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Power Plant Manager

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
Not less than 9lacks per anum.
January 29, 2018

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Career objective:- To work in an esteemed organisation which gives self scope and also the organisation with team spirit.

Experience: 34 years

Work experience:

1.Working as Power and O&M consultant to Base power plant,Raichur.

2.Worked as GM tech at M/S Hemasri power plant near Kusumanchi.

3.Worked as GM(op) at M/S SLS Power Ltd, Nellore,A.P.

4.Worked as GM(op) at M/S Surya Chakra power plant, Chattisgarh and Maha Rashrta.

5.Worked as GM(op) at M/S Agri Gold power plants,4.5 Mw,6MW-2No’s,8Mw and 12 MW.

6.Worked as Sr.manager(op) at M/S Narayani cements, Birganj,Nepal.

7.Worked as Electrical Manager at M/S Jagdamba cements,Bhairawa,Nepal.

8.Worked as Electrical Engineer at M/S Kakatiya cement and Sugars industries Ltd,Jaggaiah pet.

9.Worked as Electrian 5 th grade at M/S ACC Wadi cement works Ltd.

Job description:

1.10 MW bio-mass based Base power plant- Raichur:

Totally the plant was in sick condition. All the equipment is to be reconditioned.

The 33Kv S/S was dismantled and the electricity board converted it to 110KV s/s.

So,changes are to be made and the work is under progress.

2.10MW municipal waste Hemasri powerplant,Kusumanchi:

ISGEC Travel grate boiler,485degrees centigrade main steam temperature,65Kg/cm.square pressure&Triveni turbine.

Completed Boiler,ESP,Turbine and water treatment plant erection works.

ESP, fuel handling system and cooling tower are to be completed.

Due to some problems plant was closed.

3.6 MW IJT 485 degrees centigrade,66kg/cm square FBC boiler,Triveni turbine SLS

Power ltd,Nellore.

a)Changed the super heater coils.

b)Changed the bed coils.

c)Arrested the steam leakage of turbine by doing the blue matching of top cover.

d)Esp collecting electrodes were partially changed in all 3 chambers.

e)Main steam valve, drum steam valves -2 No’s were done after servicing.

f) Feed pump (KSB make ) servicing was done.

g)Changed PVC fills in the cooling tower.

h)The ACW pump suction was tapped from MCW pumps outlet initially. Seperate

higher capacity ACW was provided at Cooling tower itself and the discharge

was diverted to the two chambers of cooling tower in order to improve the vaccum.

i)Tuned all parameters of all control valves to ease up the operation.

j)The sprocket sizes were increased to optimise the fuel consumption in RAV’s

above drag chains of coal feeding.

K) All fans and chippers on-line balancing was done.

l) Brought down the Sp.fuel consumption from 2 tons/MW to 1.1 Ton /MW.

4. 10 MW Wallchand nagar AFBC boiler 485 degrees centigrade,65Kg/cm square

With Triveni turbine, Hingoli,Maharashtra of M/s Surya chakra.

Done the erection and commissioning jobs in this plant

10 MW wallchand Nagar travel grate boiler 485 degrees centigrade,65kg/cm square

With HTC turbine-2No’s at Champa and Baloda bazaar,Chattisgarh.

a) All fans damper positions were adjusted.

b)Feed pumps were overhauled( KSB make).

c)ESP 3rd chamber was not charging when I joined. Its’s controller password was

Unknown and the transformer became wet due to rain water.

Dried the transformer, oil filtration was done,found the pass word and tuned.

d)Erected, commissioned and operated briquette plant at Champa plant.

e)Changed the Main steam valve.

5.Worked in all 4.5 MW,6MW-2No’s,8MW and 12 MW poer plants of M/S Agri Gold

a)Erection of 8MW WUXI travel grate boiler,485 degrees centigrade,65Kg/cm square with HTC turbine near Markapuram right from foundation stone to commissioning and operation and maintenance.

b)Operation of 6MW IJT boiler,485 degrees centigrade and 65kg/cm square with

Triveni turbine near Markapuram.

Changed the diode wheel in the exciter.

c)Operation and maintenance of 12 MW Wallchand Nagar travel grate boiler,485 degrees centigrade,65Kg/cm square with Kaluga turbine near Tangutur.

d) Operation and maintenance of 4.5 MW Wallchand nagar travel grate boiler near

d)Operation and maintenance of 6 MW Thermax travel grate boiler 485 degrees centigrade,65 kg/cm square and Kaluga turbine near Sri Kala Hasthi.

e)Operation and maintenance of 4.5 MW Wall chand Nagar boiler near Kamavarapu Kota.

f)Erection,commissioning and operation of Pillet plants-3No’s at Markapuram

Agri Gold power plant.

6. operation and maintenance of M/s Narayani cements,Birgunj,Nepal.

7. All electrical and instrument equipment maintenance of M/s Jagdamba cements

near Bhairwa,Nepal.

Erection and commissioning of all electrical equipments in Synthetic plant of M/s

Jagdamba near Bhairwa,Nepal.

8. Operation and maintenance of all electrical equipments at M/S Kakatiya cement

Sugar and industries Ltd near Jaggaiah peta.

9.Operation and maintenance of all electrical equipments in Kilns-3No’s and Raw

Mills-5No’s at M/S ACC LTD,Wadi cement works.

10.Erection and maitenanceof Thermax ESP’s of 3 fields at K-line field of M/S Kakatiya.

Erection of TB wood VFD drives and maintenance atbM/s kakatiya.

11.Erection of 110 Kv/11Kv sub station at M/S Hemasri.

12.Well knowledge of overhauling of motors and alignments.

Tasks achieved:

Less pollution and optimum fuel consumption in power plants.

Qualification: Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Father’s Name: M.S.M.Sarma



First floor back side

RRWA 795,Gottumukkala vari Street.

Rama Krishna puram.




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