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Engineering Manager

Sanford, North Carolina, United States
January 22, 2018

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directing requirements Crypto Highly operations relationships continuous project security analytical, goals, and involving performance with company constraints. accomplishing clearance. results-key project individuals objectives, driven, and Concept-and large-process process and and as to-scale well performance-execution improve improvement. management, technical as SENIOR a strong operational QUALIFICATIONS leader; AREAS PRODUCT focused projects commitment Skilled product able OF efficiency. executive, ENGINEER and to EXPERTISE at design develop identifying portfolios PROFILE to employer Effective with and MANAGER and development, extensive without and implement communicator, and executing its compromising experience customers. key research, cost-engineering able saving in Held and to all set-establish application. facets an initiatives forth initiatives active of schedule and engineering Top Expert maintain to to Secret attain drive and at Product Design for Manufacturability

Manufacturing Operations

Equipment / Material Selection and Procurement

Needs Assessment and Conflict Resolution

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Tolerance Analysis

Project Proposal and Report Preparation Quality Assurance Staff Training and Development Field Installation

PPrroocceessss PPrroojjeecctt PUREFLOW, Key Highlight: procurements, Prepared equipment Offer Performed Render Provided MMaannaaggeerr aanndd expert INC.hands-PPrroojjeecctt, technical detailed GRAHAM, thorough which engineering aanndd on and EEnnggiinneeeerr were support PPrroocceessss NC assistance, documentation, operations reviews repurposed guidance in EEnnggiinneeeerr – Graham, formulating of documentation, application in and while the – NC Lakeland, supplied manufacturing documentation conducting PROFESSIONAL designs, and to FL installation other while inventory and customers and creating EXPERIENCE installation offering support of project a multimillion-engineering during of all proposals water installation dollar recommendations purification for December potential purchase and afterwards March systems or 2014–September of current 2014-regarding water January customers purification projects, 2015 2018

Played a key role in the water purification equipment procurement and installation for Coca-Cola facilities throughout the United States including Hollywood and Orlando, Florida; Harahan, Louisiana; Bismarck, North Dakota; Portland, STATIC SSeenniioorr CONTROL PPrroodduucctt Oregon; COMPONENTS, DDeevveellooppmmeenntt and Truesdale, INC., EEnnggiinneeeerr Missouri; SANFORD, as NC aanndd well MMaannaaggeerr as for Qorvo, Inc. (formerly TriQuint Semi-Conductor) in Apopka, Oct 2004–Nov Florida 2013

Key Highlights: Ensured internal Observed American Spearheaded Expertly Directed Closely schedules, Actively release Earned information interfaced and oversaw managed the all National strict and operations recognition external provision all required facets compliance as product Standards with and many of of for activities technical as senior new high a life as a team with Institute 65 products primary cycle quality management, to over engineering of set-70 from engineers, and (a forth and projects and ANSI)nine conceptualization on-processes secondary standards year, updates time and manufacturing, technicians, at period. corporate one products development, inventor time including and to which regulations and development marketing, computer-in services, American the involved as well toner aided in and as and dealing Society cartridge collaboration existing sales design production with of personnel improvements (remanufacture CAD) Testing project with operators vendors regarding priorities, and and Materials industry, and modifications new complexities, customers, securing (product ASTM), granting for 33 United States and international patents which marketed exclusive products for the company to maintain a leadership niche position

Initiated an engineering documentation system standardizing all components and assemblies which included drawing number organization, customer specification sheets, engineering release and change notifications, material specification records, thereby obtaining International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001-2008 and 14001 certifications DDOONNAALLDD RR.. HHUUCCKK

444 BUCKROE DRIVE SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA 27330 919-***-**** 919-***-**** 2 Page

AApppplliiccaattiioonnss MMeecchhaanniiccaall EElleeccttrroo-DDeessiiggnn GGeerrmmaann Earlier SICK, STANDARD UNITED INC. STATES -aanndd Positions MMeecchhaanniiccaall (IInntteeggrraatteedd FORMERLY REGISTER DDrraafftteerr, EEnnggiinneeeerr,EEnnggiinneeeerr, ARMY, Held: CO. PSC ARMY SSyysstteemmss DDeessiiggnn Research (, FORMERLY Manufacturing INC.Automatic SECURITY ), EEnnggiinneeeerr, ROCHESTER, PPrroocceessssoorr,Engineering BURROUGHS AGENCY, Identification Engineering Design NY,, Military BERLIN, CORPORATION)USA Engineering GERMANY Intelligence MILITARY, ROCHESTER, EXPERIENCE NY, USA August August August 1980–September 1974–July 1987–April 197*-****-**** Key Highlights: Selected to attend the Seventh Army Non-Commissioned Officers’ Academy in Bad Toelz, Germany and received the Huck, Huck, Huck, Huck, Microsoft Windows D. D. D. D. General November April August July Office Operating 2016)Other 2016)CAD Bruce 2017)Applications: MASTER . 2016)Programs: Patent . Software: Patent Systems: C. . Harley Patent Clarke OF . Patent Think No. Pro/No. COMPUTER ASSOCIATE No. Owners 9,Award Engineer 9,395,on BACHELOR Autodesk SAP, Word, Window 304,No. 9,Veterans American 746,Your 675. 9,Rochester Rochester 475. for INTEGRATED Arundel Minitab, Group: 501,IN 823. Excel, Monroe Alamance Advanced Drive Feet Commandants LEAN APPLIED Systems 95, OF 024. Inventor, of Drive EDUCATION Legion: DRAFTING SCIENCE Safety 98, Seminar, Outlook, Foreign / Institute Acu-Gear PATENTS Systems Institute Institute SIX Community MANUFACTURING, XP, SCIENCE TECHNICAL Gear Community and Part SIGMA Gage for Officer Senior Pro-NT, IN TECHNOLOGY) Wars Certifications: PowerPoint, Methods McLuhan MECHANICAL ACTIVITIES Extended of for Inspection and and (of of 7, Training: IN Engineer, GREEN CMM)AND Technology, (MOST Extended 8, MECHANICAL Technology, Technology, and Vice Assembly (Methods College, VFW)2007, College, ACUMEN CREDENTIALS BELT, former for Commander Symix, and (Drive RECENT) Stopped : CADKEY, ENGINEERING and Remanufacturing Publisher, Trustee CERTIFICATION GPA: Rochester, Davies Drive for Design, Baltimore, Graham, TECHNOLOGY Editor Shaft and Rochester, Rochester, 10 Remanufacturing 3.prior Shaft 32 Communications, SouthWare of PCAD, of of Rand and Post Post NC to NY Raleigh, GPA: MD graduation) Access NY NY and 7313 Technologies GPA: 382 Imaging 2.90 Houston NC 3.Imaging 52 Chapter Inc. Components GPA: Instruments Components 3.60 Producer

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