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Manager Food Safety / Sanitation

Winnetka, Illinois, United States
$ 85000
January 28, 2018

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PO BOX ***** CHICAGO ILL *****-*** - 312-***-**** Cell

Skills 20 years progressive path

Management Experience (15 ) yrs

HACCP(FDA/FDO) issued certifications

AIB (Sanitation,Hygiene,Food safety )

International certified Food Safety / Sanitation also NRFS/S Professionals

OSHA ( Industrial hygiene )

Team Mentoring Oriented

Open to all challenges


Work Experience

2017- Present

Sanitation superintendent / Manager- Illinois 60131

Responsible for entire deployment, implementation, validation for all sanitation/hygiene/pest control related issues. The team consists of (30) members with (3) direct reports which were 1 manager and 2 leads. This team was responsible for CIP / COP for all production equipment, total interior of production manufacturing areas, shipping and receiving, exterior, all offices and cafeteria and wash-room, mold remediation. Upon close examination the entire chemical calibration system was revamped with a collaboration between the company and vendor at absolutely no incurred cost. This simple step cut the chemical costs by 65% due to correct dispersing of chemicals and this miser system was totally rewarding. Implemented new methodology for the chemicals in-house by the simple process of reading and following the label on chemical products for (the label is the law.) There is a thought process that more chemicals are better which is totally incorrect, for less is best with notable results. The miser system implemented allows for less chemical to perform at optimum standards by doing as they were designed and at the same time savin on cost within labor and chemicals. Developed new filtering concepts using 75-micron marine grade stainless steel mesh which eradicated expensive costs of paper filters. Last manufacturer ordered audit was passed and this was due to the commanding score issued for the sanitation department which raised the collective score for all sectors which were audited . Became a Certified International Food Safety / Sanitation Manager through examination 26 December 2017.This allowed entry into (The National Registry of Food / Sanitation Safety Professionals) which is global in reach.

Integrity First Pest Control Inc Chicago, IL 2007 – Present

Manager / Lead Technician

Responsibilities include specialization in sanitation / hygiene / food processing / food manufacturing facilities interior & exterior, drains, equipment audits etc. This work was performed under the food manufacturing pest control license issued by the Illinois department of Public Health. It was incumbent to further expand this ideology with FSMA & FSIS & PCQI which are acronyms for things grandfathered in under the originator HACCP Guidelines.

Michigan City Bakery Michigan City, IN 2006 – 2007

Sanitation / Food Safety Manager

Responsible for the entire plant equipment

Ensure HACCP/AIB standards are followed daily as plant is totally cleaned

Responsible for sanitation of all equipment, compliance for all HACCP/ AIB, CIP, COP, SSOP’S, inspections prior to production

ATP swab readings and corrections, (ADENOSINE TRIPHOSATE protein results) found within the cell residuals left on equipment which dictates if further actions are needed.

Chemical formulations, metal detection problem correction, lock out /tag out, vendor ordering

All pest control issues in the event of bacterial outbreaks the problems were to be corrected under my direction.

This position had 3 reporting leads and the 3 teams had a total of 30 team members

In preparation for audits the staff would swell to 60 team members under the 3 leads

The AIB certification covered both KOSHER and HALAL, food sanitation for the bakery was under RABINICAL guidelines and inspections

This training was instrumental in reversing negative reports from the SILLIKER LAB, and being able to obtain a positive result in one treatment

Developed new methodology that increased hang time of chemicals used by about 35%


A1 Pest Masters Chicago, IL 2000 – 2006

Lead Field Tech

With specialization in the food industry and all problems that arose to better understand situations encountered in the field

Expertise was pest control and sanitation/hygiene issues related to the food manufacturing, commercial client facility

Moo & Oink Chicago, IL 1999 – 2000

Sanitation Manager

Responsible for implementation, and enforcement of HACCP program

Improved and enhanced maintenance & sanitation standards

Resolved issues relating to SSOP & inspections prior to line start-up

Personally saw that all chemical formulations were correct to solve problems

Responsible for all cleaning & sanitation for the meat cut rooms, walls, floors, equipment, drains, coolers and freezers etc

Ameriking West Chester, IL 1998 – 1999


Responsible for the entire facility operation and oversight, gross, net, and payroll had to be within expectations

Resolved cash variables and increased cash intake by 35-40 %

Trained/cross trained employees inventoried, established facility pars

Christian Herald Manhattan, NY 1992 – 1998

Food Service Director

Responsible for the entire overview and operation of this department

Hired, trained / cross -trained, payroll, pars, menu development, budget, forecasting, and termination

Taught sanitation classes to staff and enforced all sanitation codes to be in compliance with NY health department

Interim Roles


Bible University of Fordland Missouri Fordland, MO 2012

Master’s Degree in Theology

Bachelor’s Degree in Theology 2010


Certified in AIB, (SANITATION / HYGEINE FOOD SAFETY), HACCP (FDA/ FDO numbered certification) Pasteurization (FDA),Food manufacturing pest control license

PEST CONTROL Illinois & (Indiana's reciprocity which includes GA, IL, KY, NJ, NY)

Illinois sanitation Manager & City of Chicago Food Manager

Food defense (FDA certificate)

Industrial Hygiene (OSHA sponsored class)Pasteurization (FDA certificate) Next Courses planed drains & Labels from FDA due to their personal integrity & standards.

ICFS/SM CERTIFIED and member of INRFS/S Professionals. Recognized by Conference for FOOD PROTECTION STANDARDS AND ISO / IEC 17024 STANDARDS.

*** At present Microsoft Excel classes will be pursued in the future to overcome a deficit

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