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Westlake, Louisiana, 70669, United States
January 28, 2018

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Thomas A. Johnson ● Page *

Thomas A. Johnson



• C# • HTML • CSS • SASS

• .NET • jQuery • JavaScript • SQL Server

• T-SQL • Visual FoxPro • Entity Framework • Razor

• ASP.NET MVC • Crystal Reports • Web Services • WinForms

• Visual Basic .NET • ASP.NET Web Forms • NuGet • Ninject EDUCATION

B. G. S., Concentration in Computer Science D ecember 2009 McNeese State University L ake Charles, Louisiana


Senior Developer March 2015 to September 2017

Velocity Squared Lake Charles, Louisiana

Junior Developer March 2010 to March 2015

Velocity Squared Lake Charles, Louisiana

Developer Intern May 2008 to March 2010

Velocity Squared Lake Charles, Louisiana

Participated in the end-to-end software development lifecycle of a Microsoft .NET shop that specialized in custom-developed software solutions for small and mid-sized businesses

• Built and maintained systems using a variety of ORMs, beginning with an in-house solution and progressing to Microsoft LINQ to SQL and ultimately moving on to Microsoft Entity Framework, including large-scale migrations from legacy ORMs to EF

• Integrated with third-party libraries and services such as TopShelf, Ninject, TeamCity and Octopus Deploy

• Wrote and profiled both T-SQL stored procedures and Entity Framework queries, including tuning calls against >80M row datasets

• Worked with both centralized (SourceGear Vault) and distributed (Mercurial, git) version control systems, including simultaneously maintaining multiple active branches corresponding to multiple actively-supported versions of applications

Thomas A. Johnson ● Page 2

• Worked directly with clients to understand requirements, test implemented solutions, and provide ongoing maintenance for their applications

• Maintained a legacy system that used each of four data access layers: an in-house ORM layer, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, and a second Service-Oriented Architecture

• Triaged issues, then fixed defects or gathered requirements to pass to another developer

• Worked Remotely for the last year and a half

Programming Intern March 2007 to May 2008

Amerisafe Insurance Lake Charles, Louisiana

Worked on an internal IT team for a major general liability and workers compensation insurance company.

• Introduced to a database driven business

• Pair-programed with senior developers to learn Visual FoxPro

• Worked with business group leaders to get changes made and published SELECTED PROJECTS

High Volume Remote Image Transfer System.

Designed, implemented, and supported a system that allowed allowed race photographers to upload images from the field instead of shipping fragile hard drives across the world.

● Technologies Used: ASP.NET, WinForms, C#, SQL Server, SQL Server Compact, Entity Framework, Multi-threading

● M ulti-threaded asynchronous uploading cutting down on upload time from locations across Europe and the United States

● A typical race from last year managed >61K participants from over 135 Nations.

● This project was a WinForms application written in C# and backed via Entity Framework using both a SQL Server Compact database for internal persistence and a SQL Server database to sync with the main system

High volume CD/DVD-based image fulfillment system. Designed, implemented, and supported a system for accepting, producing, and fulfilling customer orders for customized CD- and DVD-based products.

● Technologies Used: ASP.NET, WinForms, C#, SQL Server, System.Drawing.*, Windows Printing System, Primera Technologies SDK

● Polled retail site API for new customer orders and accepted order details across a half-dozen different product SKUs

● Verified that all of the data and images needed to produce an order were present in the building; provided exception reports when fulfillment was not yet possible due to an external issue

● Assigned jobs to an optimal location for fulfillment across three separate geographical markets: United States, Canada, and Europe

● Using an adapter-design pattern, developed a system of plugins that separated the logic for the design and content for each SKU from the logic needed to track the product through the system

● Integrated with off-the-shelf disc duplicator robots from Primera Technologies, using their SDK Thomas A. Johnson ● Page 3

● Rendered and printed CD surface artwork, customized to the individual customer and SKU

● Implemented a barcode-driven thermal label production system for both producing shipping labels and marking the orders fulfilled

● Produced >60k CDs in the biggest year.

High Volume Direct Mail Templating and Production System. Designed, implemented, and supported a system for creating, assembling, producing and mailing customer proofs. The marketing division is allowed to market across all divisions (Graduation, Race, Christmas / Easter Bunny, etc

● Technologies Used: ASP.NET, web services,C#, SQL Server, Entity Framework, Topshelf

● Facilitated marketing to >1.5M customers over the last twelve month period

● Allow marketing team to design templates and test templates to send to customers

● Allowed the marketing team to create campaigns for multiple mailings based on conditions:

No Address

Already ordered

Only has international addresses

Only has domestic addresses

● Polled the event database to check for events that fulfilled the criteria for the event’s campaign, and began pulling items together

● Created a website to allow the printing team to watch and review jobs as they progressed through the system

● Implemented a Winforms application to watch a folder a file to be created then download that directly into the “Hot Folder” of a commercial printer First Report of Injury

Maintained the First Report of Injury reports for each state and place Amerisafe covered workers.

● Technologies Used: SQL Server, Visual FoxPro, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.

● Designed and maintained Crystal Reports to reflect the printed state’s FROI

● Worked with senior development staff to get changed published

● Worked with senior development staff to get files into Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

● Allowed an injured worker to log into the website and fill out their report if accidents happened outside of business hours, instantly putting the data at an adjuster’s fingertips AVAILABILITY

● Relocation: Possible

● Remote: Have worked remotely in the past, and would be happy to continue, with possible travel to location a few times a quarter.

● Local: Presently located in Southwest Louisiana.

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