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Creative Enthusiast. World Traveler. Professional Athlete. Freelance W

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, 27948, United States
$60k Plus
January 25, 2018

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Professional Summary


*** **** ********* *****, **** Devil Hills, North Carolina 27948 (C) 252-***-****


Professional Athlete/ Brand Ambassador and Freelance Creative Writer for 23 plus years in the making. World traveled, culturally rich, exceptionally experienced writer and seasoned adventurer seeking a full time writing position with a marketing, advertising and or public relations firm, print media or website outlets rich in creative content and all other freelance responsibilities and opportunities that will enable me to leverage my professional experience in these fields.

Accepted for "Advanced Learning" in elementary school after winning a national poem competition as a standard school assignment my parents frowned upon the opportunity having believed this may reflect my social growth as I carried on through high school maintaining excellent grades with ease. I would obsess with english class as my portal to create, write and learn new vocabulary. I faired well in the other subjects offered; however, my passion was english from a very young age. I passed all educational testing and got accepted into UNCW immediately after graduating. During the very same time I was surfing competitively with the elite in the National Scholastic Surfing Association where I earned my spot to compete in the "Nationals" against America's number one surfers in the most prestigious surfing association competition in the US.

I made the semi-finals missing out on the final by one spot earning equal seventh place in the most competitive division of the competition.

That evening at the award ceremony I was approached by the owner and CEO of Gotcha Sportswear and offered my very first professional contract...

Collectively my father and I decided to place my college education on ice and give this opportunity 110%. Twenty three years later I am still making an honest living getting paid to be a professional athlete and do what I love! This being shared,

and in all sincerity, I plan on making a graceful transition out of my present career and dedicating my all to this next chapter of my life,

My writing career!

I have literally traveled the globe for the last twenty three years educating myself through life experiences. I have stories to tell and adventures to share.


Work History

Where credentials and academics lack on my resume, I have experienced this life the globe over and have so much to give through the creativity of my passion! As for my writing resume?

It's extremely solid as I have journaled both travel and surf for most regional, national and international surf and travel print publications as well as websites along the way! Any and all inquiries regarding my previous work will be addressed immediately with zero hesitation as I am quite proud of these accomplishments to date!
















Professional Athlete, Freelance Writer. 01/1994 to 01/2017 Quiksilver, Oakley, Sapporo, Time Warner, Walt Disney, ESPN – Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina 1994 - 2017.

Employment consists of being a high profile professional athlete, worldly published freelance writer, model, project creator and visionary of "Get In The Van."

Jeffrey Myers is a Virginia Beach, Virginia native now residing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina who is known by most for his quick sharp wit, cynical sense of humor and ability to perform grade A surfing and journaling on command. At age 42 Jeffrey still lives the dream as a professional surfer and supplements his lifestyle and travels as a freelance writer. To date Jeffrey's surfing accomplishments as a "free surfer" include a Transworld Surf Magazine cover shot, Eastern Surf Magazine cover shot, Drift Magazine cover shot amongst a select few other elite publication cover shot images, years of Education


advertising spreads, endorsement account window displays, posters, featured editorial articles and promotional touring for multiple top shelf premium surf brands.

Jeffrey has made a handful of World Qualifying Series finals competing and has appeared in over fifty plus surf films. Fancying more remote adventures,

Jeffrey's travels have taken him to many of the offset islands in Indonesia, the South Africa countryside, fishing villages in Alaska, the depths of Europe and just about any and everywhere in between in his search of surf and sanity! A closet writer for many years,

Jeffrey's writing resume earned him regional and national recognition in his youth as his resume has presently entertained clients such as Disney, Time Warner, ESPN, most every elite surf publication both print and web nationally and internationally, began two screenplays and recently secured a children's book series "The Adventures of The Mighty Nomad" presently in the works.

After 23 fulfilling years traveling the globe as a pro surfer full time, Jeffrey sincerely prides his passion and goals with writing far greater than his surfing hints this very resume that sits before you as he is looking to officially retire his career as a professional athlete in 2017 and focus entirely on his penmanship! High School Diploma: 1994

First Colonial High School - Virginia Beach, Va

1.) Writing Accomplishments and Affiliates to date: Print Media

* Time warner, Inc

* Surfing Magazine

*Surfer Magazine

* Transworld Surf Magazine

*Line up Magazine

* Carvin Magazine

* Rev Magazine

* Wave Action Magazine

* Happy Magazine

* Mundo Rad Magazine

* Surf News Magazine

* ETC Magazine

* Carbon Magazine

* Eastern Surf Magazine

* Surf Carolina Magazine

* North Beach Sun Magazine

* Local sessions Magazine

* NE Surf News Magazine

* Alma Surf Magazine

* Drift Magazine

* The Adventures of The Mighty Nomad Children's Book Series

* Get In The Van Project

Web Media

* Walt Disney Company


* Surfline

* Matuse Wetsuits

* Etnies Footwear

* Surfing Magazine

* Surfer Magazine

*Transworld Magazine

* Eastern Surf Magazine

* North Beach Sun Magazine

* Local Sessions Magazine

* Get In The Van Project

2.) Surfing Accomplishments and Affiliates to date: Professional National/ International ad campaigns to date with the following brands

* Ezekiel

* Body Glove

* West Australia

* Planet Earth

* Hoven

* Etnies

* Ocean Potion

* Lens Crafters

* More Core Division

* Oakley

* Waterman's

* Wave Riding Vehicles

* Nixon

* Ability

* Matuse


* Ocean and Earth

* Dirty Dog

* Australia

* Aerialite

* Kill Devil Rum

* Sapporo

* Etc...

Print Media

* Cover Shot of Transworld Surf Magazine

* Cover Shot of ESM Magazine

* Cover Shot of Surf News Magazine

* Cover Shot of Carbon Magazine

* Cover Shot of Rev Magazine

* Cover Shot of Drift Magazine

* Multiple Cover Shots of WRV catalogs

* Multiple World Qualifying Series professional surfing competition finals

* Personal segments in over 50 surfing films

* Finished in Transworld Surf Magazine's "Exposuremeter" as one of the "Top 16 Most Editorially Exposed Athletes in the World"

* Promotional tours covering the entire east coast every summer with WRV and Red Bull

* Signature t-shirts, stickers, ads, account window displays, posters, trading card characters, etc

* Commercials

* Both photo imagery and film clips on all major surf websites as well each and every endorser's website 3.) Modeling Accomplishments and Affiliates to date: National/ International ad campaigns to date with the following

* Luxottica Group

* Lens Crafters

* Sapporo Beer


Additional Information

Travels :

* South Africa

* Hawaii

* Sumbawa, Indonesia

* Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

* Bali, Indonesia

* Portugal

* Peru

* Panama

* France

* Spain

* Barbados

* Puerto Rico

* Culebra Island

* Costa Rica

* Nova Scotia

* Mexico

* East Coast

* West Coast

* Tortola


* El Salvador

* Alaska

* Ireland

* Ecuador

* Galapagos Islands

* Etc...

I am also the original creator of "Get In The Van," a unique project where yours truly not only penned the creative writing for GITV but I also starred as one of the main "characters" that our original project revolved around. While doing a seven week promotional Red Bull Tour covering the entire east coast, our team was gifted a three day break before touring again.

Seventy two hours later Get In The Van was born.

This unique project was journaled by me and instantly became a cult classic with a superb following. Regional, national and international exposure soon followed via both print and web media. Shortly after, the GreenLight Agency got behind Get In The Van and we were starring at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival during peak air times, jet-setting back and fourth from LA to NYC and collaborating on the direction of this project.

Next we found ourselves in the middle of a bidding war between National Geographic, The Travel Channel, MTV and History Channel with endorsements from top shelf brands like Nissan/ Infiniti, Levi Strauss & Co, etc... It's a long and radical story and would actually make for an incredible piece in itself! However, the moral of this story is,

on my three day break from touring the entire east coast, I locked myself in a bedroom in New Hampshire and single handedly created Get In The Van! A true cult classic.

Inquiries are obviously welcome!

References and all published writing samples available upon request. I sincerely thank you for your time and look very forward to your reply, Jeffrey Myers

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