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November 28, 2017

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Jovanni P. Manlapaz

Contact numbers: 006***********/006***********

Email Address:


An experienced, energetic, enthusiastic and focused firefighter who is committed for the safety and promoting

the well-being of the people in the community at all times. Seeking for the job position as a Firefighter in a hard

working environment that would give me a chance to make my career and develop my experience in this field. I

have 4 years of experience in working with fire department as well as have ability to work hard and think

practically in critical situation.

Mobile No#: +639*********

Personal data

Age: 37 years old Sex: Male

Birthday: August. 12, 1980 Birthplace: Pasig metro manila Philippines

Civil Status: Married Religion: Roman Catholic

Height: 179cm. Weight: 84 kgs.

Job Description as Firefighter & Emergency Response Team, Member

Performs monthly inspection on all built-in fire protection equipments available within the area of responsibility

(Fire Hose Cabinet / Fire Extinguisher and etc.)

Respond to all Fire Alarms within the area of responsibility. Check & Locate the activated Smoke Detectors, Heat

detectors Fire Action Points and etc. during Fire Alarm.

Assist the OIC of ERT in leadership, Trainings, Paper works, and other activities of ERT.

Assist & Help the Medical / Ambulance Team in an emergency medical rescue operation.

Respond to all rescue operation at the Dry Dock / Platforms Modules /Submersible Oil rigs / Buoy /Confined

Space / Yards and etc.

Respond to all forms of emergencies (firefighting, medical, evacuation, & rescue operation) within the Dry Dock,

Semi-Submersible Drilling Rigs, Deep Panuke, Platforms, Modules, Buoy, Confined Space, Yards & etc.

Participate on all the trainings / drills conducted by the QHSE Department.

Standby on areas where there is a high risk of flammable activity. Welding works at a paint store and etc.

Conducts Lecture / training on basic fire dynamics, fire extinguisher and etc. to the workers of the company.

Perform weekly and quarterly physical fitness test.

Perform other duties that the QHSE Department that may assign.

To perform fire fighting, medical and rescue duties and leave the scene in safe condition.

To respond to all forms of emergencies within the jurisdiction of the Brigade and outside AOR.

Perform other rotation duties, such as maintaining the cleanliness of the premises of the fire stations, including

comfort rooms, barracks, etc. under the supervision and control of the company officer.

To locate the highest officer and report to that officer upon arrival to an emergency scene.

To drive the apparatus, with due care and attention to the safety of this passenger and the public in all types of

weather and situations.

Responds to and participates in fire fighting, rescue, auto extrication, medical emergencies and other emergency

as required.

Lays and connects fire hoses, nozzles and other fire fighting equipments, raises and climbs ladders, make forcible

entry into the buildings.

Performs salvage operations at scenes of fire, performs overhauling operations to ensure extinguishment and to

prevent structural collapse.

Performs rescues from building.

Performs immediate and efficient emergency medical are as required at the scene of an incident or during

transport, report vital patient information to medical personnel.

To operates the pumps and gauges of the apparatus at the fire scene in all types of weather and situations.

To verify the location of the emergency by map before leaving the station.

To stay the apparatus all the time at an emergency scene.

To verify that all the equipment is place back on the apparatus and is in working condition.

Participate in, and complete successfully, all trainings, retrainings, recurrency exercises, seminars, and other

similar activities.

Carry out scene surveys to establish access, egress and the first stage as patient assessment.

Perform to a high level of competence airway obstruction in adult, child, and infant.

Control external hemorrhage, splint and immobilize fractures of all types.

Dress and bandage wounds and other soft tissue injuries.

Treat medical emergencies and traumatic injuries.

Be highly skilled in driving ambulance vehicles defensively in any emergency.

Carry out procedures for the checking and maintenance of ambulance vehicle equipment.

Drive the apparatus with due care and attention to the safety of his passengers and the public an all types of

weather and situations.

Obey all traffic laws, regulations, signals, maintain safe driving practices and execute defensive driving techniques.

Shall have a thorough knowledge and understanding of both engine and pump operations.

Verify that all occupants in the apparatus are seated and have their seatbelts in place.

Shall know the location and operation of all equipment on the apparatus to which theyre assigned.

Refuel the apparatus as needed.

Conducts Tree pruning operation as part of Fire Prevention program of the brigade.

Conducts lecture / training on basic first aid, fire dynamics, fire extinguisher and etc / implements fire prevention

and protection program of the brigade.

Develops and provides fire safety prevention and materials to the public, and through programs targeted and

various groups.

Perform other duties that the higher officer may assign.

Maintain a high level of physical fitness.


Post Graduate Course, Emergency Medical Technician Basic


Community Health Emergency Education Rescue Services

October November 2011

o Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Arellano University Main Campus

Legarda St, Manila Philippines

Firefighter, Rescuer

Emergency Response Team, Member/Team Leader


International Management & Construction Corporation


IMCC-Abu Dhabi Group Company:


Gulf Piping Company W.L.L.


Abu Dhabi Coating Enterprises W.L.L.


International Metal & Construction Company


Gulf Specialized Mechanical & Engineering service Company L.L.C


Trans Gulf Port Cranes W.L.L.


Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates. January 2014 Up to present.


Firefighter, Rescuer, EMT, Emergency Vehicle Driver / Fire Truck Driver Operator.

Logistics chief

Wack- wack Fire & Rescue

Wack-Wack Greenhills East, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Philippines, June 2010 up to December 10, 2014

Technical skills

Professional driver (Land vehicles).

Computer Literate.

Fire incident management.

First responder (First aider, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Basic life support or (BLS).

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Driver/Operator of Fire Truck (PTO Centrifugal Pump 3500 liters capacity).

Driver/Operator of Fire Truck (PTO Centrifugal Pump 2500 liters capacity).

Driver of Ambulance/Emergency Vehicle, June2010 up to December 2014.

Operator of the Hydraulic tools Spreader, Full Cutter, Ram (JAWS of life)

Seminar and Trainings Attended

Advance Fire fighting

Gulf Technical & Safety Training Center Musaffah Abu Dhabi U.A.E. June. 01, 2015

Basic Life Support

Gulf Technical & Safety Training Center Musaffah Abu Dhabi U.A.E. June. 02, 2015

Safety Organization of the Philippines seminar

Held at Hotel Rembrandt, Tomas Morato Extention, Quezon City March 2122, 2013

Basic Disaster Management Seminar and Training

By: the Philippine National Red Cross 143 on May 14, 21, 28 2011

Typhoon and Flood Awareness Seminar

Held at Jubilee Hall, Greenhills East Village Mandaluyong City Philippines on July 2011 by PAGASA.

Basic Radio Communication for Radio Operator

Held at Jubilee Hall, Greenhills East Village Mandaluyong City Philippines on September 2011 by the

National Telecommunication Commission (NTC).

Australian Registry Emergency Medical Technician Basic

Community Health Emergency Education Rescue Services

October November 2011

Basic Fire fighting and Rescue Training Course

At Philippines Maritime Training Center of the Philippines, Sta. Rosa Laguna Philippines on June 9June 29,


Fire Extinguisher Training

Held at Jubilee Hall, Greenhills East Village Mandaluyong City Philippines on JUNE 9 JUNE 29, 2010

SelfContained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Training

Held at Jubilee Hall, Greenhills East Village Mandaluyong City Philippines on JUNE 9JUNE 29, 2010

Fire Protection and Personal Protective Equipment Training and Lecture

Held at Jubilee Hall, Greenhills East Village Mandaluyong City Philippines on JUNE 9JUNE 29, 2010

Organization / Member

Member, Philippine National Red Cross Rizal Chapter.

Wack wack Fire and Rescue Brigade.

Australasian Registry Emergency Medical Technician (AREMT)

Emergency Response Team (ERT) Gulf Piping Company (GPC)

Member of the Rescue RECON the organization create by Admiral Marc C. Montgomery, US NCommander

Of the Battle Force, 7th Fleet Commander of the Task Force 70, Commander of the carrier strike group.

USS George Washington Brigadier General Paul J. Kennedy USMC Deputy Commanding General, III Marine

Expeditionary Force and Commanding General, 3D Marine Expeditionary Brigade Base in Okinawa Japan

US Marine & US Navy .The Rescue RECON is the organization from private sector and LGU, its more than 180

personnels and deploy it. In the Eastern Samar province to conduct Rescue operation, Medical mission,

Retrieval operation, and relief operation, due to the Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) last November.1226, 2013

The Rescue RECON is accredited by the Department of Foreign Affair (DFA), National Disaster Risk Reduction

Management Council (NDRRMC), Office of the Civil Defense (OCD) Philippines.

Character References

Oliver A. Amorosa ERT

OIC/ Emergency Response Team

Gulf Piping Company (GPC)

Musaffah Abu Dhabi U.A.E

Mobile #: +971*********

Joseph F. Enriquez ERT

Assist. OIC/ Emergency Response Team

Gulf Specialized Mechanical and Engineering Services Co. LLC (GSME)

Musaffah Abu Dhabi U.A.E

Tel #: +971*********

Diplomas and Training Certificates are available upon request.

All information stated above are truth and factual to the best of my knowledge.

Sincerely yours,

(SGD) Jovanni P. Manlapaz


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