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Engineer Project Manager

Chester, Maryland, United States
January 26, 2018

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Robert Aufderheide

*** ******** ***** **.

Stevensville, MD




ComDar Security International, Washington, DC

DAS Consultant, Jan 2017 – Present

●Running small consulting firm specializing in writing, reviewing and over seeing DAS specifications.

●Reviewing clients needs and meeting with vendors via Skype or in person to ensure clients specifications are met.

●Oversee budgetary costs are within client's parameters.

●Work with local first responder entities to ensure needs are met.

●Engage local carriers.


DAS Consultant, Apr 2016 – Jan 2017

●Responsible for consulting on First Responder, Cellular and WiFi Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in New York City and Austin, Tx.Worked with Silverstein Corporation on the World Trade Center (WTC) and Hudson Yards projects on development of the First Responder, Cellular and WiFi DAS specifications and vendor selection.Critiqued vendor Build of Material (BOM) list to ensure that materials bet city codes and standards.Reviewed system design using iBWAVE tool to ensure that propagation met the requirements of the specifications.Participated in vendor meetings and developed responses for Request for Proposals (RFP) on behalf of the client.

●Witness and participated in system testing of First Response System on Hudson Yards Tower A.Worked with the New Jersey/New York Port Authority on development of window switching technology to ensure that Port Authority equipment could interface with selected vendor equipment.Developed test plan for First Responder DAS network for Seton Hospital in Austin Texas.


Self Employed, Aug 2015 – Apr 2016

●Ran small commercial business for older British car parts.Responsible for procuring rare and hard to find parts for older British cars.Owned small restoration shop.


Project Manager, Sep 2014 – Aug 2015

●As Project Manager had responsibility for entire projects including budgetary concerns.Was responsible for training personal using Public Safety radios and radio equipment.

●Was responsible for budget and the purchase of new equipment for the Radio Cache.Managed Public Safety Monthly exercises involving OUC Radio Cache.Interfaced with HSEMA on district wide activities to ensure unified communications.Used EDX propagation tool for in- building repeater and DAS design.

●Designed testing procedures for in–building DAS Repeater using 40 space grid. Managed District’s FAA database and kept up filings for outdated Call Signs.

●Was responsible for keeping track of WMATA in tunnel and platform.Worked in a high stress environment that devoted a twenty four/ seven day dedication.


Sr. RF Engineer, Oct 2013 – Jun 2014

●Contracted for Motorola Solutions Federal Division on the Post-Sale team.Was responsible for final design and implementation of P25 systems for the Federal Government utilizing Motorola Astro 25 equipment.Knowledge and application in the design of both Trunking and Conventional mobile radio systems.Had responsibility for E911 systems for the Marine Corp under the FT Hood mandate.Due to realignment of DOD funds this program was mothballed until future funding became available.

M. C. DEAN, Sterling, VA

Sr. RF Engineer, Dec 2011 – Sep 2013

●Designed state of the art UHF P25 Mobile Radio System for Government of Senegal utilizing Motorola Astro line.Designed Radar Tracking Sites using Raytheon radars for counter narcotics forces in Senegal.Conducted mobile radio (P25) systems studies and equipment staging in Stuttgart, Germany for AFRICOM and SPAWAR customers. Have knowledge with Harris and Motorola P25 Systems.Designed UHF P25 Mobile Radio system for Governments of Tanzania and Gamba utilizing Motorola Astro line.

●Designed Wireless AP Mesh for the Baltimore Convention Center and the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport using AirMagnet propagation tool.Redesigned Baltimore Convention Center WiFi with Xirrus product replacing current Cisco product with an increase of capacity on the magnitude of ten.Provided analysis in wireless coverage design by using propagation tools.Designed link budgets for narrow band and wide band point to point systems.Conducted in building testing using current coverage tools to determine in building coverage signal strengths using Air Magnet Planner.Tuned propagation models to particular circumstances by using current drive test and in building coverage testing to determine a more accurate coverage.

●Involved with current 4G technologies by integrating new data systems from RF point of view.Have in depth knowledge of GSM. CDMA, UMTS, WiMAX, IDEN and WiFi technologies.Developed in building coverage solutions employing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Responsible for the design and implantation of antennas; repeaters; controllers; the running of both fiber and coax to provide a total in building solution.MC Dean shut down their European Division due to lack of contracts and new BRACK constraint


RF Consultant, Sep 2007 – Dec 2011

●Ran own RF Consulting Firm.Conduct survey of existing wireless systems to determine in building coverage for customers needing in building penetration.

●Designed in building DAS systems for small companies needing in building coverage.

●Provided analysis in wireless coverage design by using propagation tools.

●Designed link budgets for narrow band and wide band point to point systems.

●Conducted in building testing using current coverage tools to determine in building coverage signal strengths.

●Tuned propagation models to particular circumstances by using current drive test and in building coverage testing to determine a more accurate coverage.Involved with current 4G technologies by integrating new data systems from RF point of view.

●Have in depth knowledge of GSM; CDMA; UMTS; WiMAX, IDEN; WiFI; 4G technologies like Mobile WiMAX and Long Term Evolution (LTE).

●Worked with the following propagation tools: CellCAD, PathPro, RF CAD, PlaNET, Comnet, Wizard, SitePlanner, Netplan and for indoor environments.: NSP/I, SitePlanner, WISE, EDX and Signal Pro.Working with the following Drive test tools: X-Tel’s Xi which has indoor module, R&S IQRi/q, TSMU Radio Network Analyzer, and TEMs.


Intelligence Officer, Mar 2004 – Sep 2007

●Debriefer for counter drug program. Worked closely with DEA elements in South America.Attended the Advanced Military Operations Course and performed duties as a Case Officer.Lead for the Iraq detainee operations team.Acted as LNO for Detainee Operations in Bagram Afghanistan.

●Conducted strategic debriefs of detainees currently held at the Bagram Holding Area for information relating to OCF target set.Acted as ad hoc strategic collector for DH HUMINT Augmentation Teams in Bagram.

●Performed overt strategic debriefs on behalf of OL Bagram.Debriefed and assessed detainees which have mid to high level Taliban, al Qaida and Anti-Coalition Militia contacts.Developed questions based off of Source Directed Requirements and IIR Evaluations and provided results through Intelligence Information Reports (IIRs). Currently write IIRs under my own Field Reporter Number.

●While assigned to Bagram, I was instrumental in fostering a seamless working relationship between all DH elements and HUMINT Exploitation Division.Acted in accessing possible source assets for DH HUMINT Augmentation Teams.Worked with and participated in operations with CIA Case Officers, FBI Special Agents, CITF Agents, Special Force Operators and CJTF 76 HARC.I have completed the Military Operations Familiarization Course (MOFC) and have a strong grasp of overt, covert and clandestine operations. I have also attended and completed the HUMINT Operations Collection Course (HCOC)Conducted strategic debriefs of law enforcement agencies involved in counter terrorism efforts pertaining to CONUS based personalities.

●Acted as the team lead for CONUS based collection efforts supporting OB NCR Special Projects Team including the Deputy SECDEF’s 1993 World trade Center Bombing project.While assigned to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, I worked closely with the Interrogation Command Element and participated and conducted debriefs of detainees with knowledge affecting National Level interests.I am involved with writing SDRs and IIR evaluations on actionable intelligence from Afghanistan involving detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

●Before deploying to Bagram, I was the team lead heading up the Interrogations/Document Exploitation and CI team.


Intelligence Officer, Jul 2003 – Mar 2004

●Support JITF-CT as an analyst for the Detainee Cell.Familiar with writing Source Directed Requirements (SDRs), Intelligence Information Reports (IIRs), Memorandums for Record (MFRs) and other intelligence reporting products.Worked with such tools such as Intelink, Harmony and Websafe. I have used tools such as Groove, Sealink (classified) an AMRS databases in the past.Previously supported the Joint Task Force (JTF) at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Everyday duties include working with the Central Asia and Saudi teams in support of interrogations. I am responsible for supplying current intelligence for use by teams in interrogations and to verify or refute detainee stories.Worked with other agencies such as FBI, CITF, CIA, and other DOD entities in the sharing of information.Interrogated detainees for information based on SECDEF direction. Worked with other interrogators on high profile debriefs receiving National Level interest.When not interrogating, I provided other teams with DIA products and reports for use in developing a line of questioning. Acted as ad hoc Reports Officer in alerting analysts of potential reporting affecting their analysis.Acted as the JITF-CT lead host for weekly video teleconference on detainee issues. I also participate in the weekly Central Asia tea meeting providing a summarization of the week’s activity.

BAE SYSTEMS, INC, Lexington Park, MD

Senior Electrical Engineer, Sep 2002 – Jul 2003

●Headed up Engineering Services team in St. Mary’s County for the support of SCRD (NAVAIR) Webster field. Supported White House Communications Agency in the upgrade of current radio system to concur with latest APCO standards. Supported Air Force in the Remote Tactical Radio System for deployment overseas.

●Worked with switch vendors for meeting future Red and Black criteria.Oversee engineering design changes for Ground Tactical Air Systems (GTACS). Developed operational concept in support of classified emergency vehicle program.Engineer other C4I gear for deployment with Special Forces operations.


RF Consultant/Owner, Sep 2001 – Sep 2002

●As an independent consultant, I worked on the development of new sites for the Tampa market for Cinuglar Wireless. This included conducting propagation studies, site visits, working with local county zoning and building contractors.Oversaw the optimization of constructed sites and ensured that sites where updated in switch databases. I was responsible for sites in the Panama City area of the Tampa market.


Senior RF Engineer, Oct 1998 – Sep 2001

●Designed radio system utilizing IS -136 TDMA technologies for a four state region.Worked with RF Manager on budgetary issues for RF department.Oversaw production of RF team in everyday tasking.Analyzed and solved system problems for optimal performance for the Evansville, IN market.Interfaced with customers and vendors in RF coverage issues.Reviewed and tested new upgrades and overlays for the Evansville AT&T market.Worked with FAA and FCC to resolve regulatory issues.


Senior RF Engineer, Oct 1997 – Oct 1998

●Managed two RF engineers and three performance engineers in the design of IDEN (TDMA) system.Maintained and oversaw production of frequency plan for the Cincinnati and southern Ohio market.Analyzed system performance through daily statistics to optimize the system.Reviewed budget for new upgrades and equipment.Reviewed and proposed new test equipment for system optimization.Researched and analyzed antenna characteristics for system deployment.


RF Engineer, Oct 1996 – Oct 1997

●Responsible for the design of a CDMA IS-95 system and cell planning for Indianapolis, IN.Researched and recommended vendor equipment as required.Mentored junior employees on the techniques of radio system design.Propagation tested to ensure correct antenna and power settings.Assisted in the design of the Cincinnati, Ohio market.Worked with other carriers in co-location agreements.

AT&T WIRELESS, Philadelphia, PA

Radio Frequency Engineer, Jan 1995 – Oct 1996

●Responsible for the design of eighty sites in Northern New Jersey.Interfaced with other groups such as construction and real estate for site placement.Reviewed drive test for site suitability.Researched multiple antennas such as cross pole configurations for economical deployment.


RF Engineer, Jan 1994 – Jan 1995

●Designed IS-54 TDMA overlay for existing AMPS network in the Indianapolis market.Responsible for FCC contour filing for new sites.Filed FAA forms as required and interfaced with FAA when needed.Had responsibility for new site design in the Crawfordsville In area of the market.Attended zoning meeting as required and worked with local construction firms in the building of communication sites.

SPRINT, Kansas City, KS

RF Engineer, Oct 1993 – Jan 1994

●Attended and participated in standards committee work for PSC air interface proposals for CDMA, GSM, and TDMA.


Consultant II, Oct 1991 – Oct 1993

●Provided consulting expertise to SPAWAR.Oversaw design and testing of Royal Saudi Naval (RSN) Radio and Telephone System.Precipitated white papers on RSN mobile communications shelters and vans. Tested and recommended changes for Mobile Communications Shelters and Vans for use in desert environment.Optimized HF, VHF and UHF radio with crypto logic gear from Crypto AG.Signed off radio testing procedures on behalf of SPAWAR.Worked with HF, UHF, VHF radios and designed patch panel for interoperability.Researched troposcatter and NVIS phenomena for use by SPAWAR.Recommended crypto and security gear for use by RSN.Researched and designed satellite communication system for utilization by RSN.Recommended other SATCOM constellations such as MILSTAR for use by RSN.Wrote white papers for Intelligent Highway Systems and use of cellular communications for the military.

ERICSSON-GE, Lynchburg, VA

RF Engineer, Jan 1990 – Oct 1991

●Responsible for the design of Public Safety Trunking Mobile Radio systems for state police and other emergency services.Worked with proposals in response to APCO considerations.Tested PST systems before shipping and deployment in the field.


RF Engineer, Jan 1988 – Jan 1990

●Responsible for building radio portion of SDIO spacecraft.Designed low noise power supplies for spacecraft deployment.

●Researched radio beam antenna design to deliver narrow, non- intrusive, high-powered signal.Researched and implemented digital technologies to prevent jamming capabilities.Worked with Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC) for deployment on spacecraft.Responded to Request for Proposals for government contracts.Radiation testing of integrated circuits for use in spacecraft.Heat (IR) Testing of substrates for spacecraft deployment.Worked with PSpice design tool.


Capitol Technology University, Laurel, MD

BSEET, June 1990

●BS Electronic Engineering Degree


●Advanced Military Source Operations Course, (AMSOC), 2006

●Strategic Debriefer Course, 2005

●Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Course, Quantico Marine Base, VA, October 2004

●HUMINT Operations Collection Course (HCOC), DIA DH, October 2004

●Military Operations Familiarization Course (MOFC), CIA-Reston, VA, September 2004

●ITI – Personal Security Counter Terrorism Course, San Antonio, TX, June 2004.

●Counter Terrorism Course, March, ONI, March 2002

●Interrogation of Prisoners of War (IPW) training, ONI, December 2001

●Operation Noble Eagle (FORMICA and MERSHIP Collection) Collection, ONI, November 2001

●CORE RES Intelligence Course (J-150-2978), Naval and Marine Intelligence Training Center, September 2000 Basic Reserve Intelligence Training, RIA 3, New Orleans August 2, 2000

●US Navy 1984-2004

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