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Medical Nurse

Laoag City, Ilocos Region, Philippines
7,000 AUD
November 13, 2017

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Philippines Home Address: 64 AG Tupas Ave, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, 2900

Tel. no: +639*********

Australian address: 7/10 Webb St., Burwood, Victoria, Australia 3125 (Temporary)

Tel. no.: +614********

E-mail address:


Age : 44 years old

Date of Birth : 14 February 1973

Place of Birth : Philippines

Civil Status : Married

Married to : Marian Piamonte Vigare

Citizenship : Filipino

Height : 169 cms

Weight : 75 Kgs.

Language : English, Tagalog and can comprehend bits of Spanish

Religion : Catholic


Initial Registration of Overseas Nurses (IRON) Program

Deakin University, Burwood, Victoria, Australia, 3125

June 02,2017- August 20,2017

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Dr. Carlos Lanting College

Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Philippines

Date graduated: March 27,2006

Doctor of Medicine, University of Santo Tomas

España, Manila, Philippines

Date graduated: April 17, 1998

Bachelor of Science in Botany, University of Santo Tomas (Pre-medicine course)

España, Manila, Philippines

Date graduated: March 24,1993


Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) Division 1 Nurse License

License # NMW0002129313

Nursing Licensure Examination, Philippines

License issued on January 15,2009

License # 0519787 Issued by the Professional Regulation Commission, Manila, Philippines

Medical Licensure Examination, Philippines

License issued on March 13, 2001

License #: 95722 Issued by the Professional Regulation Commission, Manila, Philippines

Relevant Examinations

Pearsonvue Test for English (PTE) Academic

Taken at Pearsonvue Testing Center, La Trobe St., Melbourne on 30 August, 2017

Score Breakdown: Listening: 90 Reading: 80 Speaking: 90 Writing: 90

Overall Score: 88

IELTS Passer taken on December 17,2016

Taken at Metro Manila, Philippines

Score Breakdown: Listening:8.5, Reading:7.5, Writing:7.5, Speaking: 8.0

Overall band: 8.0

Australian Medical Council MCQ Passer taken on 11 August 2014

Taken at Pearsonvue testing center, Makati City, Philippines

AMC #2104285

Work History (Current to previous)

Title: Volunteer Staff Nurse- Full Time

October 17,2016 – May 19,2017

Garcia General Hospital

Bayan-bayanan Ave., Marikina City, Metro Manila

Tel. No. +639484014

Worked as a volunteer staff nurse of a 50-bed hospital in the heart of Marikina City.

The hospital has a secondary tier capability with emergency, surgical, medical and multispecialty services e.g. ophthalmology, internal medicine, general surgery, rehabilitation medicine, radiology and laboratory/ pathology services.

As a staff nurse, works on 8 hour shifts daily on weekdays (Monday to Friday); a total of 40 hours per week. On the weekends, an on- call status is in place but depends on the availability of slots. The 8 hour shifts are rotating 2 weekly night to day duties.

Job description: As staff nurse, mans the nurse stations in the ward. The ward is a general ward servicing adult, pediatric, geriatric medical and surgical cases.

Handles and fills up charts of in-patients in accordance with nursing duties.

Performs patient care in the form of monitoring patient wellbeing, taking patient histories, performing vital signs, administering medication, carrying out doctor’s orders e.g. IV cannulation, blood taking etc.

Looks after the general welfare of the ward by monitoring it constantly in compliance with infection control measures in place. Keeps the environment clean, surgical utensils sterilized, and performs necessary disinfection of the area concerned.

Coordinates with nurse assistants on their duties e.g. bed making and transferring patients from bed to commode and vice versa, and with other nurses as well on performance of duties.

Coordinates patient care with doctors/ specialists as per doctor’s orders. Alarms the resident physician in emergency situations e.g. cardiac arrest, difficulty of breathing while in the ward/ hospital.

Listen to patient’s and family’s concerns and makes referral to necessary parties as needed.

Handles geriatric patients and helps with bathing, dressing, grooming and other activities of daily living where necessary, monitoring of oral hygiene after feeding, reports any signs of poor nutrition, assists in position changes for bed ridden patients to prevent pressure sores.

Handles pediatric and post-partum mothers. Advises on proper hygiene and childcare, emphasizes on the importance of hand washing, breastfeeding, vaccinations and doctor follow-up checks. Answers queries on childcare e.g. difference between breast and formula feeding.

Performs administrative duties such as medication inventories, discharge papers and coordination of discharge orders, staff meetings and other hospital activities.

Title: General Medical Practitioner – Full Time

April 1,2004-July 22,2012 then September 2,2013 – October 14,2016

Vigare Primary Healthcare Clinic

64 A.G. Tupaz Avenue, Laoag City, Philippines

Tel. No. +639*********

Works as a General Practitioner in a 10 bed facility with basic outpatient and minor surgical capabilities when in the Philippines and off duty as a Remote Site Officer.

Worked 8 hours a day from Monday to Saturday and on call on Sundays including holidays. After hours as on call status.

Practices on an established patient base ranging from adult to pediatric cases. Seldom handles obstetric cases e.g. childbirth

Deals & monitors chronic medical conditions: Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, anaemia etc.

Examines patients, orders ancillary and laboratory procedures.

Interprets EKG’s, X-rays, basic Ultrasound,CT-scans, MRI’s and lab results for patients while awaiting official results by radiologist.

Writes prescriptions for outpatients and orders medications on the doctor’s chart for admitted patients.

Stabilizes emergency cases, e.g. hypertensive urgencies, CVA and makes the necessary referrals to tertiary level institutions.

Does house visits for homebound and terminally-ill patients.

Follows-up on specialist referred patients for continuation of medication and monitoring of side-effects.

Promotes and recommends preventive measures such as vaccinations, cancer screening e.g. fecal occult blood testing, breast cancer screening, pap smears, Hepatitis B screening etc.

Holds monthly audits and meetings with staff and personnel.

Title: Remote Site Medical Officer – Part Time

December 04, 2011 – July 7,2012 (as per contract), October 1, 2013-June 11, 2015(as locum)

Intl. SOS Pte Ltd, Odeon Towers, 331 North Bridge Road, Singapore, 188720

Tel. No. +656*******

Reported to the concerned head office & deployed to different locations around the globe.

Works on the clinic or infirmary of an oil rig, drilling vessel and mining site

Goes on duty on assigned weeks e.g. 6 week on duty followed by an off duty period which is not a fixed period of time. Presently as locum. Shifts are 12 hourly and after hours as on call. As long as on site, there are no holidays.

Works in a multicultural environment.

Job description: setting up clinics based on client needs, managing the clinic and maintaining equipment, applying emergency medicine skills when needed( endotracheal intubation, use of laryngeal mask airway, combi-tube etc.), splinting, coming up to date with latest equipment such as HbA1c readers and familiarity with their use, doing OPD cases and prescribing medication per coordination with a coordinating doctor, applying occupational medicine skills e.g. vaccination & cold-chain, doing safety talks & pinpointing hazards, water testing, hygiene audits, other skills done where doing ancillaries such as urine dipstick, Returns to medical practice at clinic during off-duty days.

Title: Geriatrics Medical Officer – Full Time

July 30,2012 – August 31,2013

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Jalan Tan Tock Seng, Singapore 308433

Tel. No. +656*******

worked with the Geriatrics Department and assigned to the acute wards

worked on 8 hour shifts from Monday to Friday and 4 hour shifts on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Deals with acute medical cases, mostly Geriatric cases and occasionally adult Internal Medicine cases..

Manages patients in the ward for acute problems as well as chronic ones together with a team comprising of a Registrar & a Consultant.

Updates families of patients constantly of patient progress.

Makes referrals to necessary specialists for further management of patients.

Goes on daily ward rounds with the team.

Title: Resident Physician – Full Time

March 14,2001 – March 31,2004

Garcia General Hospital, Marikina City, Metro Manila

Tel. No.+632*******

Worked on 24hour shifts every 3 days in a 50 bed secondary level hospital.

On regular days attended to all kinds of outpatient to emergency cases from pediatric to adult patients e.g. upper respiratory tract infections, pains & aches, pre-natal visits etc. Responsible for admission of patients as house cases if needed to the appropriate ward, ordering their medications and ancillary procedures, and conducting rounds on each patient.

Performed minor surgeries e.g. suturing lacerations, circumcisions, I&D etc.

Assisted in OR procedures e.g. appendectomy, cholecystectomy etc.

Make Physician orders on the patient chart with appropriate referrals to concerned specialists.

Endorsed cases admitted to the hospital director.

Title: Post Graduate Internship – Full Time

May 1, 1999 – April 30, 2000

Victoriano Luna General Hospital

V. Luna Road, Quezon City, Philippines

Tel. No. +634262710

The hospital is the premier armed forces hospital in the Philippines. It is a tertiary level hospital.

Reported daily on 8 hour shifts from Monday to Saturday. Depending on the department rules, Saturdays and Sundays were 4 hour shifts as well as holidays. 24 hour shifts were arranged depending on number of interns rotating but typically were every 3 days.

Rotated in different specialties based on schedule.

Performed patient rounds and procedures under the guidance of residents and consultants.

Details of Rotation

Community Medicine: May 1-31,1999

Psychiatry: June 1 -10, 1999

ENT-HNS: June 11-20,1999

Ophthalmology: June 21-30,1999

Internal Medicine: July 1,1999 – August 31,1999

Pediatrics: September 1,1999- October 31,1999

Anesthesia: November 1-10,1999

Laboratory Medicine: November 11-20,1999

Radiology: November 21-30,1999

Orthopedics: December 1-31,1999

Surgery: January 1,2000- February 29,2000

OB Gyne: March 1,2000-April 30,2000


November, 2017- May 31, 2018

Full Nursing Registration with License# NMW0002129313

Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency


January 15, 2009 – present

Full Nursing Registration with License # 0519787

Professional Regulation Commission

Manila, Philippines

March 13, 2001 – present

Full Medical Registration with License No. 95722

Professional Regulation Commission

Manila, Philippines

July 30,2012 – July 29,2014

Temporary Medical Registration with MCR No. 17928J

Singapore Medical Council


Communication Skills- independent, Monash Medical Center

Patient History Taking and Assessment- independent, Monash Medical Center

Medication Administration including IV medications – independent, Monash Medical Center

Wound dressings- independent, Monash Medical Center

Admission and discharge of patients- independent, Monash Medical Center

Pathology specimen collection- independent, Monash Medical Center

NGT care and management- independent, Monash Medical Center

IV cannulation – competent

Done at Vigare Primary Healthcare Clinic, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Garcia General Hospital

Venous blood extraction – competent

Done at Vigare Primary Healthcare Clinic, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Garcia General Hospital, Monash Medical Center

Arterial blood extraction for ABG – competent

Done at Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Nasogastric Tube insertion – competent

Done at Vigare Primary Healthcare Clinic, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Garcia General Hospital

Endotracheal Tube Intubation – observed

Training for ITLS & ACLS

Catheter decompression using catheter for Pneumothorax – observed

Training for ITLS

Basic Life Support provider, American Heart Association Accredited

Done in Garcia General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, trained & refreshed 2 yearly in BLS training course with American Heart Association accredited training

Advanced Cardiac Life Support provider, American Heart Association Accredited

Done in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, trained and refreshed 2 yearly in ACLS training course with American Heart Association accredited training.

International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) provider


After graduation from BS Nursing in March of 2006, worked as a General Medical Practitioner until October 17,2016.

May 20, 2017- August 20,2017, prepared and completed the IRON Program for nurses at Deakin University,

August 21,2017 to present, left for the Philippines, currently processing papers for work at Australia.


1.Ashlea Deppe, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Preceptor, Day Treatment Center, Monash Medical Center, Clayton

Tel. no. +614********

Email: /

2.Julius Tadina, Senior Nurse

Day Treatment Center, Monash Medical Center, Clayton

Tel. no.+614********

Email: /

3.Judith Gazik, Senior Nurse

Day Treatment Center, Monash Medical Center, Clayton

Tel. No. +614********


4.Nanette Amigo, RN

Chief Nurse, Garcia General Hospital

Tel. No. +639484014


5.Mr. Edward Malzan, RN,MAN

Former dean, College of Nursing, Colegio de San Lorenzo, Quezon City, Philippines

Past Governor Philippine Nurses Association -Quezon City & Marikina City Chapter

Tel. no. +639*********



I declare that all the information stated in this curriculum vitae is true and correct to my own knowledge and relief.



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