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SAP BPC Lead Consultant

Franklin Township, New Jersey, 08873, United States
January 25, 2018

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P: 682 *******


EPM Consultant with 8 years of diverse industry experience in Finance and banking Services. Aiming to use my professional consulting expertise in Business planning, Strategic management reporting and financial consolidation to endeavor the portfolio of Business Entities.

Implementing Business Planning: Operational and Capital Expenditures planning, Sales planning, Head count planning, Investment planning, Integrated planning

Budgeting, Forecast and Rolling Forecast

Functional understanding and end to end implementations in Financial Consolidation

US GAAP, IFRS (Stat. & Management reporting), & SIN GAAP

COREP and FINREP – (EBA reporting), Solvency ii and IFRS 2

Consolidation concepts: Foreign Currency Translation, Inter-Company Eliminations

Consolidation of Investments – Investments, Minority Interests,

Goodwill and Reserves management


SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation (Version 10 & 10.1 installed on HANA/ Net Viewer BW/ Microsoft Version database)

Environment/Application set management, Model/Application management

Dimensions, Journals, Controls & Business rules, Script logic - BADI, FOX scripting

Reports/Schedules – Analysis for office, EPM 10 Add-in & Web Reporting, Tableau

Data management – Transformations, Conversions and MD, Tx. Data loading

Work flow – Business Process Flows, Security & Transports

SAP Business Objects Analysis for Office, BEX Query Designer

SAP Business Objects Financial Consolidation (Version 7.5 & 10 based on HANA)

Dimension & Scope management

Category management – Accounts, Flows, Business Controls/Validations and Formulae

Business rules, Schedules & Journal templates

FX rate tables, Conversion and Tax rate table management

Security, Work status, Operational Cycle management (Period Closure)

SAP Inter-Company Services, Financial Information Management

SAP HANA – Modelling concepts, Data migration, System adaptability for BPC and BFC

Downstream applications

SAP BI/BW – Administration – Modeling & Transport management

SAP FI CO – General ledgers, AP/AR, Cost center accounting, costing, profitability analysis

ETL - SAP Data Services and Extended Analytics

Vast experience in requirement gathering & customer Interactions

Involved in four full life cycle implementation & Support project in SAP BPC/BFC and BO Web Intelligence and Dash boards


Allergan (Embedded Consolidation BPC 10.1) Rockaway, NJ Jun 2017 - td

Pharmaceutical industry decommissioning their BPC 10 MS version of Planning & Consolidation system and focusing to implement Embedded BPC on AWS cloud to align with the future migration strategy of S4HANA and Strategic Reporting system.


Conducting brainstorming sessions to align Planning and consolidation implementation with future S4 strategy

Preparation of Key design documents for Master, Tx data, Security, Work flow, Consolidation requirements, reporting

Preparation of Functional specs for Cash flow, Eliminations & COI, Work status, Security & BPF

Currency translations and Eliminations

Controls, Journals, Work status and Business process flow design

Design input queries and templates for the reporting files

Logic design for computing P&L to RE via Journal Entries by planning functions

Leverage BPFs and security, based on User community by operational structure

Project Pegasus (Duty Free Shoppers) Los Angeles, CA Jun 2016 – May 2017

Role: BPC Senior Consultant

Tools used: SAP BPC 10.1 (NW), SAP HANA

Requirements: Duty-free shops are retail outlets exempted from the payment of local or national taxes and duties, on the requirement that the goods sold will be sold to travellers who will take them out of the country. DFS Group holds 90 entities and needs a robust solution to address a speedy, easy and simple platform to close their consolidation cycle.


Involved in process and functional design activities

Setting up Environment with Consolidation, Ownership and Rates model

Dimensional Modeling and data structure modeling for Consolidation model

Designing data collection though standard SAP extractors

Data migration packages setup from legacy consolidation system ECCS

Designing Input templates and Free forms for Non-SAP data collection

Involved in designing Consolidation Reports BS, P and L, Product based Revenues, Cash Flow statements with drill down functionality

Legal consolidation based on US GAAP & SIN GAAP

Ownership Management & Consolidation life cycle management

Business process templates for corporate data collections and validations

Business rules to define Foreign currency translations, Intercompany matching, Intercompany eliminations, Investments & Cash flow statements

Designed Script logics and Business rules & Interoperable differences and baseline calculations

Security configurations for member access profile, task profile and teams to restrict users as per management and business requirement

Designed and developed Templates as per business requirement

Worked on creation of Journal template for Consolidation Model

Configured the Consolidation Environment with the Consolidation Model, Rates & Ownership Model

(AFRS project) - Miller Coors Chicago, IL Feb 2015 – May 2016

Role: BPC Consultant

Tools used: SAP BPC 10.1 (NW), SAP HANA

Requirements: Miller Coors was a joint venture between SABMiller and Molson Coors Brewing Company since ‘07. Miller Coors had implemented Planning and Consolidation package solution for preparing, and reporting their Financials. Planning, Budgeting, Forecasts and Consolidation were implemented in various phases


Business requirement gathering to understand their core business model and build planning, budgeting solutions

Configure system to compute asset planning based on the depreciation class and asset type in CAPEX planning

Cost estimates and allocation logics for the Revenue planning based on LOBs

OPEX planning based on plant and division

Preparation of Consolidated Financial statements

Technical design for data flow and business user data collection process via process flows (Input templates and data loads)

Build Dimensions & Models and their master data maintenance

Input schedules and complex EPM input sheets for data collection based on

Brand, Segment, Product & their CCs

Built Data Manager Packages for both Master data and Transaction data loading

Logic Scripts for computation from Cross reference models

Formulae for KPI calculation based on dimensional values

Build business rules for

Account transformations & Currency translation

Elimination of intercompany transactions & Elimination of Internal Dividends

Consolidation of Investments & Minority Interests

Developed Business Process Flow (BPF) Templates for each business operation

Security setup for Users and assigning them to the respective teams and access groups

Audit Log and Work status configuration to adhere local governing Compliances

User training on BPF, Free forms and data packages

Change/Incident/Knowledge management

Applied Materials Santa Clara, CA Feb 2014 – Feb 2015

Role: BPC Consultant

Tools used: SAP BPC 10 (NW)

Requirements: Applied Materials, Inc. is the global leader in materials engineering solutions for the semiconductor, flat panel display and solar photovoltaic (PV) industries. Technologies developed by them help make innovations like smart phones, flat screen TVs and solar panels more affordable and accessible to consumers and businesses around the world.

They have diversified business lines in Material Engineering and deliver products and software services to the consumer market. To sophisticate their business model with refined planning strategy and Top level operational facilitation in Financials was the core aspect of this project delivery


Involved in process and functional design activities

Involved in developing the Sales Planning Model to report on their business targets

CAPEX and OPEX models to deliver their Organizational financial operations

Developed Head count planning model for Human resource management

REAC Management model for strategic branding and efficiency reporting

Designed and developed Reports & Input Schedules using EPM PANE and other EPM Functions like EPMsaveData, EPMRetrieveData, EPMComment, EPMdimensionOverride, EPMcomparison, EPMurl etc.,

Involved in designing financial planning reports with standard planning functions Spread, trend, weight in Sales planning based on product by segment and region

Designed input sheets for resource planning based on new & old contract, Full time resources and their cost by grades

Designed input forms for Revenue planning based on the comparative data from actuals

Involved in designing Consolidation Reports BS, P and L, Product based Revenues, Cash Flow statements with drill down functionality

Legal consolidation based on US GAAP

Ownership Management & Consolidation life cycle management

Business process templates for corporate data collections and validations

Business rules to define Foreign currency translations, Intercompany matching, Intercompany eliminations, Investments & Cash flow statements

Designed Script logics, BADIs and Business rules

Security configurations for member access profile, task profile and teams to restrict users as per management and business requirement.

Designed and developed Templates as per business requirement.

Involved in Data management and loading of data into BPC using the DMP, transformation, conversion logic files

Worked on creation of Journal template for Consolidation Model

Configured the Consolidation Environment with the Consolidation Model, Rates & Ownership Model

Looping the currency translation logic in the reporting cycle by maintain rate templates

Insurance DRS - Lloyds Banking Group London, UK Nov 2012 - Jan 2014

Role: BFC Consultant

Tools used: SAP BO Financial Consolidation, FIM, EAD (Extended Analytics)

Requirements: Scottish Widow Group which is a subsidiary to LBG dominantly provides services in Insurance domain. To meet the regulatory reporting requirements constituted by the Banking authorities, Lloyds Bank required financial reporting specific to Insurance division.


Technical implementation of Insurance reporting & Solvency II reporting requirements

Building new dimension walkcategory to stimulate the function of audit id dimension

Data model design for COA, AC families and flow behavior of Insurance accounts

Designed business rules to re-classify the objectives of Solvency ii

Capital Adequacy ratio

Deferred Acquisition Costs (DAC)

Deferred Organization costs (DOC)

Deferred Taxation effect

Current Taxation effect

Net Technical Provisions

Blocking formulae with pseudo calculations, complex data mappings

Mapping IFRS consolidated data to Insurance Units along with balance carry over functionality

Involved in building Technical category scenario version for the data management from the existing implementation

Category Scenario: Account Management, account families, flow setup, formulae for intermediary calculations and controls for data validations

Dimensional Analysis configuration to provide breakdown analysis bases on Partner, Share, Maturity and Geography

Involved in building business rules for account transformation

oData extraction from IFRS consolidation (Technical consolidation)

oLegal entity transfers

oData transformation to Walk Category audit ids

oForeign currency conversion into Group currency

oProvisional Eliminations, Intercompany Eliminations, Dividends

oElimination of Investments, Handling investments in JV

oGoodwill and Minority interest reclassification

Defining scope for the portfolio management and organizational structure

Involved in creating input schedules and output reports linked to Enrichment schedules

Created style books for cosmetic and standard reporting structure in schedules

BP Re-Engineering (HCL Technologies) Bangalore, India Jan 2012 - Nov 2012

Role: BPC/BO Consultant

Tools used: SAP BPC 7.5 (NW), SAP Dashboards

HCL Tech has adopted SAP BPC as the reporting solution for consolidation


Maintaining dimension members, properties, developing input schedules & reports.

Maintaining dimension hierarchies, dimension Member formulas, creating and using Scrip logic through default logic.

Executing account transformation program to verify cash flow statement in LC

Uploading ownership data of reporting period from flat file in ownership application

Execute Ownership calculation program for required period and verify ownership data

Upload exchange rates for the period from BI infoprovider and verify exchange rates

Customizing and implementing reports based on Schedule 6 IAS structure

Requirement gathering from Finance controllers and Corporate Leads

Maintaining system security to users and user groups by application level security and dimension level security.

Support on Input templates architecture and providing analysis using Quick-Adhoc reports

Analysis interacting with the team and the users to get the desired inputs

Work status settings and linking them to input templates


Created Live office and access database connections

Provided connectivity for dashboard to BW through Open Hub Services

Maximize option for charts without panel set option

Used components like selectors, cascading prompt, and drill down options

Radio buttons, check Boxes, Image components, dynamic visibility

Excel functions like DGET, formulae

Various charts, single valued displays, Alerters, containers

Used play selector, Ticker, conditional hiding

GDRS, FINREP & COREP - Lloyds Banking Group London, UK Sep 2010 – Jan 2012

Role: BFC Consultant

Tools used: SAP BO FC, FIM, EAD (Extended Analytics)

Requirements: Group and Divisional Reporting system facilitating the consolidation based on IFRS (International Financial Reporting standards). The Concept of Group and Divisional reporting is to collect the financial information from the Base/Divisional level office which is part of an integral Legal Entity. Consolidation is done at the Group Level and the break down analysis and Data analysis view is visible from the Base reporting Unit.


Dimension builder:

Building dimensions, characteristics and properties involved in reporting

Master data management as per the business requirement &

User defined dimensions, characteristics and properties for granular level of data analysis based on the business requirements

Designed new schedules based on User requirements and enhancements

Change management related to

Restatements & Currency translations

Elimination of intercompany transactions & Consolidation of Investments

Creating Dimensional Analysis providing breakdown analysis bases on product, Maturity, Geography and Loan Quality

Category scenario:

Chart of Accounts – Inclusion of new accounts and their maintenance

Account families – Inclusion of new account families and initialization, planned on upcoming project requirements

Flow behavior – flow setup and validation

Controls – if any corrections or requirements in controls/validations

Creating new formulae if required with the new accounts or any changes in properties/characteristics related to the existing accounts

Analyzing the organizational structure based on the investments and building the hierarchy with the Scope and setting up reporting units that participate in consolidation

Analyze and configure the Incoming and outgoing Reporting units in the Scope

Configuring the Business level authorization groups for Data Access

Creating new DAG filters based on the access level required by the Users providing, read/write option to the system level objects like package and Consolidation

Package Amount Trace maintenance for tracking the deltas

Data Model updates, Incident management, Change management

Transports to other environments

Performance tuning

Archiving the logs in regular periods to improve the database performance

Deleting un-used version of consolidations &Task group archiving

Operational cycle

Setting up Reporting IDs, Reporting Units

Package management – Publish and integrate

Master data for RU’s in ICS for IC matching & reconciliation

Scheduling the tasks & task groups to automate the consolidation process

Leo Pharma Bangalore, India Jun 2009 - Sep 2010

Role: BPC Associate Consultant

Tools used: SAP BPC 7.5 (NW), SAP BI7, Xcelsius

Requirements: Leo Pharma is a global Pharmaceutical and chemical company which has branches and plants established in over sixty-one countries. Leo Pharma is implementing Excel in financial dept as the new budget and planning.


Requirement gathering from client’s super user and financial controller

Understand and Analyze Business Requirements for Financial Budgeting & Planning

Developing the Application set, Applications, and Dimensions for the planning system

Maintaining dimension members, properties and developing input schedules and Reports

Maintaining Dimension hierarchies, Dimension Member formulas, creating and using Scrip logic through default logic

In BPC- Excel, Create Budget Input templates for Policy Sales, Channel Expenses, Capital Expenses, Product Expenses, Headcount, Payroll and Project wise Income Analysis template using EVDRE Grids and EVDRE formulas

Develop variance reports for Income, Expenses, Assets, P&L, and Balance sheet, KPI trending analysis report and “What if” analysis and Drill down, Drill through reports

Developing and Configuring Business Process Flows and setting Approval processes

Setting up system security to users and user groups by Application level security and Dimension level security, Work status settings and linking them to input templates

Data manager functionality and loading data using data manager packages

Maintaining the exchange rates in the rate application for currency translation

Implementing currency translations to support for foreign division

Web reporting (Spansion Inc.) Bangalore, India Feb 2009 - Jun 2009

Role: BW/BO Consultant

Tools used: SAP BO 3.1 Web Intelligence, Xcelsius 2008, SAP BI7

Requirements: Spansion Inc. is an American-based company that designs, develops, and manufactures flash memory, microcontrollers, mixed-signal and analog products, as well as system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. Spansion required web reporting tools to meet their market competence. Reporting objectives where to publish trend and analytical information with their internal management team.


Develop offline charts with SWF features

Connectivity with Access database via live office and ODBE connections

Develop Charts, Tickers, Alerters and Scroll Bars for the graphical presentation of SM Dumps

Project KPIs related to solution dumps in the Sales and Procurement cycle

Automate the process of data extraction from Business Warehouse to Access database via open hub file services and connect it to Xcelsius

Web Intelligence reports to distribute projections of both Sales and Procurement cycle

Page formatting, Page breaks, print options, Variance calculations and in sheet formulae etc., to provide better visualization

Developed reports with filters at both report and query level and facilitate Users & administrators to tighten data accessibility

Maintain roles, User profiles and systems & their server partitions, job maintenance in Central Management Console


Bachelor’s degree in Technology - specialized in Electronics and Communication Engineering


Requirement analysis, Project management, Application design, Strategy and planning


SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation

Workshop on consolidation and aspects of ICAW, Efficiency and Strategic Planning module

SAP Business Objects Financial Consolidation

Classroom training from SAP on Consolidation, Intercompany, EAD and Financial Information management

SAP BI and SAP BO Web Intelligence, Xcelsius (Dashboards) – Internal Boot Camp

SAP Data Services & SAP FIM – Internal Boot Camp

Modules: Consolidation, Business Planning and Financials, SD.

Presentations: People Process Execution, Presentation on Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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