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Sales Project

Abruzzo, 64028, Italy
January 25, 2018

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Via P.Borsellino **/a

***** ***** ******(TE)


Birth date: 15/09/1972


Domenico Cichella


Currently working as SAP Team leader for Aptar corporate in south Europe region (Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy).

I have 14 years’ of experience in SAP R3 with specialization in the SD-MM-PP-WM-FI-CO and OTC modules. At present I’m working on ECC6 SAP release.

I have lead 3 full life cycle projects from beginning to the successful delivery. I leaded two big project for the company, the first one was the merge project between two Italian plant where I coordinated the developers and customizer team in all the logistics aspect. I participate to a World Wide roll-out project for the migration of the SAP system from the old 4.6C version into the new one ECC6. I was the responsible for the extraction and the conversion roles of all the master data(Material, Customers, Vendors and automatic warehouse ). I participate to a numerous meeting all over the world to archive all the information needed until the end of the project.

Possessing a solid technical background (ABAP background), I am able to write reports, module-pools, write new implementations such as BADI, object oriented programming O_O. I am able to do the debugging, create batch inputs, manage sessions. I consider myself an expert in IDOc, can create new application servers, create links between different legacy system, check messages. I’m also able to upload data via legacy LSMW.

The module that I consider being strongest at present are the SAP Logistic Modules MM-SD-WM. I have strong Experience with RF, Batches, Shipping, Transports and Labels. I works also with RFC for MES system. I am also good in dealing with SAP global master data (in particular MATERIAL, CUSTOMER and VENDORS). I am also expertise in CRM module as integration in SD. In particular I worked with SOM portal used by customer to put directly in SAP system new sales orders.

Being an effective and experienced people manager. I possess great strategic skills and have consistently demonstrated my ability to meet immediate business needs while driving toward long term goals.

I am an effective communicator and influencer, with years of experience in business relationship management including senior members of both business and IT organizations. I am accustomed dealing with high levels of organizational and technical complexity and am recognized for my ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms.

I have received performance ratings in the top 15% of my peer group in every year since the start of my career with Company in 2008 and have earned increasing levels of responsibility in a relatively short time frame, being considered as an influential person within our IT department.

My latest project was a world wide roll out project. It was for the migration of the old SAP version 4.6C into the new ECC6.

The project was very complex because before each plant of the corporate has the own SAP client. In the new ECC6 we have only one SAP and each plant inside.

In this process we have to refine all the basic data such as Material codification, vendor, customer, account, cost centre, invoice sales order, consider that before the migration each plant have a different way to codify this kind of things.

I was the project manager for all the part who involved SD module, so I was the responsible for the definition with the business side to decide the new codification for all the basis data.

I lead during these years, consider that we involved in the project for 5 years, a variable group of people composed by internal resource and also outsourcing consultant.

I was the link between IS resources and stakeholders, achieved all the information by the business and translate it to my group to realize all inside the SAP system.

I wrote all the blue print for the project scope and realization, I participate to all the meeting to analyse the cost, yearly budget and try to find the correct solution for every kind of issue during the realization phase.

I participate with the cut over manager to al the phases before the go-live defining all the steps point by point.

During the go-live I travel a lot to be in each plant all over the world to be sure that each part of project going well.

After the go-live I follow all the post activities for a great support to each plant.

After this bit big project my boss ask me to lead a new team for the new world organization for all regarding the security in all the systems. So I putted in place the new IAM(Identy access and Management) team.

In this team there are involved many resources because we manager not only SAP access but all regarding Information system, in part are VPN access, outlook access firewall an so on.

I'm the link between IS and all the business plant all over the world, consider that my team have to cover different time zone from China to US.

Roles and Highlights

SAP Team leader Senior manager

From May 2008 Aptar Inc. Pescara, ITALY

I am the SAP team leader for the Identity & Access Management. I coordinate a new team who are responsible for new user access on the system managed via CUA, new roles creation, SOX check via GRC to identify if any Mitigation of SOD are necessary and everything is related to SAP security.

I leaded two big project for the company, the first one was the merge project between two Italian plant where I coordinated the developers and customizer team in all the logistics aspect. I participate to a World Wide roll-out project for the migration of the SAP system from the old 4.6C version into the new one ECC6. I was the responsible for the extraction and the conversion roles of all the master data(Material, Customers, Vendors and automatic warehouse ). I participate to a numerous meeting all over the world to archive all the information needed until the end of the project.

I have a solid functional background. I am specialized in SD-MM-WM and OTC too, in particular I can customize the vendor basic data, customer basic data, all type of documents, sales document and purchase document. I can manage automatic warehouse, create bin, box, pallet and so on. I can link material type with BIN storage. I can define shipping point in customer basic data. In the enterprise structure I am able to create sales office and sales group, create and maintain storage location, assign the sales office to the correct sales group. I can maintain material master type, create new material group. I maintain all the range number data for sales, purchase, shipping, material, warehouse. I am able to upload data via LSMW. I’m able to manage IDOc message, create new application server, link between different legacy system, sent new segment. I’m the mentoring of new hires and the refer figure for all the issue. I put in place the line guide of all new project and lead my team to pursuit the goal.

I am also expertise in CRM module as integration in SD. In particular I worked with SOM portal used by customer to put directly in SAP system new sales orders.

I know all the standard and customized procedure in our SAP system, I’m able to customize module and write new report and procedure.

At present my team is involved in a worldwide project for a rollout – roll in into a global corporate SAP system.

I’m the coordinator of all people involved in the process but I’m also the person who better know all the procedure, process and all the personalization inside the SAP system.

Just few week ago we ended the merge project between two plant located in Italy. I was the leader of the team who consists in 30 people divided by developers and customizer for the follow module: SD MM WM PP .

I follow from the begin to the end numerous lifecycle project as a team leader, or as a part of global team.

In particular under MM (that I consider my strong module) I wrote the conversion roles for the master data migration from the old system into the new one.

I also rewrite all the classification for the material group due to the merge project who involved my team in the past year.

I realize the custom program used by the business to configure new material code with the automatic creation of the BOM(Bill of material).

I manage the material classification to be used in the WM module such as KANBAN procedure or material group for particular location.

I realize the subcontractor project, in which we have standardized all the process instead of the personalization model.

I was the team member of a global project for the roll in data when we migrated our AS400 system into SAP system. This project involved three big team from different country, North America, Latin America and South Europe. I was the leader from South Europe team.

In 2010 I reorganized all the user profile in the Latin America . The plant involved are located in Brazil and Argentina, and the people profile involved was about 200.

Before this experience I lead a team of 8 people to reorganize the business process of the outsourcing suppliers. In this project I coordinated two team, 4 experts in SAP system and 4 in C++ system because at the present day the company have also the integration between SAP and other information technology call SISPRO developed in C++ language.

I am also the internal audit for the IT process under Sarbanes Oxley procedure so I test all the process put in place by my colleagues in the IT structure monthly. For this reason I am the unique person who can ménage all the role for all the plant in the South Europe region.


From September 2006 to April 2008 Bank of Italy Rome, Italy

I was responsible of a team of 4 people who develops in ABAP4, direct reports to do the merger between The Bank of Italy and IOC (Italian office of change) my team was a part of a big project and was responsible of all the development of the source code in FI module.


I was the leader of the relationship with both business and IT organization. I suggest the better procedure to take to reduce the cost for give a better profit

I managed personally the report under ABAP4 language and all the necessary flow to centre the target.

I wrote documentation for the user for all the procedure put in place.

I reorganized all the people profile distinguished it by roles and areas of expertise.


From December 2004 to August 2006 ENEL S.p.a. Rome, Italy

I was responsible for ABAP team developers, design, architecture, project management and support for tooling and solutions in the SAP FI-CO module.

I was a team member of a support of 2nd level who helped user with serious problem and for developers in ABAP4 new reports or new tools under SAP.

In this first part of my carer I affined my experience as developer and I start to know bases of customizer mainly for FI-CO module.


I designed and developed with ABAP4 language report, module-pool, function module, RFC, Sapscrips, Smartforms, logic database.

I analysed issue and find the better solution to solve the problem as a part of 2nd level team support.

I moved the first step in the filed of customization, I saw how create a new company how move a new plant under a corporate, create VAT taxes, global leadger account.


From May 2004 to November 2004 Pfizer Rome, Italy

I was a developer for FI-CO module in a team of 2nd level support. I create and modify report to help business people to sole their issue. I modify existent Sapscript to implements new company logo or to solve some little bug.


In this first part of my carrier I learned the basics to working as a team member, helping each other to solve problem that business people raised us. In this first part I try to learn as much as possible with other person more experienced in the team.


From October 2003 to April 2004 ETINERA Rome, Italy

This was my first job in SAP R3 world after my developer course in Rome.

I was sent for a little project in Accenture to learn how SAP work.

I try to ménage User and role administration, troubleshooting, analysis, monitoring, reporting, training.


Italian Mather language

Fluent in English 100% speaking/writing

Fluent in French 100% speaking/writing

Spanish 50% speaking/writing

Deutsch 30% speaking/writing


1986-1991 Technical school A.Zoli Atri(TE)

Commercial school

1992-1995 University Aquila

Short Degree in electronic engneering

1996-2001 Università “G.D’Anuunzio’ Pescara, Italy

Degree in Economics with maximum Italian votation 110/110.

2002 University “G.D’Annunzio Pescara, Italy

Master in Information Technology in ERP system applied to Economics methods.



Willingness to travel around the world.

Interest to expand their culture in all fields in a young, dynamic and motivating, with good prospects for professional growth








ABAP Dictionary

Creation and maintenance custom tables.

HIGH 14 years experience

Reporting and printing

Standard lists

HIGH 14 years experience

ALV lists

HIGH 14 years experience

Interactive reports

HIGH 14 years experience


HIGH 14 years experience


HIGH 14 years experience

Dialog programming

Object video creation: input/output, controls, subscreen, menu, radio button, table control.

HIGH 14 years experience

ABAP Object Oriented programming

Class Builder

HIGH 14 years experience

SAP standard ALV Grid, ALV Tree.

HIGH 14 years experience

SAP Web Application Server

Web Dynpro ABAP

LOW less 1 year

Tecnologie web correlate: HTML, Javascript

LOW less 1 year

Data transfer

Batch input

HIGH 14 years experience

Interfacce BAPI

HIGH 14 years experience


HIGH 14 years experience


HIGH 14 years experience

SAP Enhancement

Field Exit

HIGH 14 years experience

User Exit

HIGH 14 years experience

BTE (Business Transaction Event)

HIGH 14 years experience


HIGH 14 years experience

R/3 e SAP application

Reporting on: MM, CO, FI

HIGH 14 years experience

Reporting on: PP, WM

MEDIUM 8 years experience

Reporting on: SAP BW

LOW 2 year experience

Reporting on: TR

HIGH 3 years experience

APO integration

Material master basic data with MRP view

HIGH 8 years experience

Authorization profile

New user, new role, new profile. Single role and collective role.

HIGH 14 years experience

SD Customization

HIGH 8 year experience

Customer and Vendors

Create and maintenance all the basic data

HIGH 8 year experience

Sales documents

Create type orders, market field sales organizations, sales office, sales group.

HIGH 8 year experience

Price condition

Manage and create new price list, inforecord new sales condition

HIGH 8 year experience

MM Customization

Material master

Create and maintain all the basic data, material type classification data, Material group, mrp view, accounting and cost view, QM view.

HIGH 8 year experience


Globaly implementation of the Bill of Material

WM Customization

Storage location

Creation and maintenance of the storage location. Lock and unlock of different location. Customized procedure of WM inbound strategy.

Storage BOX definition.

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