needed and with hard work and a commitment toward quality work.

Presently, I am hopeful that your organization will consider my resume and have a opening that will benefit both our needs within the present time. Feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience at the home number listed on the resume. I look forward in speaking with you in reference to scheduling an interview.

Per your request, an acceptable salary range for this type of job, based on the description and my research abilities would be $50,000-$55,000 that would include benefits and supplements. My requirement is flexible and negotiable, depending on such factors as additional benefits, faster salary reviews and increased advancement opportunities. I look forward to speaking with you in an interview in regards to my qualifications.


Bryan King

Bryan King

7061 Green Valley Lane, Riverdale, Ga., 30274

Home no.404-***-****

Cell no. 803-***-****

Legal Assistant/ Atlanta


A position in a Law Firm where my skills in research, communication, and a passion for law can assist in the protection of the public interest. Also, I bring into the work environment my academic successes along with my experience that I have obtained over the course of years while in college and in society.


Brown Mackie College Legal Studies 04/2013-12/2013 G.P.A 3.50

Argosy University Forensic Psychology/ Homeland security 05/2014-08/2016 G.P.A. 3.50

Relevant Coursework:

1.Criminal Law 7. Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

2.Criminal Procedures 8. Introduction to Corrections

3.Criminal Justice Research 9. Police Organizational Structure

4.Criminal Court System 10. Organizational Communication

5.Legal research and writing 11. Introduction to Law and the Legal Profession

6.Civil Procedures

Professional Profile:

●Investigate and gather information, documentation and business record to assist department attorneys in responding to government investigations s, subpoenas and citations.

●Prepare responses for attorney review and approval, to State Attorney General and various government agency inquiries.

●Organize and maintain department databases and files on a variety of legal subjects.

●May review company materials to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations such as advertising and marketing documents.

●Utilizes case precedent to follow the current laws that suffices success in the lawyer's case at hand.

Relevant Skills and Abilities:

●Ability to multitask, good communication skills, excellent attention to detail.

●Willingness to work overtime when needed.

●Conduct legal research using Lexis-Nexis and numerous of other databases.

●Directly interacting with in- house legal and compliance professionals.

●Delivering documents or obtaining signature in documentation.

●Preparing invoices and monitoring time recorded against fee estimates.

●Analyzing, researching and summarizing legal information.

●Interviewing and advising clients and witnesses.

●Keeping the clients regularly informed.

●Construct a power-point presentation that would convince a jury or a potential client.

Job History

Harvard Risk Management/Atlanta,Ga.

Risk Management Consultant 02/16 to present

Prepare presentations and market prepaid legal services and identity theft protection.

I assisted my fellow inmates with various documentations (Habeas Corpus, additionally 1983 and various (See Raphael McBride vs. Richmond County) motions 2254 while incarcerated 12/05- 08/12.

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