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Data Analyst

Houston, Texas, United States
January 30, 2018

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Ahmed Khan Salman

Personal Info


**** ****** **

Apt 2112

Houston TX 77021-3770





Python for Data


Proficient with numpy, Scikit, re,

matplot, beautiful soup, pandas,

JSON, SQlite libraries



Multivariate Linear regression,

Regularized logistic regression,

Neural Networks forward &

backward propogation, SVD, PCA


Data Extraction, Filtration, Joins,

Grouping, Wildcards



Image analysis,Computational

Analysis, Plotting, Optimisation

tool box



Data Connections, Filtering,

Visualisation & Dashboards

MS Excel

Data Visualization, charts, reports


Statistical Analysis


Unscrambler Tool to build

regression models for process



Jan 2017 -

Dec 2017

Research Assistant

University of Houston

Compiled research paper on classification of handwritten digits using SVD, kNN, one vs. all Logistic regression and regularized Neural network algorithm. Analyzed performance of these algorithms to draw conclusions about their applications.

Collected, profiled and filtered data to prepare training and testing data set. Performed validation of model for error analysis and provided feedback to optimize the algorithm.

Built prediction & classification models using real time data based on different Machine Learning methods.

May 2015 -

Oct 2015

Data Analyst

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Bhopal, Testing Department Performed Multivariate analysis on empirical data of Cu, Al, SS coils and other sub-assemblies manufactured in BHEL (India’s largest manufacturing organization) using CAMO. Analyzed relationship of Mechanical properties viz. Ductility, Tensile strength, Surface Hardness, Malleability etc. with the performance index (PI).

Plotted Correlation chart, Score plots, Bi-plots, variance plot to select prime variables and study their impact on the PI. Pointed outliers through grouping and sampling observations based upon quality and observing residuals & inference plots.

Developed a PI prediction model for evaluation of coils passing through QA department using partial least square regression method based on the analysis. Validated model to ensure low RMSE and R-square error.


Aug 2016 -

Dec 2017

University of Houston

• MS in Mechanical Engineering

• GPA 3.867/4

Aug 2012 -

Jul 2016

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal

• BE in Mechanical Engineering

• GPA 3.7/4


Oct 2017 -

Dec 2017

Image classification of Handwritten Digits

Research Assistant

K-Nearest Neighbourhood Classification (KNN) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) technique.

Optimized SVD algorithm by finding the optimal value of spatial modes for classification.

• Clustered the classification for decreasing computational time Tested algorithm for different set of images to determine accuracy of the algorithm using Confusion matrix.


Feb 2018

Certificate in Machine Learning

from Stanford University

Jan 2018

Certificate in SQL for Data

Science from University of

California, Davis

Jul 2017

Specialization Certificate in

Python from the University of


May 2017

Certificate in Energy Trading

Systems from the University of


Jan 2018

Certificate in Tableau from



Data Analyst with proficiency in

Python and MatLab.

Experienced in working with

real time data to develop

prediction & classification

Models using Machine Learning


Studied graduate level applied

mathematics & Data analysis

techniques. Worked on multiple

research projects as a research


Dec 2017 -

Feb 2018

Image classification of Handwritten Digits

Research Assistant

• One vs. all logistic regularized multi-class regression model Regularized Neural network using Forward feed and backward feed algorithm.

Jul 2017 -

Oct 2017

Quality Assurance Classification model

Research Assistant

Developed a classification model to predict whether a micro chip from a fabrication plant will pass the QA test or not based on different quality exams score.

Used feature mapping to obtain higher dimension feature vector resulting to a non-linear classification boundary.

Implemented regularized logistic regression and optimized decision boundary using L-BFGS technique while avoiding over-fitting.

May 2017 -

Jul 2017

Real Estate price Prediction Model

Research Assistant

Built a housing price model based on different features i.e. size of house, number of bedrooms, number of floors to predict the price for real estates using Multivariate Linear regression method.

• Compared Gradient descent and Normal equation optimization technique. Nov 2017 -

Jan 2018

Yelp Database Analysis


Performed real time analysis of various businesses located in different cities using the database provided by Yelp.

Used SQLite Browser to extract required data through appropriate joins and layers of filtration. Analysis focused on comparing the impact of key parameters i.e. reviews, neighbourhood, category, star-rating, operational hours & user fans on different businesses.

May 2017 -

Jul 2017

Smart appliance real time data analysis for predicting human behaviour

Statistical Analysis

Built a model on MATLAB justifying human response based on 3 variables viz. heart rate, altitude, speed obtained from smart watch.

Developed co-variance matrix to show their relationship. Checked statistical significance of the data by performing tests.

This approach can be applied on any appliance with multiple variables to develop a relation among them

Feb 2017 -

Apr 2017

Optimization of superconducting coil model

Research Assistant

Performed Electro-magnetic analysis using FlexPDE on a model of superconducting coils. Used FEA symmetry to evaluate characteristics.

Developed a python program to apply Monte Carlo Space Design exploration technique for optimization of the design parameters.

Aug 2016 -

Dec 2016

Mortgage option affordability with budgetary constraints Tableau

Assessment of various schemes offered by bank to a customer interested in buying a property with limited budget and financial constraints.

Analyzed all options with different parameters including interest rate, Mortgage period, Down-payment % using MS- Excel.

• Built Dashboard on Tableau to visualise different options

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