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Assistant Data

Oregon, Wisconsin, 53575, United States
January 29, 2018

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Yaqi Wu

Madison, WI ***** 608-***-**** LinkedIn


R, SAS, GAMS, MATLAB, Latex, Java, DC 305, NDS professional, Excel (Macro), MySQL

Animal management, feed analysis, diet formulation, in vivo and in vitro experiment, bacteria culture, PCR


2015 – 2017 University of Wisconsin-Madison,

College of Agricultural and Life Science MS

Field of study: mathematical model, statistics, computer science

2013 – 2015 China Agricultural University MS

Field of study: Animal nutrition

2008 – 2012 Anhui Agricultural University BS

Field of study: Animal Science


2017.9 -2017.12 Teaching Assistant (University of Wisconsin Madison

Supervise the student labs, deliver discussion sections

Assist instructor for teaching, grading

2016.8 Volunteer Dairy Expo (Madison, WI)

2016.7 Counselor Dairy Campus (Madison, WI)

2015.9 – 2017.8 Research Assistant (University of Wisconsin Madison)

•Simulate mathematical model of dairy farm system and use model to predict important events and study critical problems in management strategy.

•Statistical analysis of model outputs and filed data (R, GAMS)


Applied Regression Analysis, Mathematical Statistics, Statistical Method for Bioscience

The effect of race, family background, district, age, etc. on the crime possibility.

(data analysis, statistical models, R)

Simulation Modeling

Will the number of lines effects the waiting time for Daily Scoop in Union South: Data collection data analysis, distribution fitting correct modeling set up simulation models run the models outputs analysis (Excel, Arena modeling software, simulation models)

Introduction to Agricultural and applied Economy, Applied Economy Analysis, Economic decision making

The effect of race, family structure, faith, income on dairy products consumption in U.S. (logistics regression, polynomial distribution, truncated data analysis, MATLAB, Excel)

Intro to programming, Intro to Data Structure (Java 8.0, Eclipse)

Portal Snake: This game combines elements from the classic game of Snake with the modern puzzle game Portal. Key words: classes, static and non-static class methods, modularity and code re-usability, the architecture of real-time simulations and games, ArrayList collections of different object types, a basic computer game.

Recipe Wrangler The program adds recipes from a file at the start and then allows the user to add and edit recipes. Key Words: user interface, ArrayLists of objects, sorting, read and write data, exception handling, Object-Oriented design

Course enrollment: Develop an enrollment system for a course, which is essentially a queue first-come, first-served with registration time prioritized by class standing - grads, seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and lastly, special students (who are not so special at least when it comes to registration), also including the waiting list - another queue.

Batman: This project is to imagine you are batman whose job is to catch spy moving across Madison City. If he is not caught within a particular time frame (a number of steps-moves), he will invoke a macroscopic black hole that will suck us all into it. This is an interactive game that will allow the player to take various actions by typing a command.


An Income Over Feed Cost Nutritional Grouping Strategy (in writing)

Journal of Dairy Science, expect to submit before February, 2018

Mixed-integer programing used in nutritional grouping on dairy farm


The of Milk Aroma Flavor on the Starter Consumption, Growth and Health Condition in Female Holstein Dairy Calves



2017 Teaching Assistantship

2015-2017 Research Assistantship

2012 Outstanding student union leader

2010, 2011, 2012 Professional scholarship

2009 National scholarship

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