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Structural welder, mig and some tig

Georgia, United States
January 28, 2018

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Jeffrey M cCrary

**** * ********* * *. A pt. * * 78.250.5479

M acon, G A. 3 1204 j To w hom i t m ay c oncern I a m a pplying f or a w elding p osition. I a m l ooking t o s tart m y c areer i n m y field o f t raining. M y t echnical s kills a long w ith m y t raining a re w ell a bove a verage. I h ave k nowledge of a v ariety o f t ools m etals a nd p rocedures a nd m odern w elding t echniques t hat a re n eeded t o p reform the j ob. I a m m echanically i nclined a nd a b orn p roblem-solver. I n a ddition I h ave a f lexible s chedule and c an t ravel t o v arious j ob s ites. N ot o nly d o I h ave i n-depth w elding k nowledge I a m p recise a nd pay a ttention t o d etail. I h ave b een p raised b y e mployers a nd c lients f or m y i mpeccable a nd professional w ork. I w ould e njoy t he o pportunity t o b ring t hese q ualities a s a W elder. I a m s ure y ou w ill f ind m e t o b e m ore t han q ualified f or y our W elder p osition. P lease c ontact m e b y t he phone o r e mail l isted a bove a t y our e arliest c onvenience t o a rrange a n i n-person i nterview. I l ook forward t o s peaking w ith y ou a nd t hank y ou f or y our t ime.

B est r egards,

Jeffrey M cCrary

Jeffrey M cCrary

3044 B loomfield D r. A pt. 4 4 78.250.5479

M acon, G A. 3 1204 j

W elding/ M IG

M ultitasking

P rofessional

Team P layer


“ A r eliable a nd h ardworking t rained p rofessional o ffering d irect h andling o f m aterials & d istribution. Expertise i n p roviding c ertification f or e ntry l evel w elding, M IG s upport, b lue p rint r eading, manufacturing, & a c ertified p roduction t eam AREAS O F S TRENGTH

● Outstanding T ime M anagement S kills

● Innovative T hinking

● Active L istener

● Dedicated

● Excellent C ommunication S kills

● Good I nterpersonal a nd “ People” S kills

● Superior O rganizational S kills

● Team p layer


M oore’s F urniture W arehouse. M acon, G A. J anuary/ 2 016- M arch/ 2 017

M aterial H andler

● Conduct l ead s kills i n a n a ppropriate m anner

● Verify c omputations o f m aterials

● Move f reight t o a s n eeded a reas o f w arehouse/ d ocks

● Clean/ m aintain w arehouse s afety

● Record d ata i n c omputer s ystem

● Ensure m anpower r equirements w ere m et

A DS P ipes. P erry, G A. M arch/2017 t o A ugust/ 2 017

D ownstream T ech

● Manufacture P ipes

● Inspect p ipes f or d iscrepancy

● Carry h eavy l oad/ S tack

● Work a s a t eam p layer

A cademy W arehouse. D anville, G A. J une/ 2 013 t o J anuary/ 2 016

P roduction

● Pick/ P ull o rders

● Verify/ E nsure c orrection o f o rders

● R eceive, S tore, & S hipped g oods

● M aintain c leanliness & s afety o f w ork e nvironment

● R ecord D ata/ T rack d ata

P age 2 Jeffrey M cCrary


1 . C entral H igh, M acon, G A.

H igh S chool D iploma, 1 995

2 . C entral G eorgia T echnical C ollege

C ertifications/ W elding

A dditional C ertifications:

F lat S hielded M etal A rc W elder- C ertification

G as M etal A rc W elder- C ertification

M IG W elding- C ertification Reference

Ronnie B ailey, S haw 4-70-756-****

Mr. M oore, M oores f urniture 4-78-335-****

Mr. R ick, a ction e nvironmental 4-78-228-****

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