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Durban, KZN, South Africa
January 31, 2018

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Curriculum V itae o f

Kubashnee M oodley

Personal D etails

Surname Moodley

First n ame Kubashnee

Residential A rea 121 G reenbury D rive, G reenbury, P hoenix 4 068 Identity N umber 900**********

Date o f B irth 23 F ebruary 1 990

Nationality South A frican

Race a nd G ender Indian / F emale

Home l anguage English

Marital S tatus Married

Availability 30 D ay n otice p eriod

Contact N umbers 063-*-**-*-*** / 0-84-5-97-9-574 Email A ddress


High S chool E ducation

School a ttended Montarena S econdary S chool

Qualification Matric

Year o btained 2007





Computer S tudies


Hotel K eeping a nd C atering

School A chievements Prefect

RCL R ep

Tertiary E ducation




Contact N umber

Secretarial c ourse

Office M anagement

Basic C omputing C ourse



Employer Ignition C ontact C entre

Service P eriod January 2 008 – J une 2 009

Position H eld

Sales A gent / S ales V erifier

Key r esponsibilities

Outbound C all c entre

Making a nd e xceeding d aily t argets

Promoting V odacom P ackage

Assisting c lients w ith c omplaints a nd q ueries General A dmin

Calling c lients b ack a nd d oing f ollow u p s ales Reference

Sivesh A jodiapersadh


Employer Devine M arketing S olutions

Service P eriod May 2 009 – J uly 2 010

Position H eld

Sales A gent / T eam L eader

Key r esponsibilities

Managing t eams o f 1 0 a gents

Ensuring t hat d aily t argets a re m ade

Verifying m y a gents s ales t o e nsure t he s ales t arget i s m et Coaching a gents i f t arget i s n ot m et


Aditya M aharajh


Employer In- G enius

Service P eriod November 2 012 – October 2 013 Position H eld

Sales A gent / T eam L eader

Key r esponsibilities


Managing t eams o f 2 0 a gents

Ensuring t hat d aily t argets a re m ade

Verifying m y a gents s ales t o e nsure t he s ales t arget i s m et Coaching a gents i f t arget i s n ot m et

Ricardo R ajagopaul

087*-*-**-*-** / 0-74-9-18-2-011

Employer World C argo S ervices

Service P eriod February 2 014 – J anuary 2 016 Position h eld Reception/Admin

Handling D RO/Releases


Controlling O ffice C onsumables

Telephone C ustomer Q ueries

Weekly B anking

Track a nd T race

Track a nd t race c ontainer/shipment f rom s tart t o f inish. Local C ontainer T racking – m onitoring v essel a rrival/berthing a t P ort/Stack Dates/Movement f rom P ort t o D epot / M ovement v ia I nter d epot t o c lient premises.

Damaged C argo I nvestigation

Sea f reight I mports C ontroller – A ll O rigins - F CL & L CL I mports Request/Check/Capture D ocs f rom O rigin A gents. Capture D ocs o n C ore f reight S ystem

Track a nd T race

Obtain S /L a nd c ommercial d ocs

Sending o ut v essel l ists t o S /L

Import I nvoicing a nd b asic R econs

Digibility s ystem – U ploading/Updating

Debtors C ontrol – F ollowing u p o n o utstanding p ayments Reference Phillip S eoka – O perations D irector 082-*-**-*-***

Tilly P adayachee – B ranch M anageress


Employer International L iner A gencies

Service P eriod February 2 016 – C urrently E mployed Position h eld

Position h eld

Computer S kills


Data C apturer - R egistering o f F iles - A ll P orts Seafreight I mports C ontroller – L CL I mports Routes - C hina

U nited K ingdom

T urkey

S ingapore

F rance Request d ocumentation f rom O verseas A gent

Check d ocuments f or d iscrepancies

Split f ile a ccordingly

Registering o f f iles o n s ystem

Contacting T PT d aily t o r eceive u pdates o n v essel E TA's Requesting S OB D etails f rom S hipping L ines a nd C o-Loaders Invoicing c lients a ccording t o t heir t ariff a nd i ssuing o f A NF & S OB d etails Processing C argo D ues v ia P orts O n L ine Unpack I nstructions f or g roupage c ontainers,

-Submitting m anifest t o t he d epot

-Arranging u rgent u npacks u pon r equests

Request F reight a nd L andside c harges f rom S hipping L Ines a nd C o-loaders Make p ayments t o v arious S hipping L ines a nd C o-loaders EDI f ile

Handling D RO/Releases

Assisting o n c ustomer a ccount q ueries

Liaising w ith c lients, c learing & f orwarding a gents, t ransporters a nd container d epots

Liaise w ith A gents r egarding T elex R elease b ills. Reviewing o f s tock o n h and r eports a nd n otifying c lients o f c argo t hat i s still o n h and

Checking m anifests a nd o utturn r eports f or d iscrepancies w ith e xcess, short l anded a nd d amaged c argo

Notifying A gents i f c argo h as b een d amaged Communicating w ith a gents w ith r egards t o q ueries o n d ocumentation and r ates


*DAP S hipments

*NRCS a nd S APS S tops

Microsoft W indows X P

Internet & E -mail

Microsoft O ffice – w ord, e xcel,

Power P oint, M icrosoft o utlook a nd A ccess Core F reight

Ship S hape

Reshma S ingh – I mport M anager


Rolanda M oodley - I mport S upervisor


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