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Customer Support Engineer with Cloud Computing background

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
November 15, 2017

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Marcelo Gontijo

Ottawa, ON



• Solid experience in providing support to both new deployments and ongoing projects

• Skilled in understanding customers’ requirements and providing adequate solutions that align customers needs with product offerings and possible customizations

• Proven interpersonal skills allowing easy communication with different teams and facilitating the resolution of possible conflicts between multiple stakeholders

• Over 10 years of involvement in diverse areas of technology to increase knowledge and promote a better and more holistic understanding of customer needs, leading to simplified solutions

• Highly motivated individual with strong multi-tasking and time management skills

• Critical thinking skills to recommend original and innovative ideas

• Fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Italian Professional experience

Teaching assistant 2014-2015

École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), Montreal (Canada)

• Lab assistant in multiple courses, including Advanced User Interfaces and Java programming

• Offering academic support to students, allowing them to better understand their assignments

• Providing feedback to professors regarding the students’ progression in the lab. Developed skills:

• Clear communication of technical information

• Manage the time dedicated to each student or group

• Analyze and explain to students their difficulties without offering a solution to their assignments. Customer support engineer 2012

Nokia Networks (formerly known as Nokia Siemens do Brasil), Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

• Identifying and solving project challenges to make rollouts more efficient and profitable

• Acting as key contact person for technical support in multiple projects

• National specialist for WCDMA equipment support

• Engaging frequently with delivery teams to execute projects. Achievements:

• Activation of three faulty pieces of equipment following being assigned to the project, allowing in a matter of weeks to catch up to months of delay

• Identification of project management misguidances and proposition of improvements to the workflow. Challenges:

• Correctly identifying the most common process flaws in projects involved, come up with innovative ideas to solve them and present them in compelling ways to project management

• Managing time between the multiple projects supported, many of which had a high degree of time overlapping, so that proper attention would be provided and in a timely manner

• Providing customer support to clients and requiring information from them that would help in solving any queries or ongoing tickets.

Marcelo Gontijo 514-***-**** 2/3

Professional experience (cont.)

Technical trainer 2008-2011

Nokia Networks (formerly known as Nokia Siemens do Brasil), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

• Writing and revising all sort of documentation used in technical trainings in UTRAN around the globe

• Providing technical training in intermediate and advanced levels for mobile access networks

• Configuring and providing maintenance of our Rio lab facilities, as well as a number of other labs around the globe on a need basis

• Assessing competitive environment, customer needs and business requirements

• Providing support to customer projects in multiple occasions, both to keep real-world application of knowledge sharp and as a recognition of advanced technical skills in Nokia’s different products

• Managing my trips in terms of booking hotels, air tickets, etc. Developed skills:

• Improved communications skills to ease students into new knowledge

• Assessing knowledge level of students to help support selling more appropriate trainings to their engineers. Challenges:

• Providing adequate training sessions in adverse situations (e.g. engineers having insufficient technical knowledge to follow advanced courses).

Wireless technologies consultant 2006-2008

RemOpt, Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

• Acting as single point of contact for the implementation of 3G networks in several telecom operators across Latin America

• Offering greenfield implementation, expansion and optimization services to Nokia Networks customers

• Managing and supporting off-site teams

• Assessing competitive environment, customer needs and business requirements

• Acting as external consultant for Nokia Networks. Developed skills:

• Time management between skills learning and knowledge application in projects.

• Conflict management between customer and project management from a technical aspect. Challenges:

• Supporting the implementation of a new technology in the region which required the use of new mass- deployment tools and techniques

• Traveling around the region to present the new deployment infrastructure and convince local managers of its benefits for the organization and for their local necessities. Computer skills

Eclipse, Java, C/C++, Unix scripting, virtualization (KVM, VMWare, QEMU, VirtualBox), Pascal, VB, UML, Python, SonarQube, JArchitect, Atmel Studio, Android framework and permission system, intermediate Linux user, Excel intermediate-advanced user, Access intermediate user, XML, HTML, CSS, Visual Studio, XCode, Cisco IOS, WireShark, Linux containers, Docker, Kubernetes Education

Master’s in Software Engineering Exp. 2016

École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)

Université du Québec, Montreal (Canada)

Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, B.Sc. 2006 Minor in Automated Manufacturing

PUC Minas, Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

Marcelo Gontijo 514-***-**** 3/3

Academic projects

Evaluating cloud computing management systems for highly available applications 2016

• Understanding Kubernetes, an open-source application from Google

• Benchmarking software performance in cluster management and fault tolerance

• Proposing alternative solutions to the possible shortcomings. Software development project management 2015

• Simulating the management of a software development project

• Allocating tasks to group members and supervising the workflow

• Elaborating or revising all the generated documentation. Real-time systems development 2015

• Developing a number of real-time systems for academic research

• Task definition, priority assignment, semaphores definition. B.Sc. final project in automating a system for manufacturing and selling paint


• Conceiving the whole software controlling the background activities and the API

• Conceiving and assembling the conveyor belt’s control system

• Supporting the definition and configuration of the data acquisition and control systems

• Writing and presenting the final project.

Other experiences

Tour guide 2013-2016

• Presenting visited cities to international students’ groups visiting Montreal

• Monitoring the groups, making sure everyone stays together or knows the meeting points

• Offering a historical panorama of the province and of the country, in accordance with the scheduled trip. Brazilian IT Group in Ottawa volunteer since Feb. 2017

• Planning or assisting in planning the monthly group meetings

• Greeting and talking to new or regular participants, answering questions and making them feel involved in the group activities, aside from the monthly meetings

• Providing local support for the meetings, including logistics and material provisioning

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